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    • No,you can’t make your own spells, but there is more diversity in the types of spells that you can cast.Also, you ramble too much, nobody wants to read that long arse post, learn to summarize.

      • Well I read the whole post and I find it a good opinion. But these are not on my Primary concerns. And the thing is I do not even have any concerns for this game. If I do not like something and want to change it real badly, then I just Try to mod it.

      • Well I read the whole post and I find it a good opinion. But these are not on my Primary concerns. And the thing is I do not even have any concerns for this game. If I do not like something and want to change it real badly, then I’ll just Try to mod it.

      • The details were necessary so you would know where I was coming from. I like to make things abundantly clear, so I think I’ll stick with my style of using “long arse” descriptions, thanks. Next questions: will there be a penalty to spell effectiveness for wearing armor, like in oblivion? Will it be possible to get that game-breaking 100% chameleon this time?

    • if i was mking the game i wouldnt.its so easy to just get into the mages guild and get 100 fortift jump if you want that stuff just mod .that way istead of 100 mabey 9999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999fortify jump

  1. how is it supposed to be realistic its a game were people shoot flames out of thier hands and there are dragons do u really think its gonna be realistic (no offence intended)

    • Last time I checked, fire spells and dragons aren’t the only things present in the game.Skyrim borrows a lot from real life as well.Like grass, humans, trees, horses, rocks, birds, rivers, mountains.So there’s a few things that are unrealistic in the game, does that mean every last detail of the game should be unrealistic.No, no it does not, there should be a mix of both realistic and unrealistic in a game, it creates balance and they contradict each other nicely.

    • As I recall, Todd Howard specifically said in one of the interviews or demos that the team at Bethesda wanted the world of Skyrim to “feel real”. Since that’s the case, then my concerns over the character development being realistic (something I care very much about, obviously) are quite valid.

    • but would you want to play a game where you it goes in real time .you need to train 2 days staight to get good at some thing or needing to wait a week untill a wound heals.thaey make it realistick but still give it a fantasy feel.

      rent a rouge

  2. I have been wondering for a while now if there is going to be a hardcore mode in Skyrim because i enjoyed that and felt like it made it more realistic. Other than that the game looks amazing and i cant wait for 11-11-11

  3. Were the finishing moves really a necessary addition? I’m getting tired of seeing them in recent action games simply because they seem to crop up far too often. Would there be a way to ‘turn them off’? Or will I be stuck losing control of my character while they disembowel their enemies?

    They just seem needless to me, is all. The first few times they might have a positive impact and ensure my character’s status as bona fide badass, but I can see repetition breaking the immersion in a pretty serious way. And isn’t that what Bethesda’s RPGs are all about? Immersion?

  4. I’m certain others have already asked this, but is it possible to fight on horseback yet? i understand it probably would be quite complicated, but a lot of people (me included) wanted it in Oblivion and it never happened.

  5. @Captain Wordsmith. In the real world, skills operate more like Perks. You learn new techniques, you swing at new targets, you use feints, and beats, and learn not to project your attacks. If you have better skills, you’re more likely to know how or when to use the beak of your axe to catch a blade and twist it out of your opponent’s hand. It’s a hell of a lot more abstract than raising your skill from 32 to 33 to get a .1% damage increase on just one single bladed weapon and get yet another power attack which does the same exact thing as the last 4. How is THAT immersive?

    Even then, a sword isn’t much different from an axe or a hammer. Two-Handed or not. It may sound dirt simple, and that’s because it is, but all you really have to do is stick the pointy end in the other man. 4 pounds of sword is not that different from 4 pounds of hand ax or 4 pounds of hammer. Spend 5 minutes at any hobby shop and you’ll feel silly complaining about skills. A fighter wielding a blunt club might keep forgetting he needs to direct the bladed side in, but there’s no reason a swordsman would have issues wielding a stick. Even then, the clumsy clubber is still hitting you with a solid rod of steel.

