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  1. Can’t wait to play this on my Xbox 360. With Kinect, everything will be so seamless and easy. I feel sorry for the Sony Slaves and Nintendo Drones. They will never be able to play such a game with the BEST graphics and best controls around.

    It’s not too late to jump in you deprived fanboys. Everything is sunnier on the Xbox side.

    • You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. You can’t use Kinect With skyrim. And anyone who knows anything knows that the PS3 has superior graphics. you are the fanboy for blindly talking up xbox when obviously you know nothing.

      • Keep to yourself, nobody enjoys hearing the squabble of someone who thinks they know what they are talking about. the PS3 has close to the same quality graphics as the Xbox 360, the only difference is so small in detail you would have to have the eyes of a hawk to tell. the Xbox 360 has more computing ability than the PS3 by far. so take your talk and shove it up your dark side. people like you open their mouths too much just to hate on others, you’re despicable.

      • i like ps3 more than 360 as well… but to be honest i think they will be graphically the same (maybe higher resolution on the ps3)… pc will have the real advantage (i got my ps3 only for the exclusives, the rest is all pc for me ๐Ÿ˜€ )

      • The PS3 does have a huge advantage over the 360 in graphics but few game designers use the PS3 to it’s potential because they do not release games solely on the PS3. However games like Killzone, MGS, and Uncharted are some of the best looking games of all time because the developers did not have to worry about the limitations of the other systems. I love my 360 and it has lasted for 4 years with no problem but I will still admit in most areas the PS3 wins and also, seriously you thought you could use Kinect with this, why would Microsoft want to ruin a great game with the Wii ripoff

    • Big deal , the graphics are the same on all formats more hi res on PC , the games the same , think youve playing with ya joystick too long looking for comparisons.

      • even todd howard himself said it will look the best on the pc. I have the best of both worlds, a pc to play it on, but an xbox controller that plugs into my pc so I get easier controls.

    • haha the graphics will look about the same on both ps3 and 360. The real graphically best version will be on pc. + bethesda already said they won’t use kinect with it. Now i gotta say why the hell couldn’t you just have said you look forward to the game instead of trying to create a fight about ps3 360?

    • Sounds like you really know how to use your “hand cannon”.But it seems your using it in a matter not suitable for 12 and under.

  2. What Hand Cannon said, also… Come on, Pete Hines knows it, and the rest of the Beth team, 360 is the best for EVERYTHING Elder Scrolls, except maybe PC… but those PC losers can only mod stupid stuff like “nude” characters.

    • poor poor soul.

      there is soooo much more than just “nude” mods.

      Ever sicne Morrowind, Bethesda left alot of bugs in the games.

      Modders fixed them.

      (hopefully they do better with Skyrim)

      the possibilities are literally endless to what you can do.

      New guilds, new quests, new creatures.

      New landmasses.

      (go to morrowind and cyrodil in skyrim anyone? i’m sure it will happen at some point)

      • Agreed. To this day TES III: Morrowind remains one of the most modded games of all time. It’s right up there with Counter Strike. I played Morrowind both on Xbox and PC. While I did enjoy the comfort more of being able to lay in bed and play, I much prefer the PC version over all and choose to play the PC version of almost any game over a game on console.

    • I agree with Malachar. Even in addition to that, the PC always has better graphics capabilities. To me, it would seem that the Elder Scrolls was engineered mostly for the PC all along.

      • personally i’d love beth to just develop it for pc… they would be far less restricted in terms of open cities and stuff

    • that’s the most pathetic argument ever… Not only do modders fix bugs and stuff they also made it that a game from 2002(morrowind) is still played with graphical upgrades, new missions, new houses, new ppl and whole entire new landscapes. So if you’re gonna call someone losers, call all console players losers because they don’t know what they’re missing AND to top it off, they can’t even take their loss like adults apparently. Ya sore loser

    • i wish i did but the skyrim soundtrack isn’t released yet… Great music isn’t it? do notice that in the beginning of the third video they (hopefully temporarily) use a track from the morrowind ost

  3. There is a lot of stuff to get excited about in those videos. But, they are mostly for magic and combat type characters. I hope stealth doesn’t short-changed like it did in Oblivion.

    The beauty behind stealth is that the style of play is almost about cheating. “What, fight YOU? Nah, that seems like way too much trouble. Besides, I already poisoned your breakfast with a drain intelligence potion.” Or else, “Find a worthless family heirloom? Fine. Geoffry, call the fences. Tell them the Guildmaster wants to know if anyone’s sold them something old and worthless.”

    I know it seems kind of evading the story line, but to me that’s the whole point. The point of stealth is being able to use those invisible little hiding spots to figure out a plan for a problem that would otherwise be suicide.

    • watching the official trailer, i saw something you might be happy about.

      A man sneaking up on a guy in a dark room.

      Grabs him.

      Then slits his throat.

      bye bye.

      so stealth is gonna be good i think.

      • No, it’s not full implementation of a stealth mode. I’d like the stealth when I can tiptoe past sleeping NPCs and poison their food or beverage. Then I’d left and watch a result. And this action must be very hard to execution as IRL. Kind of NPC’s distrust or suspicion. And I can’t find a poison in the game, I must make it myself only. This is a quest now. But I’d like it as a kind of gameplay still.

  4. gameplay looks amazing! Graphics look like they will win awards….So Sick! However, I wonder how the leveling up will work and how effective it will be. We know it will be like Fallout 3, and the higher you venture in elevation the harder. Nonetheless once you reach level 25 will it be too easy? If you a quest will the item be scaled? (hate that) Will there still be things like 100% chameleon in Oblivion. (ruins the game in my opinion) Will there still be chances of getting 100 reflect/absorb/resist? Magic seemed to overpower things in Oblivion and some skills like stealth/marksman were not that powerful. There is a run feature new to Elder scrolls which is good for low level players, but it is nice to get your speed increased through skills and magical items. Maybe there is a perk…? (loved the boots of blinding speed combined with 100% resist magic. SO sweet!!!) These are just a few thoughts and questions that will be answered 11/11. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANSWERS TO THESE QUESTIONS?!! Anticipation is killing me need me some SKYRIM!!!!!!

