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  1. I may be a cynic, but I think Skyrim is the only one that has any chance of winning anything.

    Brink didn’t get hate because of its “uniqueness” (whatever that means). It got hate because it was hyped for being a game changer and ended up being a mess of incomplete ideas with ultimately bland multiplayer.

    As for Fallout:New Vegas, most people consider it to be more an expansion than a real game. I really liked New Vegas and thought it had an incredibly original main quest, but it didn’t exactly help that the game had so many crippling glitches and that there very little gameplay changes apart from Hardcore mode and the ability to aim in first person. Because of that, I think New Vegas doesn’t have much of a chance, but I don’t think it doesn’t need any awards to be a good game.

  2. Come on Bethesda, just admit that Brink wasnt your best work. Best shooter, not a chance. NV will probably win best RPG though, and has a pretty decent chance of winning UGOTY. Skyrim? Not a chance…

    that it wouldnt win.

    • brink
      i dont know much about it
      fallout NV
      not many knowledge about that either
      but The Elder scrolls,
      its just the best series of Rpg’s ever made
      i played morrowind ( GOTY)
      Oblivion ( Goty)
      and defenitly iam going to play
      Skyrim ( GOTY)
      yes skyrim has to be the game of the year, even crisis and halo sucks compared to skyrim
      ( nothing against halo or crisis fans, just compare those with eacht other )

      • well i think skrim will get goty, but tbh i never played the game and it could be trash. and idk y all these people are comparing it to a shooter. its a rpg.

  3. Brink was a disappointment. It showed a lot of promised, but ended up being half the game it could have been. I don’t have enough experience with Fallout to judge it. As for Skyrim, I don’t think it’s needed for me to say anything. It just, you know… It’s Skyrim. Nothing more to say about it. Game of the decade, and that’s before anyone ever played the full version.

  4. Brink had some awesome ideas like how you could customise your own personal character to play in single player and in multiplayer, but Bungie already beat Bethesda to that with Halo, and also the game turned out to be a complete mess due to the crappy AI and the over all terrible story line and annoying gameplay.

    Fallout New Vegas is an incredible with it’s stunning story line and it’s funny dark humour, people call it just an expansion pack to Fallout 3, but if you’ve actually played the game, the whole scenery and overall feel to it is just different, and yes it has the same HUD and controls and everything but hey, if it anit broke, don’t fix it!.

    And finally Skyrim, Skyrim in my view will be the best game to come out on any of the present console’s, i can’t say that to the PC because if Skyrim becomes a massive success (which it already is, even though it hasn’t even come out yet) i’m sure Bethesda will follow up on another Elder Scrolls game after it which will be just as good, or even better as Skyrim (looking at their past game creating history) but frankly, i can’t wait for this game, hopefully the world will feel the same way as i do towards this game.

    So over all i think the voting is pretty much right, apart from the hugely disappointing game called Brink.

  5. Brink- the best shooter?
    New Vegas the best RPG?

    I hope to god they’re joking…
    Only one that might be right is Skyrim, which so long as they haven’t nerfed it too much for the shitbox- should be awesome.

  6. brink- never played it
    fallout nv- should have worked out all the gliches but still a very good game.
    skyrim- i think if skrim is what everyone thinks its going to be it will be goty.

    and to all the people just talking bad about games y dont u say y u dont like the game or suggest somthing to fix the problem.