RAGE gameplay trailer showcases co-op!

Get the first look at RAGE’s co-op mode in our latest gameplay trailer —  Wasteland Legends: Water Service. In this co-op area, the Shrouded clan come to Wellspring to destroy the town’s water supply and two warriors join forces to fight off the invasion. It’s up to a duo of heroes to disarm bombs, take out bandits and save the town once again.

For more RAGE gameplay, check out the playlist on our YouTube Channel.

Reader Comments

  1. Looks fantastic!

    I’d also like to know how much co-op content there is (number of missions, length of play etc.).

    Is the splitscreen running at 30FPS on the consoles?

    Can you have splitscreen online which would be four players?

  2. Looks great, both gameplay and graphics wise. I was under the assumption that the reason you could take so much damage and regen health was because you were an ark survivor, if everybody can what makes you so special. Also I find the pistol scope a bit dumb, holding it up to his eye makes him more accurate somehow. 😛 But that doesn’t matter.

    I read the comments on youtube, not pretty at all. So many people bashing the game before they even played it.

  3. I’m really pumped for this game. Everything is looking great.

    I was wondering about future cross platform plans. Any chance of getting a OSX port on steam in the future like valve does with their titles?

  4. Brutally pounding sound effects with grisly impact especially with my Audio Technica Ath AD700 headphones. Death cries are like sweet music satisfying the senses.

    Very harmonious co-op mod with no clumsiness about it.

    Thanks for the sneeky peepy 😀

  5. is this going to be a full coop game or just on select missions? if its a full coop game then awesome if not then thats a HUGE setback. i enjoy playing with friends and always thought that fallout would be perfect for a coop game but sadly its not. i need a coop game!!! solo just gets boring after awhile.

  6. Co-op fun and I’m sure the singleplayer is going to be great no matter what else id software does. I just wish they had time or thought of adding something along the lines of say horde mode like GoW or firefight like Halo.

    All I’m saying is with all the different factions, mutants and the authority to deal with it just seems like it would be a great multiplayer experience.

    Either way I’m still getting the game.

    I’ll keep my figures crossed for something like that in a patch or dlc.

  7. Looks good, even had me fooled in the video you can see the Hand display the letter E which ofc I asume is from a PC keyboard. So I think, PC split-screen. Got the same cant find the option anywere. Thanks alot ID..