  5. @Demo2
    When the KI of the enemys is so much better than before, why does an enemy that saw his friend dies in front of him with an arrow, just not search for a cover but stands there, looking black holes in the room until he is felled down. Shouldn’t he at least kneel down or something like this?

  6. Little thing that got me geeked. Anyone notice in the first video how the player was shooting arrows at a bandit (you know? right after the sweet detect life spell and illusion magic?) Notice how after he kills the bandit, he knocks another arrow, then pulls it back down. No more shooting into rocks and picking up the arrow! …It’s the little things really. lol

    • Cool! That always took me out of the world when I wanted to not fire and arrow but had to. I wonder how this works exactly. Maybe it takes advantage of the pressure sensitivity so you ease off the trigger to put an arrow away, or maybe hitting the button to put away your weapon while the arrow is pulled back will not fire, or maybe there’s a separate button used for releasing an arrow? I think it’s probably the hitting the “sheath weapon” button that is the most likely. Still, very cool thanks for noticing! =)

    • That actually got me more excited than anything else in the entire video, including that the powerful lighting shout thing actually called up a massive storm instead of just looking like any other shock spell.

      Makes me worry about my sanity. Just a little bit.

    • Agreed. I like to use the Journeyman zoom ability to get a close-up of stuff without worrying about danger, but having to fire the arrow into a wall or at the floor afterwards is just a drag.

  7. The music is perfect very soothing and subtle while the battle music has just the right tension without being overwhelming. Very grand and worldly sort of like the feeling i got when first playing TES ARENA and being immersed in game world humongous beyond humongous.

    Sound effects are great and i love the swooshing sound of the swords and the eye popping roar of the Dragons. The environmental effect from the frost spell when missing its target is spectacular. Thank goodness there wasnt any friendly wildlife standing there ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

    Graphics are really there and the new inventory view is game playing inspiring. Exciting how my characters actions throughout their adventure creates a custom sign.

    • The music and sound effects really do sound great. After reading your comment I re-listened to the battle music and I think it’s awesome. A little more of a change from being hidden and being seen by an enemy than in Oblivion. However, as the battle music is cool, I just hope it isn’t so repetitive the whole game and varies more. Also, thanks for pointing out that the frost spell froze the ground where the player missed his opponent. That was really nice and a great addition. I would also like to mention the fire spells that you can continuously use like a flamethrower are probably going to be one of my favorites. Besides the dragon word spells like calling a storm to hit your enemies with lighting! Awesome! =)

        • No, but my last name has an s, o, l and an e in it. His last name would be the same as mine if he changed on letter and moved it to the right. ๐Ÿ˜› I asked in a different comment here if anyone knew his middle name since our names are so similar. I guess I’m still lazy and not wanting to google it lol.

          • Oh, and I produce music in my studio too, which is weird. I love his work and when I first saw his name in Oblivion as the composer I was like. Huh, that’s funny his name is almost exactly like mine. That could be me someday making soundtracks to movies or games. =)

    • dude you have no idea how much i like meeting someone like you! Someone that has played the first elder scrolls and can still enjoy the newer ones instead of those screw-ups that say TES died after daggerfall… Just saying… you’re awsome!

  8. This is going to be a great game. I’ve been playing Oblivion off and on between PS3, My PC and the Xbox(Xbox and PS3 because of availability in places where I go)

    • I have t do the same with Oblivion Caelan as Frostcrag ,the Orrery , vile lair, the stronghold and the razor were not made available for PS3 which i found bloody unfair , however i bought the Xbox 360 just so i could go there , its what i call a very expensive DLC purchase.
      Message to Emil P : this cost me more ol son , but i wont be beaten !

  9. This looks great.
    I got a PS3, but will get it for the PC. I can’t wait to see what kind of modding resources there will be. I’ll add necromancers if there isn’t any already. ;p

    • i think todd said for pc that there will be a weird creation tool but like i said to someone ur most likely to lose all ur data on pc’s

  10. It appears the player is playing the game on an easier setting. I wish I could have watched it on a more normal difficulty. Also, BETHESDA! Will the difficulty slider make a return? Or are we going the more traditional, Very Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard modes. Because at first I didn’t like the slider but after awhile I kind of did. After getting past the idea that I was cheating if I put it 1-4 clicks towards easy. Hey I never went farther! But it seemed necessary until I started power leveling my character for about 8 levels or so getting lots of +5’s. After I did that I returned the slider to normal and started playing without thinking about power-leveling so much and didn’t care if I only got +2’s or +3’s when I leveled up.

    • Some of the best combat I’ve ever seen in any game. It wasn’t shown off as well as it could have been, and you have to play it to really understand how good it is, but it certainly isn’t lame. Unless you hate RPGs which it sounds as if you must.

  11. The entire interface appears to be designed only with consoles in mind, this better not be the case on the computer. I want to press ‘I’ for inventory and ‘M’ for map, not open a menu and turn to the left. Hope this is sorted out for the PC.

    Items seem way too simplified, equipment having no durability, and a chunk of meat seems to weigh nothing. This removes all the depth you would expect from an RPG. Maybe you are still working on it?

    The map is not very map like… It gives a much better feeling to look at an old piece of parchment than to just fly out. Also this map is so detailed, you don’t even need to go explore, because you have already seen most the places just by looking at your map. Good thing the game comes with a map I can have in my own hands, I will use that instead.

    The skills menu seem a bit off. Sure it’s nice eye candy, but you don’t really get a good overview of your skills, looking at one at a time.

    Also, it seems to rain inside. Come on, even Minecraft has this sorted out.

    Archery seems dull as always, sneak damage bonus? Yeah right. What about head shots? Or aiming at unarmored body parts having an effect? Maybe a mod.