    As for mages, there’s no reason a mighty wizard capable of raising the temperature so high that it bursts the air into flames couldn’t also lower the temperature so low it freezes water. In most fantasy settings (read: games) it’s about how much arbitrary power he’s putting behind his punch. If you’re a walking mana battery, you’re a walking mana battery. As soon as you learn how to cast a tiny lightning bolt, if you’re already throwing fireballs the size of Jupiter, chances are you’re not going to be doing parlor tricks with the lightning bolt.

    • No, in the real world, there is no sudden, explosive, game-changing “perk” that makes a person able to do anything. The way people improve IS through .1% increases to this or that. The only instant gratification that comes in real life from a perk is when you get better equipment or you learn some pivotal piece of knowledge you didn’t know before. For example, take the block skill in Skyrim: currently, there appears to be a perk in the tree for block that allows the PC to resist elemental attacks with a shield (confirmed in the demo video). In my opinion, a perk like that makes no sense, in the “real”-feeling world that Bethesda is trying to make. A shield should only resist magic/elemental damage if it, itself, has a magic (enchanted) or elemental quality to it.
      I stand by my argument for dividing the one and two handed weapons into different skill dependencies. Any experienced swordsman will tell you that there is a marked difference between how he or she would handle a war hammer, as opposed to a claymore. Frankly, the War hammer should have a huge strength requirement too, because it is simply a “smash people up as hard as you can” weapon. For a claymore to be effective, there are entire strategies of fencing that can be learned. The distinction may be small to some people, but it is there, and for immersion, I think the distinction needs to be made in the game.
      Sorry, but your argument on a mages’ magic is flawed. The basic essence of how to channel the magical energy into an offensive ability is arguably the same for lightning, frost, or fire, yes. Thus, the dependence on a basic destruction skill is valid still. But here’s the distinction: a Mage would need to learn how best to direct lightning bolts, as opposed to moving cold air around. Electricity moves very differently than air that is at extreme temperatures. It likes to go through conductors. It tends to move in circuits. In short, it doesn’t behave like fire or cold, and therefore it will take a different kind of experience to handle lightning effectively versus other kinds of destruction magic. The same goes for spells that damage attributes and for spells under other schools of magic.
      Basically, its the details that make RPG characters interesting for me. Ask yourself this: without stats, and with less skills, and with instant gratification shortcuts we call “perks”, is this game going to be more of an FPS, or an RPG? The answer is obvious, I think. And I am not happy about the Elder Scrolls moving towards FPS games.

      • actually Isaac there is. when you learn how to do something you, you’re taught something new by your teacher. he doesnt tell you to just do the same thing over and over again until you’ve mastered whatever you’re doing. For example, if you were in college to become a mechanic he’s not going to tell you to just change the oil on cars until you graduate. He’s going to teach you knew things.

        • maybe that’s the difference – you are talking about being taught something whereas I think Isaac is talking about using these skills out in the world. I loved it in Oblivion when you gained skill points from completing the ‘origin of the gray prince’ quest and watching the two people fighting outside the arena. Being able to gain perks like that would be a great way of doing it. (would be nice to spice up the trainers as well, they were basically skill vendors in Oblivion). but i still think there is a place for levelling up from using a skill day to day in the real world. Occasionally when you do something a lot, you do realise there is a slightly better way and then perform better. with fitness say, you might find that running with your hands open rather than in a closed fist helps. so there is room for both in there.

      • To your comment about the sheild perk which allows elemental protection, i see where you are coming from in that things don’t happen just like that in the real world. But think about it, use your head. The perk could mean you enchant your sheild with elemental protection, or for example a perk that allows your arrows to do 5% more damage or something, if you use your imagination, could mean you find out a specific firing technique or a deadly spot to shoot on the enemy. The whole point is using your imagination, as well as what is given to you. I think that is what these games are all about, anyway.

      • And, i also think you are looking into the magic situation too much. Yes lightning behaves differently than fire, but it is still in effect magical energy and being able to handle that is surely the key. I understand where you are coming from but i just think you are looking into it a bit too much my friend.

