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  1. Hey guys maybe before everyone beat the hell out of the game we should play it first instead of guessing how it will play

  2. Issac my dear, shh it’s all doing to be alright, play the game before you just think you have, Get on your knees and start praising Tood Howard! Get his salvation all over your face!

  3. I hope that the game run better and smoother than two worlds 2.. i get lag when I play that game. I have a xbox360 and in two wolds 2 some times it stops with the talking and back ground noise. Im a big fan of elder scrolls since morrow wind. that game had so much. oblivion was great the only thing I didn’t like about oblivion was it showed you were to go. I like to think for my self and oblivion was to short. but hey you guys did a good job hope you don’t let us down with skyrim.. i got my order all ready in.

    • All that your post told me is that you actually play two worlds two, which by extention means you shouldn’t be commenting on any game forum let alone an elder scrolls one.

  4. A question to Bethesda: Is the design of the inventory menu final? Because the only big complaint i got is that, in this gameplay the only way you can see the stats of an item is to actually scroll down onto the item. It does not display on the side of the name like in Oblivion. Because it will be very annoying to have to scroll down between several items to compare them to check weight and which one does the most damage. Thanks

  5. You should add the option for decapitation and dismemberment, and also some “wound” on the bodies..

    Don’t know if you got these, but it would be more credible, when I see you slice that throat.. and there’s no mark, and the guy don,t even stutter, I don’t like it..

    Also, you look like you’re invincible in that demo, I’t probably for the sake of the video..

    well. you guys have done something with that.. it’s awesome, makes me feel like I’m watching some Conan novel! that’s what I always wanted, and what MANY wannabe barbarians want but they just doesnt know yet! 😉