    The melee combat has little improvement. Hurray for dual wield, hope that actually means two different attack cooldowns. You seem to cut a guys throat, but he just keeps on swinging his weapon as always. You should really take care of some animations, knocking back/down and so on, both for players and NPCs.

    Perhaps let a real gamer play, instead of a guy trying to attack with a melee weapon from a 5m range? Sure hope it’s not Todd playing.

    Anyways, how do we stand with the good old multi threading? You claimed we would have this in oblivion, but almost the entire game was stuck on one core.

    Sorry if this all seem a bit offensive. The game looks decent overall, but I need more convincing.

    • Hypothetical for you , your an unfortunate victim of a home invasion do you reach for a keyboard or a blunt instrament ?

      right leave the menu alone !

    • I think you need to start focusing on the more positive attributes of the game and stop slating it as much. I mean come on?? When Skyrim comes out, there will be NO game out that will be able to match it.

      For all the negative factors mentioned there are 100 times as many positive factors!!

  12. I can’t believe that after all the effort Bethesda has put into this game and all the things they have done right and the vast improvements they’ve made and all the consideration they’ve give to the fans, some of you are going to bitch about….THE FONT. Could you pick something any more pedantic? Next you’ll probably be bitching about how you don’t like the food choices in the game because they’re lacking gastronomical diversity. Get over the trivial details. I’m still in shock you are seriously criticizing the font. How childish.

    • You don’t get it obviously. Have you even played the other Elder Scrolls games? I will re-iterate, I do also have a problem with the new menu system, not necessarily how it works, but how it LOOKS. The menus in Skyrim are just plain black boxes with very modern futuristic looking white font. I know I will miss the menus from Oblivion and the way they were made to look like old parchments and canvas with a brown calligraphy style font, which suits the game world perfectly. The new plain white font on pitch black menus look boring and like something you would see in a science fiction game, not a fantasy. I know it will bug me and that everythime I open my menu, (which is every 5 minutes) I will be taken out of my immersion in the world a little bit. Hopefully I’ll get used to it, but the only thing that says “fantasy” in the menus will be the item names and renderings of the items themselves. I know someone will probably make a mod for PC users to change the look of the menus, but sadly I’ll be playing on my PS3. I hope the journal and reading books still looks like parchment and calligraphy. So stay in shock by my disappointment of their font choice my friend. =) And about the food and items, they all look great and better than ever before! Criticizing a font is not childish, if anything, it shows my age (over 30) to get worked up about such a fine detail.

      • I understand your disappointment that the font breaks continuity with the game’s genre, but I appreciate that the menus now have a crisp and clear look to them. I was not a fan of the oblivion menu layout.

        • And I bet your someone who plays a warrior character with some destruction skill, and doesn’t read everything, and hates talking to everyone, and doesn’t pick herbs and make potions or use spells like charm or even cares if NPCs in the game have a positive disposition towards you or not, or takes off his armor sometimes to wonder around a town in clothing. LOL just kidding……. I’m sure you have a lovely imagination. You must to get past the sci-fi looking simple menu system with less skills implemented. ๐Ÿ˜› On a side note: I AM looking forward to the jobs my character can have in Skyrim. I don’t hate it all folks but the things I don’t like about it, well… I REALLY don’t like about it. That’s all.

  13. In the second video 5:08 the PC doesn’t cast a shadow when going through the door past the brazier. I assume dynamic shadows will be in the beta/final? Can’t wait to get my copy at midnight, already have taken 11/11/11 off from work!

  14. One thing we can certainly take from this, Bethesda wasn’t kidding when they said they “streamlined” the game to make it “more accessible” to the casual players and younger market. At this pace, Skyrim II will be an Action-Adventure-RPG using the Epic Mickey engine, with only one skill, one attribute, and we will be impervious to all damage (just like our armor! Fun!).

    • The sentiment behind this comment is well appreciated by this reader, even if I do think the game is going to be awesome, regardless of its “streamlined” nature. Besides, mods can fix anything. Especially oversimplification.

  15. The detail in this game is mind blowing! In the second video at 7:10 when the undead shaman bursts out of the coffin the player throws a fireball. If you look closely afterwards you can see that the shaman’s robe is singed and slightly flaming at the edges. So awesome!

  16. Skyrim (n)

    The fifth game in the Elder Scrolls series, and arguably the best game in the history of mankind. By purchasing this game, you have sold your soul to Bethesda Softworks–which is a pretty even trade-off, actually. Once you start this game–assuming your computer/Xbox 360/PS3 doesn’t burst into flames of righteous fury due to it’s lack of uberness– you will not be seeing the sun for a while.

    Side effects include: Weight loss, paleness of skin, weight gain, reluctance to leave your chair, death, peeing in a bottle, ordering pizza every night because you can’t stop playing long enough to make some food, loss of the ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Loss of Girlfriend.

    Guy: I hear the end of the world will be in 2012.
    Me: At least I get a year to play Skyrim.
    Guy: It’s also supposed to end on October 21st.
    Me: Then I’ll die playing Skyrim.

    I used to have a girlfriend. Then I found out Skyrim was coming out.

  17. No ability to block with a weapon!? Sometimes when you change, add or subtract, too many aspects of a game it detracts from it’s previous form and function. Or when we become more “newb” friendly I understand the financial standpoint but don’t be surprised if the serious followers call you out. Don’t ruin the game with patches. Get it right the first time. I’m right there with you Mr. D. I can see where you’re coming from. While the graphics are undeniably a plus from the previous, for me personally I’m looking for a “bit” more than just graphics. Give me opitons. The more the better. I want to be able to have my own garden. Make my own weapons from any and all materials, clothes, ammo. Fish from the stream, lake or pond. Climb a tree for a viewpoint, ambush or hunting purposes. Co-op? “booby” traps that we can set. These are just a few of the many. AI needs an increase as well. I liked the idea that was offered by a previous comment where the AI would “duck” or run to cover. Etc. Customization and mass options is key. Call me a hater but Skyrim should be a step forward in “every” aspect. Peace.