      • @Isaac J Mulling. I’m sorry but I think you missing the key point which is that this a a FANTASY game THAT blends realisim with the unrealisitic(As someone in a preivous comment stated) so not everything is going to make bloody sense. The perks act as a specilization for a specific field in a a skill, sort of like in oblivion when you reache 25,50,75,100, and also if you looked, each requires a certent level in that skill. Also I think you missing the point as where Todd Howard said he wanted to me a world that feels real he ment that he wants to make a world that feels like a real world, but not meaning every aspect of the game is real just that theres a possiblity that you could accually live in this world. Also I more exited about the huge open world I can explore rather than skills making sense,also some EPIC ACCUALLY IMPORTANT THINGS ABOUT THE GAME Skyrim will also have the most armour variety out of any elder scrolls game, the best character custimization out of the elder scrolls game, 150 dungeons being crafted by a team of 8 opposed to 1, land actually hand built not generated, animations look believable now(Thats something you might like THEY LOOK real or somewhat real), and two other things I must mention combat improved and crafting. If you really are just so angry you can’t run faster than a horse in skyrim, than go play oblivion with that high pitched dark elf, or if you really want lots of skills go play daggerfall they have 30 something skills. I will now go on to ramble about how… wait…. what….. oh cool my typing skill just leveled up and it says how I should rest and meditate on what I just learned, and I get to chose a perk not so unrealistic after all.

    • I agree completely. The way Bethesda has led me to believe, from level one you’re tailoring your character to a certain play style. i.e. a rogue/assassin class is good at the stabbing of backs and cutting of throats from the shadows, so when you enter a dungeon, the game tailors encounters to your specific play style, with challenging enemies, but with a weakness to a certain skill you currently employ. In the real world, most professionals have a certain set of skills that they use and rarely deviate from those skills. Use what works. I’m fairly pumped at the chance to tailor my character the way I want. Go Bethesda, do your thang!

  6. This is a fantasy game. Yeah, there are gonna be “people shooting flames out of their hands and dragons” (not to slam Connor) The fact that you just magically learn some insane move out of thin air is a bit…… well….. it isn’t exactly what I would call….. fulfilling? I (and probably many others) would like to feel a sense of accomplishment when they learn how to do an insane power attack or learn a crazy spell or some other third thing

  7. I’m concerned that the simplification is actually going to detract from the game. Part of the replay value of TES games is your ability to play a truly different character each time based on both your in game decisions and approach to how you build your character. I’m concerned that I’m going to be getting less value for my money because of all changes I’ve seen to the game that I didn’t see as necessary or beneficial

    • I can agree if only concerning Attributes. To some they may not matter, but to me…

      I’m cautiously hopeful about the new skill system though. I can’t really tell if it really is oversimplified or simply different yet.

  8. I wish Bethesda would bring back some of the more popular and fun things from Morrowind like mark/recall and jump/levitate/slow fall

    My question has to be is Skyrim as large as Morrowind..??

    Oblivion is a sweet game providing me with many hours of fun especially the ability of npc speech rather than having to read what the characters are saying in Morrowind making the whole experience more interesting also the vampire theme is cool but the game is not as large as Morrowind

    • In terms of land size I think MW was about as large as Oblivion. Mark/Recall was removed from the game because it, essentially, eliminated challenge. You could just mark or recall out of any situation and then return at a later date. The game lacked consequences.
      Levitate had a similar effect, you just levitate out of reach.

      Slow fall and jump don’t really do much of that, so I have no idea why they were removed so readily.

      Skyrim is supposed to be slightly larger than Oblivion.

