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  1. what is this “Geno” noise? i know you ain’t steppin’ to my Dogmeat like that!

    i think this’ll come down to Dogmeat, Luigi, Sully, and the Companion Cube. even though, as much as i’m a fan of Portal, the Companion Cube is not a sidekick…

  2. As much as I love Bethesdas games, companions is one of their weakest points. They could take some pointers from Bioware on that front. A companion that doesn’t react to their enviroments in any meaningful way (attacking enemies doesn’t count) and only repeats the same 2-3 lines of dialogue at random times doesn’t make a very interesting companion in a sandbox game.

  3. Gino 😀 sorry but him and his star missle was powerfull in that game 😀 him and peach i always used. dogmeat was ok but.. no use against super mutants on hard -_- not to mention those new reaver ghouls -_- anoying bunch

  4. The final was Albert Einstein, the instigator and wacky, zany scientist from Red Alert 1 versus Launchpad McQuack from the Ducktales game.

    Launchpad won….?

    “Heck yea, Mr. McD!”