  18. It looks amazing. Already pre-ordered the Collector’s Edition, not to long before the release!

    However, I did find one thing I found a bit frustrating: In the second video, when your character solves the matching puzzle. Wouldn’t it be much cooler and better-looking if your character actually shows his arms and hands and uses them when doing it? Instead of just seeing the Golden Claw going into that hole in the middle, his arm would insert it manually. In games today, everybody’s focusing on technical perfection, but why is it that in no single first-person game can you see your character’s lower body? Legs, feet and so forth? This is nit-picking of course , but things like this REALLY frustrates me. Sorry if I wrote this shit confusing, I’m from Norway so my English is not always as fluid as I want it to be.

    But, minor annoyances aside, this game looks like one of the best games this generation. The combat is solid, the graphics are one hell of an upgrade from Oblivion and Fallout 3 and the music is absolutely fantastic. I’ve only heard a few tunes, and already I think this might be the best soundtrack to a game, ever!

    November 11th, the day all social life will be lost. I look forward to it!

    • Actually, there ARE first person games in which you can really see your legs and lower body. Think of games as the Halo series for example.

      @ Jeremy: I find the new menu/font quite refreshing. Looks like a quick interface which allows you to see the world around you when checking the menu. Sure, it’s different than Oblivion, but the old style fitted in there. I don’t think the same menu style would fit very nice into Skyrim

      • Why? It’s the same planet, just a few hundred years later. It’s all medieval and this time we even get dragons! So I think the old medieval style menus would be perfect. It makes me wonder if they were saving the menus for last, and as they were running out of time they decided to polish up other game mechanics instead of making a decent menu system. You can’t even see yourself I don’t think, unless when you actually click the button for equipping it shows your character but I didn’t see any indications of that happening. I like the skill/perk system I think it will work nicely, but the menus and map will take me out of the world I’m sorry. It’s like someone else said, I’m glad I’ll be getting a map with the game, because I’d rather use THAT than the 3D map in-game. I want my map in a fantasy game to look like a map not a 3D hologram. It’s just more of that sci-fi stuff leaking into this game. I think Bethesda has been making too many of those types of games lately honestly. I don’t know. Just makes me mad that I’ll be on PS3 so when people “fix” and “upgrade” the game, like making a 2D map and making old-looking menus, I won’t be able to use them. Oh well…

        • I don’t understand how people can honestly hate on the new UI. It is the most streamlined, functional, efficient, snappy, quick, and yet simple UI they have made yet.

          I understand the desire to feel like you are looking at books or maps made of cloth, felt, or leather, but what is wrong with them going in a different direction?

          You say the new UI breaks immersion – HOW? It takes up very little screen space and you can still see the world while you are interacting with it. The point (it seems to me) is to make the game MORE ABOUT THE WORLD and LESS ABOUT THE STUPID UI.

          Games have become far too UI heavy anyway nowadays. Look at WoW for an example – the game is basically a UI game with some stuff happening in the background that’s not really all that important.

          A simple, streamlined, efficient, unobtrusive UI is EXACTLY what I wanted to see in the next TES game. I can’t believe people are actually put off by this change.

          Its like someone driving a rusted out truck getting mad someone gave it a paint job.

          • It’s more like someone taking their horse driven wagon to the shop and getting mad someone made it out of black metal and white rims on rubber tires with two little hoverbots at the reigns. Then they think to themselves, sure this looks like it’s from the future and is easier to get from point A to point B, but it really stands out and my wagon doesn’t seem to “fit” in this world anymore. Asking the shopkeeper, “What is a hoverbot again?”. The owner of the shop replies, “That will be 27,000 Credits please.”. Point is, the UI more simplified isn’t a bad thing, but the way it looks doesn’t fit. It would have been much better imho if it looked like it did in Oblivion. I just hope that the equip screen still shows your character and that your journal looks like a book and not a big black square with that ugly modern white font. Speaking of books I hope their still in the game and look like books. If not, then that’s proof the Elder Scrolls games are being continuously “dumbed down” to get more people interested in them. Reading and picking herbs and decorating houses have been some of my favorite things to do since Morrowind. And Morrowind was much more diverse and had more variety and artistic style. You could pick up almost any object in Morrowind where in Oblivion you’re limited. The graphics for the landscape, towns, interiors and people look great. Let’s just hope the story and small details that made the other games in the series aren’t dumbed down too much in Skyrim. There’s already evidence of it, and in the future the next installment might be more like Rage for the majority (stupid) of the masses. That is when I will find another company making “real” RPGs. It hasn’t happened with TES yet, and I hope it never does. =)

  19. I wasn’t going to get Skyrim… because I knew it would eat my life alive… but now… after watching these… want… to… play… ๐Ÿ™

  20. Dear Bethesda,

    Already September is on its way to a close and October is on the horizon. November just feels like decades away. I’m really liking what I see, the graphics from Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls have reached top notch. I saw the faces of the races on the blog and I must admit, you blew me out of the water. I almost hate you for making a world I wish we could be our reality. When November rolls around, it will no doubt feel like I had broken out of a dream in some sense, once I turn off my ps3, get out of Skyrim menu and actually look around reality (glance at the sky, expecting some Dragon to swoop down upon me).

    What I liked about Oblivion was that I could always find something to do whether it was the main quest or not, so I’m excited about the bazillion amounts of gameplay Skyrim has to offer.

    So thank you for bringing this project out into the open, I can’t wait to have it in my hands. November 11th, the day my social life will end.

    Sincerely your very excited fan,

    Kelsey Johnson

    • I would rather have it go that slow at the level he was on, then for it to be like Oblivion where after level 15 everyone was running and jumping like a super-hero on crack! LOL

      • I always end up making new characters by level 10, because the speed and agility would be so high I could reach halfway across the country in 4 minutes.
        Super heroes on crack. And yet most NPCs couldn’t even jump.