  9. Personally, I like the additions and subtractions. Despite their equality in many ways, every race of Tamriel is different. That means that their approach to everything is different from province to province. For example, Nords tend to be far more combative and less magical or stealthy. So why bother with Mysticism in their home province? Especially considering that Oblivion was closed 200 years ago? In exchange, you can dual wield and perform brutal finisher techniques, right? Whereas in Morrowind, Dunmer being natural Battlemages, you had much more magical capability as well as more skill trees regarding combat. It makes sense in that light, I think. I’m betting all the magic schools (as well as some new ones) will return if they ever decide to do a game in the Summerset Isles or Black Marsh. I will miss Athletics and Acrobatics, but given the counter-attack/finisher system, I’d say they’re more or less unnecessary now.

    • The good thing about this one is the almost complete removal of all restrctions, any race can become anything. the same idea was in the last one but as much as you could spend ages on an orcish wizard, it never felt as good as a high elven one.

    • I just wanted to say that I think this is one of the better explanations I’ve heard on the changes between the latest three TES games, and will definitely help me to maintain my suspension of disbelief in the new game. That said it does remove the potential for character back-story, as it essentially confines them to the province in question for at least a single generation. Either way, cheers for the creativity!

  10. Well as far as visually im impressed, but the leveling system and movement hit me hard. Come on bring back the throwing stars, n spears. I missed those in Oblivion n i thought skyrim would be more various. But now to find out they made the selection even smaller…. O well I guess ill just rent the game.

    • no (to the werewolves) and not sure about 2nd question… you CAN be a Blacksmith however i doubt you can make “Dragon Armor” and im not even sure if you can make useable armor at all

  11. Found an interesting topic on the forums where people were critiquing what they’ve seen so far in Skyrim. Game looks amazing, but…always room for improvement!

    Largest sources of contention by votes:

    -(245 votes) Enemy AI not reacting appropriately or intelligently…I think this is referring to the part where the AI is assinated and stands there, maybe some other things, not sure

    -(220 votes) Enemies do not react when hit with weapons magic or bows–like, they dont get bashed around or move when hit much, like Oblivion.

    -(216 votes) Rain going through roofs and possibly snow. Was this in final game or just a glitch in demo? Hope just demo.

    -(191 votes) Forced third person for horses and kill moves. Maybe can just add option to change this? Dunno, just saying.

    -(171 votes) No locational damage. Hmm…does seem silly that accuracy doesnt matter, but I guess this is just a TES game no one really expected more.

    Anyways, just had to leave the feedback somewhere. Maybe one of you helpful devs will stumble upon it, maybe not. Keep up the good work with the game, hope its the best game ever made. 😉

    • @Dave

      Keep in mind that anything from the game that folks have seen or played is from an earlier build of the game. We continue to make updates to the game and will also continue with updates post release.

      There are kill moves that go to 3rd person and others that stay in first person. Riding a horse moves the game to 3rd person.

  12. One thing I’m wondering about in Skyrim is why they didn’t offer the ability to duel-wield a one-handed sword. If you can do this with a spell, why not a sword. Obviously this would not be possible with an axe, a war hammer, or a claymore, but it would be entirely possible with a sword. This would also, in my opinion, make the gaming experience of Skyrim 1000 times better. They could go even farther with this by adding awesome finishing moves related with this dual-wielding experience just like they did for the regular, single weapon combat methods. This is something I would like the Bethesda team to seriously consider before releasing Skyrim in November.

    • Why would you need multi-moniter setup for this anyway. christ you PC gamers are just pointless, its not about making thing better or upgrading your software. you just buy all this PC crap so that you can go on a blog and post a carefully worded post just to subtley tell people you have the thing you *%$@!£.

  13. Really don’t know what everyone is complaining about. The removal of acrobatics is welcome for me. Those that are saying it’s dumb to get a better skill just by doing it more is dumb. Here get your acrobatics up: KEEP JUMPING YOU’LL EVENTUALLY JUMP HIGHER. What? I do actually find it satisfying to reach a certain level and be able to get a new perk, because the concept is you have more experience to gain the ability to do those things. Just like most games. That’s why MMO’s work so well. That’s the system and it works. You shouldn’t have to go on a freaking journey in order to learn a certain block skill. Simplifying the game is also something I’m excited for. There isn’t as many things you have to spend too much time on in order to get a correct character build, so there’s more room for in game world immersion. I also think the two handed/one handed specializations is an improvement if anything. In oblivion if I wanted to be proficient in blades AND blunt, I’d have to use both of those types of weapons for hours. Now, I can just choose and axe or sword or dagger even and be at the same level with it. Makes more sense to me. Same idea goes for two handed weapons. Really don’t know why everyone is complaining about this game. It’s already amazing to me and a HUGE improvement on any of the previous titles.

    • No argument on the game looking amazing so far. I still defend the idea that any perk may need more earning before it can be used in a believable, realistic way. When I said earlier that perks could require “journeys” to get them, I meant that the possibility of learning the perk from a master or from a really rare book, would be very appropriate. It doesn’t have to be a quest, but it would give the player another reason to go explore the beautiful world that is being created in Skyrim, and it wouldn’t seem like a hardly believable shortcut to more power. It just makes more sense that way.

  14. This is, perhaps, an idea that the team making Skyrim have already thought of, but it seems awesome to me. I walked outside this morning and saw a lizard crawling on the wall outside my house. I got this idea then: why not make Argonians wall climbers? This would make them even more attractive as a stealth race. Cats are natural climbers too, so Kajits (sorry I didn’t look up the correct spelling) could have the same, or a similar, ability. I would love to climb onto a wall and fire spells or arrows onto unsuspecting baddies below, especially if the AI couldn’t spot me on the walls as easily as on the ground.

    • If this is a great idea, go start your own game company. They have hundreds of people working on games like these. They won’t listen to you.

  15. To be completely honest I could care less about the differences in the stats and im excited to see the skill tree for your individual skills. It sounds that most of you are bashing the game before you truly see it. The way it plays out could be pretty damn good. Im so excited for it to come out and the comments of the realism with the skill tree i wanted to add a comment to that. In real life as you use skills you just get better at it and learn new tricks its the nature of the beast. I would find it annoying to travel half way across the world for some one to teach me how to bash my shield on some one.

  16. I am wondering if it will be possible for a character to wield two objects (sword, shield, axe etc.) and also cast spells without having to equip them (like in Oblivion) i.e. without having to put one object down and reading the spell (like in Morrowind). From what I have seen in the demo the character did use magic while wielding a mace and a shield against a giant but since no magicka bar appeared I assume this was a voice power and not a spell.

  17. Well, even though any well argumented critic, i think that like in any long life title, there’s always a transformation in the game thats necessary for the title to mature. Personally I think that everything that’s added or missing in a game from a title, they’re going to be the changes that make that game special from all the others in the franchise.
    Expecifically, in the TES title, all games are different, and taking about the gameplay, no one is better than another because even though someone thinks that development of the character is slow and complicated; another player may thinks that is just perfect. The idea here, is about how not everyone can have they’re demands satisfied, it would be impossible to make a perfect game.
    In my conclusion, there’s not better game in te saga, just different ones with unique characteristics that gives you the hunger to play Oblivion at a time, Daggerfall for a different gameplay, or maybe Morrowind for a exploring aproach. I haven’t played all TES games, but I continue playing 3 games from the TES saga when i have time, and i don’t feel any redundancy from doing it because of the different games they are.

    PS: Didn’t know about this Bethesda blog, its pretty nice.

  18. I seen in the demo that you have a new skill called enchanting. How does it work and are you able to put more than one enchant on your items.