  21. i like it how they still have the morrowind soundtrack when he was walking with the gaints haayou know what i’m going to do wait for the game to get game of the year the get the goty edition you with all the D.L.Cs then after i’ve beat the main story if somehow i manage to get bord i will use command codes thats the only time i use it then after that i will play as a diffrent race my first race wiull be bosmer aka wood elf cuz i love to arch and run away if they get to close or jump over them of for the command codes i hope for skyrim its like morrowind not oblivion like in oblivion you can mod your strength only to 245 i was ticked off but morrowind i had it 1000:P after all that then i will download mods then after all that i will see what else bethesda has next cuz by then they sould have a new game out

  22. If you care so much about your silly ideas of immersion then don’t buy or play the game and find something else that strikes your fancy. WE are not actually in Skyrim. WE are people in the real world of 2011. I will buy and love this game but I have no illusions on who and where I am. Not having a 2d parchment style map will not ruin this game for me and it is silly if it does for you. Play and have fun, blow off steam. Don’t sweat the most insignificant details about the game.

    • I didn’t say it will ruin my game I said it will take me out of the immersion of the world. You really shouldn’t be playing RPGs at all by the sounds of it. The whole point is to pretend you’re in a different world it’s called imagination. It’s people like you that make game developers dumb down their games more and more all the time. Morrowind had the best immersion as far as I really felt I was in a whole other world, Oblivion looked nice but too much like earth in medieval times and most of the creatures were too normal looking as well. Anyways back on point, my “silly ideas of immersion” are what I live for an I feel very sorry for people like you who play games like this and constantly keep telling yourself, “this is just a game” in the back of your mind. I don’t play games like war games/shooters because I blow off steam in a different way, not by running around killing everything I see (even good guys) and not talking to people because I don’t like to read and don’t care about the side-quests. Hopefully I didn’t just describe you but I’m afraid that might be true.

  23. hey does anyone know how i can contact todd howard and actually have him read my message? i want them to make expansions for this game in the shivering isle flavor, i.e. pure fantasy with all that colorful night sky and bigger cities like bliss. i dont really like the medieval feel of cyrodil in oblivion that much.

    does anyone agree with me? if you do we need to start getting more people to convince bethesda to make this!

  24. god november 11 is far away after watching these vids lol cannot wait from what i have read and seen now gonna be the best elder scrolls to date!

  25. Honestly cannot wait for this. Been playing Oblivion for too long now. I’m going to be getting this on PS3, as it’s the only console I have. Totally agree with Costran29, and the only reason I’m going be attempting to get this on PC is that mine can’t even play bloody Counter Strike. I know Xbox has 1 month exclusivity on DLC, but that in itself is a plus, knowing that PS3 will actually be getting DLC, thank you Bethesda! I also agree and disagree with what people say, like the menu system and fonts: yeah, I think that parchment and calligraphy would be great, but Skyrim is a new age, so maybe this will aid it. Yeah, there do seem to be problems like cutting someone’s throat not actually killing them, but compared to everything else why complain? I also like that stealthily killing someone with a bow and arrow doesn’t alert everyone to where you are, and that you can make stealth kills, this will be much better for stealth oriented people and the likes of the Dark Brotherhood. Anyway, peace out guys, good luck to you all and enjoy the game! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Look, to all those raging about which system is better, let me tell you that I have an xbox, and while it may not have as good graphics as your gaming rigs at least i dont havta upgrade it every 5 months with a new video card( just saying) and anyways, i like the controls so thats it, the main part is that its gonna be an EPIC game (epic is kinda an understatement) so STF and enjoy! PS, to all those who think mods are only for PC, i used to transfer mods from my PC-> xbox all the time for oblivion with Flash fxp so booya

  27. Yes!! I heard that when he was walking toward Whiterun with the mammoths… Sooo excited about this game! I don’t have much of a social life to begin with, so to hell with it all!

    I can agree with some on the menu/map system. It seems like you would want the same epic fantasy feeling from previous games. Hopefully (they’ve mentioned it as a possibility they’re looking into I believe) third-party content will be allowed on the PS3/360 versions and we can all enjoy the game with any extra mods we want. And minus all the damn bickering. Now… to sell some stuff and upgrade my graphics card =)

  28. hopefully Skyrim takes a step back from oblivion, Oblivion was a brilliant game and i still play it pretty much non stop, but oblivion just didnt have the feel of elder scrolls it just didnt have the what morrowind or daggerfall had. Ive been playing daggerfall since i was four [didnt beat it till i was 6] and loved morrowind and oblivion, but oblivion just didnt have the feel, in morrowind with its truly amazing soundtrack and the 17 billion or so ways of getting stuff done, it just had the vibe oblivion didnt. Same with Daggerfall a world to big to walk across with 750 000 npcs[ so what if theyre random] it just had the sense of true epicness that oblivion just didnt have,i am njot bagging it out but its just true. But the real question is….Pauldrons?

  29. I started the Elder Scrolls series on Oblivion. I really got into it, and then played as much as I could with ES III. I’ll admit, I cannot proclaim myself as the “biggest fanboy” out there for Elder Scrolls, but I prefer the series over any other RPG.
    I’m glad to see a new graphics engine, along with the new AI system in place. This will really bring more immersion to the game, and I’m extremely pleased with how it seems to be turning out.
    I agree with all the quips about the game though. The font, the “no lower body parts” quip. All of them. However, that will NEVER HINDER my experience and pleasure with this game. I’m buying this game because I’m fully prepared to accept this game with its flaws, and its capabilities.
    I’m still debating over what console I should get this. My PC has a 450 GTS, which seems to check out with the Sys. Requirements for this game, but the controller feel of my PS3 is great. I’m still deciding, but I know that I will make the right choice in the end.
    All in all, can’t wait, and I will probably not see the sun on 11/11/11. ๐Ÿ˜€ Cheers.

  30. High everyone, I have some concerns and valid criticisms of Skyrim that I want to share with you. By you, I mainly mean the developers, but the general public should be concerned as well. Now before I start, I just want to say that I have nothing but respect, admiration, and love for the Bethesda staff who have made such awesome games. I have never played a more enthralling game than Oblivion. That being said, please take my concerns to heart here, and let me know if I am missing something about the game that just hasn’t been released yet. I will definitely be picking up a copy, based on what I have seen so far. I wouldn’t miss out on the chance to play the future game of the year! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I realized the issues I’m putting forward here are numerous and there really isn’t much of a chance of all of these changes being made before the release, but I wanted to suggest them anyway, because I absolutely love the way Bethesda’s games play out, and I wanted to express these concerns for the good of the Skyrim.
    I just read about what Todd said concerning the reduction from 11 stats to 3 and from 21 skills to 18, in a youtube video. Basically, I’m concerned about the lack of stats that “trickle down to other stats”, as he put it, will basically make character progression a bit less interesting. Those stats weren’t superfluous to me in Oblivion: they offer another way of controlling how the character progresses. I mean, sure, it seems nice to only worry about three stats, but lets be frank: stamina, magic, and health don’t just come from a selection menu, they are derived from other attributes, just like in the real world. A strong, enduring person would naturally have more Health. An intelligent, highly willful person would naturally have more magicka, or mana or whatever you want to call it (allowing for the fact that magicka is purely a fantasy theme, and doesn’t exist in the real world). This new dummy-proof stat system seems to be built for, on average, a dummy.
    The perk system is kinda cool, in that I do understand how people get excited that they just got the ability to block better, or carry more stuff, blah blah. But here’s the thing: where did this wonderful new ability come from? Thin air? I would like an explanation as to why my PC can now do amazing things that he couldn’t before, just because I selected something in a menu after leveling up. So there are level requirements in certain skills… but that’s not really enough to explain why my character can do something extraordinary after a few clicks of my mouse or button pushes on a controller. I want to go through something more specific that lets me know I EARNED it. Its a layer of realism that isn’t there yet, and it bothers me frankly. I think that some kind of training to achieve perks would be more appropriate, instead of just having them come into existence from out of nowhere after a simple selection after a level up. I want to see my Orc warrior go through some serious strength training or a magical lightening ritual to explain why he suddenly can carry more stuff. It just makes more sense that way. Ideally, a character would journey to other places to acquire these new powers from other individuals or treasures, assuming the level requirements have been met, also.
    Next, I want to talk about the oversimplification of the skills. Getting rid of one of the magic skills/schools was good: it made more sense to do that. But acrobatics didn’t have to go anywhere. I want to be able to jump higher through specific character progression: if not through a skill, then through some kind of stat increase. (maybe strength?, oh wait, we don’t have strength anymore… darn… huh) On another note, yes, I understand that athletics was a bit redundant as a skill, because all characters RUN. But what are you replacing that with, to give us players more options for increasing our PC’s speed? I really enjoyed being able to run faster as I developed my character’s athletics skill…
    Weapons were better off in different skill categories based not only on size and shape, but how they are used. I understand that one-handed weapons and two handed weapons are handled differently, and should be affected by different skills. Fair enough. It doesn’t make completely good sense that I should become equally good at one-handed axes if I only use one-handed swords, however. How about this: weapons can be linked to more than one skill! Bring back the blunt and blade skills, and have weapons’ damage ratings dependent on not only the class of weapon, but whether it is one- or two-handed. See how this makes more sense? A blade is handled differently than an axe. There needs to be a differentiation between the two in the skills menu, ok?
    I have one more suggestion: make many more, minor skills, that any character class can learn, that are like ‘addendum’ skills to the major ones. I mean, why should a mage that has only ever used fire spells, who has a high destruction skill, be equally good at frost spells? The truth is, a mage who has never used cold spells should suck at them. Here is the answer: make minor skills for fire and frost and lightning, etc! The damage or mana cost of the skills is then dependent on not only the destruction skill, but the associated minor skill, as well! That way, a mage who wants to branch out into other areas of destruction magic doesn’t really have to completely start over: some of the power of the new type of spell comes from the mage’s already high destruction skill. This same concept should apply to the other major skills. For example, blunt and blade could be minor skills under both the one and two handed skills. This really makes sense to me… am I the only one?
    I have several more ideas to share, but those were the big ones, and think this post have become long enough already. The most important part of the game, I feel, is that the level of immersion and play time, must be equally balanced between two parts: the first part is the walking around and interacting, and the second part is all about improving the PC, and crafting, and the second part is best accomplished by giving the player lots and lots of choices on how to develop the character, and consequences for those choices. I’m not convinced that the character development part has been given the attention it deserves in the development of Skyrim. It seems to me that the development team at Bethesda is afraid of complicated character development, like what Oblivion got reamed for, on occasion. Here’s the thing: you can make it simple to pick up, but very deep in character progression, at the same time! It think the depth is diminishing, guys… On the other hand, I am quite convinced that the game world interaction part has been improved considerably, and my hat is off to the designers at Bethesda for doing such a wonderful job with that.
    If the changes I seek aren’t going to be put into the game before release, I will try to find a way to put them into effect in mods. Any more information about how to mod for the things I’ve talked about in this post would be greatly appreciated. I’ll be all over the creation kit when its released.

    • Just my 2 cents as a fan.

      I agree that there should be more customization of characters, I did not learn about the (apparent) abandonment of Stats until I read this. I had hoped Bethesda would return to a more complex character leveling system similar to Morrowind. I enjoyed having a stealth character being adept with Daggers (One handed Blades) while allowing Two handed Blades (Claymores) to fall behind.

      I do see where they got the Perks from the Fallout games. “Strong Back” didn’t get any special ritual or anything, it just happened. The player was forced to use his imagination to figure out how the character was suddenly able to carry more stuff (rearrange his backpack?), or (Adamantium Skeleton) suddenly didn’t take as much limb damage (still haven’t figured that one out). It took away slightly from the characters story, but gave you goals to work toward (ie. had to have certain skills high enough).

      I agree that for more realism perks should be earned (like Enhanced Sensors, or the Hunter Perks), but understand that is not always possible.

      I look forward to seeing how Bethesda had made this game play, and hope they haven’t moved too much toward FPS and away from RPG. They have done wonderfully in balancing the two so far.