  19. I agree with Isaac with on all regards (except those in which he obviously did not do his research,.. specialization in blade/axes/blunts via perks as example)

    it seems this is a view shared by large with the majority of TES gamers. Those that say otherwise are simply hooting “give it a chance first” to which I reply, “It’s too late, we have no choice but to play it as it was designed and we know that; and hope they don’t dumb down the ‘next’ TES game yet again, as has been trending a few games thus far. We are not to blame for voicing it now, when its been happening with the games before Skyrim”… seriously, theres was begging for the next TES game not to be dumbed down, and yet it was dumbed down anyhow.
    Perks and shouts dont replace what they took out, they instead make the perks and shouts that they added less immersive than they could be.
    say… add a recoil to that blast back dragon shout? an Endurance stat reduces coil.
    if intelligence was ‘nothing’ but a trickle down effect(which i think was the only single effect stat there was) then add another effect! faster learning of skills? a mod did that for oblivion and it added more immersion than any other stat.
    Strength and intelligence together could make for some interesting smithing requirements- same with other crafts. stats could have (optionally) have certain effects on character looks, with what the character creation videos have shown, this is more than possible with the engine.

    I don’t mean to rant(to late for that, I know) but Isaac is right(mostly),.. and I am sure we will all love and enjoy Skyrim for what Bethesda has made it to be,.. but please, no more with this dumbing down.

    • I agree for the most part. The removal of Attributes is appalling. I don’t “streamlining” skills so much, I can and will have to give that a chance, but no Attributes (strength intelligence etc.) is just, horrible…

  20. Opps,.. would also like to add that Isaac is right about skills also… it would have been perfectly reasonable to add a fourth set of skills…
    1.Warrior- skills
    2.Mage- skills
    3.Thief- skills
    4.General- skills that don’t effect leveling.
    — If that makes sense.
    This way they could easily keep away from skills that didn’t make you stronger in the 3 main sets- without removing them from the game.
    Not that hard to come up with these things,… If we could come up with character development desings on our own, I am sure it’s reasonable to assume we don’t need our hand held and have the game over-simplified as Isaac puts it.
    and to prevent perk waste- the general skills could get their own point as well each lvl that can only be spent in general perks- with those perks being smaller/non-combat effect.

  21. I don’t care about updates, or what features are being removed or added, (good riddance to you, leveling up when I friggin walk or jump to get that chest over yonder.) I just want to play the game! A month and a bit to go! Haha!

  22. What I’m most worried about with this game is the state its actually in, are we going to get another Fallout New Vegas where it crashes all the time and we have to wait for updates and patches to fix everything? It’s not like its the first time Bethesda have done this either, Orblivion had major issues on the consoles, Fallout 3 also has issues the more packs that were added, aaaand thats it for what I’ve played and had issues with. However, it was something that totally made me unhappy to play at the time, knowing that these issues were something I had bought with my hard earned money to enjoy whenever the game decided to glitch out…

  23. I actually think that removing the “stats” could be a plus. No more games where half the time is spent grinding just so I can get a “perfect character”. No more temptation to spend my life doing pointless repetitive tasks. I do want to have immersion, but I don’t want my game to be like my music practice, I want to be able to just sit down and play and not think about whether or not I’ve leveled up blade 8 times or 9. All the criticisms I have seen are easily fixable by mods, and since mods are going to be available on the console some of the weight of making the game perfect for each person falls on the people themselves. So when you want to have to do some arbitrary training for perks or not falls on you, the same that DM’s customize whether or not they require training for your levels, based on PERSONAL preference. Sure it won’t be perfect and there will be things we’ll be screaming about, but honestly we shouldn’t care as much as we do. I shouldn’t care as much as I do.

    • Two things.
      One, your right, the repetition was a problem- but the problem was implementation, not the existance of the stats. By your logic, we might as well take out all skills as well. Take a look at some player made mods for stats on any good modding site, and you’ll see what I mean, when the stats get implemented correctly you enjoy the game so much more.(And Correctly implemented stats vs no stats? guess which ones preferable..)

      “and since mods are going to be available on the console some of the weight of making the game perfect for each person falls on the people themselves.”
      This is news to me… are you sure your not mistaken? I didn’t hear or read anything about mods being possible on console.

  24. Okay…to start off, I am a HUGE Elderscrolls fan. I have (literally) thousands of hours logged in on Morrowind and almost 1,000 hours logged in on Oblivion. Morrowind was great because the amount of skills provided a lot f customisation to your character at the ‘end’ of the game. Oblivion was somewhat of a let down, because there were a lot less missions and skills. Though, it was great for immersion and ‘ease of use’…it just lacked something after you got all your skills to max. The perk system of Oblivion was a major improvement,an I agree with Isaac that the perks should be gotten with both a skill level up and a regular level.