      • Fallout perks just don’t happen,as you so put it. You unlock certain perks when you reach their respective levels for the unlock. After you reach that level, you don’t automatically acquire the perk, you choose to take it and use it, or you don’t. Making the choice of perks is where the player can guide what abilities/attributes the PC wants to increase or improve upon.

      • I think you’re stating the perks in Fallout 3 work differently than they actually do. You don’t just suddenly get perks without taking it. You’re able to use them when reaching the level that makes them available. One doesn’t automatically get the “Strong Back” perk. If it is available, you either choose to use it, or not, just like any of the others, so no surprises. The perks also come with descriptions as well, so even less of a surprise.

      • Sir. Your comment is fairly irrational. First of all it is based on assumptions and idiocy. Until you have actually played the finished game please do not flame on it. Yes flame. For you see even though you gave us a nice polite intro your post is filled with moronic assumptions and general hate speech. Please refrain from filling peoples heads with this crap. This goes for the rest of ya wankers bellow.

        Yours truly. Mr.Trollington
        Can not wait for skyrim <3

    • You realize that skills still have a numeral to denote relative levels right? You also realize that perks are going to be weapon specific to blade/blunt etc.? Perks become more like a talent tree rather than like in Fallout. I’m not sure if they are so specific like your “frost/fire mage” example.
      Besides, lore wise, being really good at destruction by casting a bunch of fire spells really DOES make you better at DESTRUCTIVE spells.

      By everything I have read and heard perks are not quite like Fallout perks and more like talent trees. If a Bethesda Employee could confirm/deny this I would be much obliged.

      On the other hand, Attributes I completely agree with you on.

    • I agree with you on everything. BUT playing Morrowind I can understand the major simplification of skills, attributes e.t.c. Playing morrowind several times through I have learned that the 20 something skills, and perks ARE more realistic-say you want to use a bow but you are using a long blade, you would have to start at a lower level and it would a) take longer to level up b) its harder to level up, thus making it like real life.-than the new system, BUT after continuous research, (and obvious facts) I have learned that the reason for the narrowing of the skills is because in morrowind [And Oblivion(guess, might not be true)] it took an extremely long time to level up (exaduration) so Bethesda made less so you would not have to start all over on a skill and take a long time doing so, Thus you have the result. (I dont know why they made less skills when they could have just made the leveling system easier to go through, and why they say the new leveling system is MORE realistic, when from the information we have just displayed it is obviously LESS realistic.) Please comment!

      • Indeed, I agree with what you just said. You made an interesting point on making the leveling go faster in Skyrim. I think you are correct, with this addendum: it isn’t really the LEVELING that needed to go faster in Morrowind, as much as it was character power development. Leveling is just one way of expressing that.
        I studied and implemented many of the mods that were made for oblivion, and I found that, interestingly enough, the mods that changed the leveling system to more of a skills-based system were the most enjoyable when it came to seeing an improvement in my character as I did stuff. I think the lesson learned from that is that as long as I can reap a tangible benefit from continuing to use certain weapons, armor, or behaviors, then it is still interesting and I will keep playing. Therefore, I think that the key to making the experience more enjoyable in Skyrim will be making the tangible benefits come at an even pace as payback to the player for effort put in. Based on what I’ve seen so far, in Skyrim’s case, the tangible benefits will most likely be almost exclusive to perks. I believe I speak for most fans when I say that I think this new system of perk-based improvement should be done in TANDEM with what has already been done in Oblivion and Morrowind, not INSTEAD of what has been done. The experience will last much longer that way. I want a game that keeps me just as thrilled at the next level up if I’m at level 50 or if I’m at level 3. Wouldn’t you agree?

    • This shows how much you’ve been payin’ attention to things. There are perks underneath one handed and two handed skills that will specialize you with bladed or blunt weapons. The same thing for destruction magic. I’m pretty sure I have heard Todd Howard say somethin’ about there bein’ perks under the destruction skill that lets your character specialize in fire, ice, or whatever. As far as makin’ someone’s character be bad at a skill they never use would not be a good idea. That really could present the same problem that creating a class did in Oblivion. People might get halfway through the game and skills they don’t use get worse and their character starts changing into someone they don’t want to play as or just doesn’t fit their play style anymore so they restart to make a new character. I had that problem twice in Oblivion. So all of your arguments are very valid and I see where your coming from. I like your idea of training, but most people wanna choose a perk right away. The learned perk doesn’t really come out of nowhere it will be the more “practice makes perfect” idea that allows your skill to get better. So your skill gets better as you practice/use it. From what I’ve seen from Skyrim everything I wanted fixed from Oblivion has been fixed. I am extremely excited for this game.

      • Hey, I’m excited too, of course. But like I said in a previous reply to a different post, the key to enthrallment in RPGs is in getting tangible benefits for effort put in, but in a realistic fashion in this case. The idea of specific experience and training for different spell types or different weapons is a good idea if you like realism and you don’t like cheap power surges that make the game easier too fast. You strike me as more of a “give me my extra power now, I don’t care if it comes too soon to make me appreciate it” kind of person. That’s fine, because Skyrim appears to be made for people just like you. The problem to me is that I feel like I will have done everything I can with a character that I can possibly do by the time I get to level 50, and the experience will be over then. No depth. No reason to go back, except maybe two more times, to do the other character classes. Low replayability, in other words. Stats give us a reason to try other skills, especially if they partially impact the effectiveness of our favorite abilities. Quests make us appreciate perks and gained powers. You wouldn’t like it if you get to level 2 and you suddenly had the ability to get every dragon shout in the game, would you? We’re moving closer to that kind of cheapness with Skyrim.