    The fact that they took out so many skills (referring from Morrowind to Skyrim) is kind of a downfall. It provided a more unique character in the long-hual. The points being made about magic…seriously, it is a game…it doesn’t have to make sense. A caveat on that though, what is to say that a ‘wire’ of magickal energies from the castor don’t dictate where a shock spell will go…the same energies that are used to raise or lower temperatures to provide frost and fire. The point being, fantasy games will always take a stretch of the imagination; and not everything has to b explained.

    All in all, I look forward to this game. I arranged my leave dates so as to coincide with the release of this game (most soldiers find better things to do on their R&R from Afghanistan). It may seem to lean more in the direction of an FPS, but that allows it to be able to be just picked up and played. You no longer have to think too much about what character you want to run…no more spending 130 hours on one character to get every skill to maximum (the minimum it took me to get a character in Oblivion…Morrowind only took seven hours).

    With the modifications that each person can do with their own computer, you can tailor the game to your style. The creators over at Bethesda are just trying their hardest to make a game that is sited towards everyone, not just a few die-hard. I think that they are doing a damn good job; and that we all should just really wait until he game comes out before we make a ‘yay or nay’ about it. Anyways, it is too late for them to make any real over-haul’s to the game…as is the case with the main gripe about skills.


    P.S. I don’t think there is anything that the creators over at Bethesda can do to the Elderscrolls series to kill it…unless, they do make it an FPS and keep the progression of dumb-ing it down going…

  25. i’m really concern about 1 thing that have been said before, u can’t block with a sword?? i ask when u have equiped with double swords, cuz in the videos it looks like u just gotta suck it up all the blows trough at u, i assume the left trigger will make the sword attack, so how can u make it block?? and i’m totally agree with the lack of minor skills and character development, the thing i love the most about oblivion was the personalization of ur PC, that it’s very diferent from one of ur friends characters, not only in appearence but in habilities achieved too, and agree with the last comments that u don’t need to take a lot of skill away to make it easier, just make the leveling faster so it doesn’t become lifetime takeer to improve some new skill, maybe when u reach certain level it can become slower so u don’t reach the max point of a skill very fast and get bored, i have to say oblivion it’s my favorite game of all times and i have been playing PC and console games since they appear, it has just the exact amount of (get into a diferent world and be someone else) that all of the RPG’s love, and i am looking forwad to lose into the new world u just created, u’ll make my year with ur creation, thanks!!!

  26. Hey guys BF3 or MW3? Haha just kidding. I’m new to Elder Scrolls games, but a totally committed fan of Fallout. I think Skyrim looks like an obvious GOTY winner. And my question is this, developers at Bethesda; How many years of game time can I expect from this game, if I take my time with it? I always rushed Fallout games in the past. And still it took me weeks to complete the main story, and months to play through the majority of what was left to discover and do in the game, like side quests and other random things…

    • I’ve been playing Oblivion (the game before this one) casually for about 3 years on and off. I’ve still got tons of side quest to finish and places to find. A dedicated player could probably get the main quest done in a couple days, but there’s still a ton of stuff to do after that.

  27. Here’s my personal opinon, let the game come out first and then start nit pickin it. The game is still in production and is there for able to be changed. And what we are actualy seeing and hearing might not be the final product. Oblivion was the first game i ever played with bethesda and is currently the only game i have all the achievments for. What i mean by that is bethesda makes great games, just have faith in what they do it will always be great.

  28. Nice critique of a demo video. However, I do believe that to make this game cross-compatible with different platforms, there is a hefty constraint on how much you can put into a game. Oblivion relied heavily on character customization, and not so much on interaction, or voice talents, or random encounters. Especially the AI, it SUCKED! So to make up for all of these things, I am pretty sure they had to knock off a few pegs of customization. There has to be balance when working with limited space, and Bethesda appears to have done a terrific job trimming the fat but still wrapping bacon around it. (pretty neat analogy eh? lol) So all in all, yes there will be heartstrings pulled on for what is gone, but I’m sure we will grow fond of the new ideas and features as seen in Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Speaking of meaty analogies, I WANT WEREWOLVES!! {^_^}

  29. TES has been downhill every since 12 year old kids started playing Oblivion and homos like the commenters here started writing run on sentences about why it should be better.

    • How does 12 year old kids playing oblivion and “homo” people commenting have any correlation to the quality of Bethesda’s games? I don’t understand.

  30. Why keep dumbing down the leveling system? In Oblivion I played as a theif. It felt like every level up made my character weaker so I was forced to level my skills and never rest, or lower difficulty which feels like I am cheating. Why bother leveling, if everytime you do the computer is also? I miss how in Morrowind every NPC had a set level. You knew not to mess with guards at level 1, but by level 30 you could do what you wanted. And you could find good loot as soon as you started, where in Oblivion you got junk until you leveled to mid 20’s. It made the world feel hand crafted, rather than generated. That is a huge reason I played through Morrowind so many times. I knew where to get the best stuff right away, so I didnt waste time swinging around a rusty iron sword with fur armor. It sounds like thats how Skyrim will be too.

  31. I don`t worry abaout these things. Just wait until you put the game in your PC/Console, and I`m sure it will blow your mind totaly!!
    With Bethesda, I know they will make a fantastic, amazingly awesome RPG, no doubt at all.
    And personaly, I can`t wait to dual-wield some scimitar-like swords with my dark elf.. The name will be Drizzt Do’Urden..!!

  32. Game looks epic. But why does it look like the magic cause no damage? Like the enemy doesn’t even react to it. Other then that I love it!

  33. @Johnny

    Speaking of run on sentences, you seem to be pretty adept at them yourself. All the people that are commenting on this website are entitled to their opinions. If they want to nit-pick a game that isn’t out yet, but sure to win Game of the Year status; they are entitled to it. It is a freedom of speech that everyone in this country is allowed to have. That many people die to protect.

    I don’t agree with what you said about the down-hill descent of TES. They have to cut a lot of things that in the early days made it great; purely for the purpose of making it graphically pleasing. Daggerfall still holds the record for the largest exploitable game-map ever created. Over the years, the graphics and scenery had to look better and better. Thus, pure content had to start lacking.

    As for directly insulting people who post things online and talking about what they want a game to do; it is their choice. There is no warranting such accusations that the people who post here are stupid. They have a right (as well as you) to freedom of speech. Something I am glad to fight to defend.

  34. I am loving how Skyrim is coming about and it’s amazing what is being done, maybe you could add just a little more customization into it?

  35. Hello!
    I am a super Oblivion fan, and cannot wait until Skyrim comes out. It seems like it will be an amazing game.
    I do have a question for anyone who might know. I know there is a marriage option now in the game, and after your character marries someone, they can move into your house. But, i was wondering: that is as far as it goes, correct? I have heard in the fable games that characters go further than this, and actually “make love” and possibly babies. For me, I just do not want to see that in an elder scrolls game. Plus, we would not see other characters doing it, would we? I have heard this is a possbility. I just want to ask because truthfully, i do not want to walk into a house to see this. i know rumors spread like wildfire on the internet, so i thought it would be a good idea to see what everyone knew here. Thanks so much for any info! I appreciate it!

  36. Are there going to be different levels to the spells themselves (ex. minor healing spell, major healing spell), or is that just the one hand spell is normal and the two hand spell is more powerful?

  37. Has anyone noticed that precipitation needs to happen in dongeons? there could be a hurricane outside, and the sun will still shine through the holes in the ceiling in a cave.

  38. When people say getting a skill like the strong back perk suddenly is unrealistic, I say STFU who cares it’s cool and adds to the game