        • I totaly agree with you again, as I did in my recent post. The sudden perk advantage should take time to gradually evolve into the full use of a perk. For example, in real life if you are learning to play an instrument you dont just start playing random notes and songs over and over again learning nothing until finally you magically learn how to play Bach, mozart etc. You learn a few notes or pitches over time practicing them and learning new notes over time until you can play it with out any flaw(if you are that good.) Same goes for this situation with leveling. I feel that to make it realistic there has to be absolutely no leveling system(with some exceptions.) I feel this because each level or perk you get is like a pixel on a computer screen. the more pixels, the more clear it is. But if say there were a few thousand pixels (slight exaduration) it would be very sharp(clear.)We could just add a few thousand levels or perks to the game to make the leveling gradually get better with smaller intervals of experience needed to earn a smaller advantage but that would be a big overhaul, less realistic getting leveled up every minute, and leveling just makes things unrealistic(say you go to the gym to work out. there is no notification telling you you just improved your athletics skill.) that is why i think there should be no leveling. There should just be experience points like in black-ops(which i dare say is one of the worst ganes i have played but the main story was ok) but of course with out levels, so then you would gradually get better with each ex. point. And for the perks you could either type/press certain button combos(i do not personally like combos as they are hard to remember) or press the attack button while wearing so and so equipment etc triggering you to do a skill(you would obviously not start out knowing all combos for perks, and you would just learn the a trainer or your neighbor). Obviously the combo or equipment etc would have to be related to what skill you are doing because in real life youre not gonna eat an apple then kick a ball, and end up winning 20 million big ones in the lottery. back to the perk, so far you are probably thinking that the combo doesnt change the gradual change effect theory im explaining but just hold on. once you performed the combo or other you would not just automatically perform the perk, you would have to keep doing it gradually getting it right some times and wrong on others(maybe your hand shook a little and missed the enemy but will soon be impproved with practice), until the results have been achieved. I hope that was not too confusing because as i wrote it i can not see any problems with it being too confusing. That is my interpretation of how the leveling system should work(the technology probably has not been developed to meet my standards but i could be wrong.) Please comment! (I aplogise for any grammar or spelling issues)

    • Hello!
      Considering none of us have actually played yet all our information comes from Skyrims ‘alpha’ an unfinished game. (Though it’s hard to imagine them doing much more than fixing bugs between now and the beta.) Not only that most of our information its from either these videos and other eye witnesses that have taken their time to write/blog/what-have-you. Would you have Todd Howard and the rest of bethesda give you every little detail about the game? Oblivion was the first real RPG I allowed myself to be submersed in. It took me quite a few play throughs to actually get a handle on how all my actions and stats really played into my character.
      What i’m trying to get at here is this, You may be looking at the “reduce” in attributes in the wrong light. In Oblivion you were able to, by a certain level (say 30), have most of your stats maxed. So you were an all powerful being, great. You could run faster than a horse, Knock down any opponents for extended periods of time, slash and cut his/her mangled body into Oblivion. By this time your asking yourself, what is there left to fight that will be a CHALLENGE. (Mind you when i get my speed maxed I would also max the difficulty.)
      My thoughts here are assumptions based on what I’ve read and seen. I feel the people at Bethesda are trying to make this world more believable, to a degree :). If that means taking out some skills, or folding them into others by all means do it. I will refuse to believe Bethesda chose to make the character customization less complicated because of Oblivion. (there are much more complicated RPG’s as far as stats go!)
      By changing some of these skills I believe that it will make encounters in Skyrim more challenging and believable. Instead of running away when you think you might lose or die. You will find yourself being more prepared before you go out into the world. You might also find yourself using a larger range of skills because of the lack of others. In Oblivion if you encountered a tough opponent you might find yourself forced to running in circles making a living quarrel out of him/her/it hanging on by a thread of health. after such an encounter you find yourself realizing, “Hey, this works on everything, I don’t have to do anything else if i really want to kill something.”
      In the end all I’m saying is, give the men and women at bethesda a chance to show you how they really think the game should be played. You just might find yourself liking a lot of the changes you have already seen from Oblivion to Skyrim. When you sit down to play this November, remember, throw out all your criticisms, hair-brained ideas, and other non-sense and play the game the way it is suppose to be played!
      Thank you.
      good luck.
      have fun.

      One last thought here, the skill perks that you learn and that “magically” appear after you choose them, remember its a game people. If it helps to think of them as coming from the gods of Skyrim who hath blessed upon you-eth with the power of Shield Bash, then by-golly believe it. In less than two months you’ll be sitting on the comfiest chair in the living room locked into the world of Skrim, while the rest universe passes you by! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • I agree, wait until you play the game. I like Oblivion’s leveling over Fallout 3’s but found great enjoyment with both games. I don’t like Fallout’s level limits. IMHO if you max level, you should keep gaining XP. It gives a metric to the game that keeps you playing even if your not increasing any skills or gaining any perks. Anyway, I’m (eagerly) waiting to play the game before passing any judgements. Looks Awesome!!!

    • I have read your entire post, and agree fully with everything you said. One more thing, more armor pieces, not less. RAWR! Why would you take good things OUT of a game? The customization is why people LOVE the Elder Scrolls series. I don’t want something stoopid like Fable…I want my Elder Scrolls! My wife and I are both very worried that this will be watered down to the point of Fable 2-3…I hope not…(yes, I realize Fable has nothing to do with Bethesda, but they are similar games, just one sucks, and one doesn’t).

      • Exactly. Fable 2 and 3 were such disappointments. As far as Oblivion goes though, some of the coolest armor in the game are absolute crap. Whats wrong with looking cool and being totally awesome? My characters in Oblivion usually focused around stealth though there was never enough cool light armor around. Glass, Leather, and anything the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild gave you. There was never any customization with it. Also who the hell (Referring to the Dark Brotherhood) wants to sneak around and kill shit in a black robe? Maybe a hooded black cloak with some armor underneath.
        This is me just rambling though. Dark Brotherhood was my favorite quest line! All in all I want my character at the end of Skrim to be unique. not just with my skills but with my armor and awesome looks!

    • lol does it really take a “journey” to learn how to bash someone with your shield? As you level up you’re supposed to reflect upon yourself, as it said in the messages in oblivion. Maybe, as you’re reflecting, you just discover something new that you can do with your shield or sword or whatever.