Around the web: Mega Roundup!!

Back with a super-mega coverage roundup that includes videos, interviews, previews and more.

Let’s start with Skyrim…

  • — Watch Todd Howard discuss dragons in Skyrim (above)
  • Gametrailers — Todd joins Ken Levine (Bioshock), David Jaffe (Twisted Metal, God of War) and host Geoff Keighley at PAX for a special episode of Bonus Round
  • Totally Rad Show — Jeff Cannata goes behind closed doors to look at Skyrim
  • Destructoid — Interview with Matt Carafano
  • G4TV — The X-Play crew catch up with Todd Howard at PAX Prime

For more on Skyrim, RAGE, Prey 2, and Dishonored, hit the jump below…

Skyrim Previews

All that plus new tidbits on the game revealed by Pete Hines (@dcdeacon) over Twitter. See SystemLink, GamePur and Lazy Gamer for details.

Switching gears to RAGE, creative director Tim Willits has been all over the world (currently he’s in Australia) showing the game. Head to his latest interviews at TechDay, FPS Guru, Capsule Computers, Team Xbox, GameOverCast, MCV and the Totally Rad Show (watch below)

RAGE Previews

Prey 2 Coverage

Dishonored Previews

And in other news…

  • Fallout: New Vegas senior producer Jason Bergman discusses Jace Hall’s role as a toaster in Old World Blues
  • GameTrailers is counting down the greatest trailers on all time. With only the top 20 to still be announced, DOOM 3 (#93), Fallout: New Vegas (#90), Fallout 3 (#71 & 67), Oblivion (#65), and Prey 2 (#58) have already been included.
  • DOOM fans can test their wits in a new quiz put together at The Escapist
  • David Perry interviews Pete Hines

Reader Comments

  1. Thanks for this!! Rage hope that meets the expectations.
    And one more game to be great and excellent.

    Since my girlfriend away from me for this. Make it worthwhile.

  2. When is the Bethesda store coming back online? I’ve been trying to get some PC Oblivion DLC for weeks now ever since I bought the anniversary edition.. but the store is always down.

  3. Nice to have the scale of things mentioned and how hard that is to do. I remember modding HERECTIC with WadED back in the 1990s and just getting a door to look the right size always came out looking..wrong as if giants lived in the castle. So i cant imagine how hard it is to do a whole world in proper scale as Todd Howard mentioned about forks and grapes and humongous Dragons.

    Ooo 1994 when i made the jump from my Commodore Amiga500 to the pc with the first two games i brought were TES ARENA and RAVENLOFT STRANDS POSSESSION at J&R Computer World 😀

    • But Darvakiin then you wont know the highest highs of startling euphoric bright shinning shining exploding stars of happiness when you see Werewolves ingame.

      Then again you wont know the lowest low of numbing agonizing black twilight twilight spiraling whirlpools of desolation when you SEE NO WEREWOLVES..ingame.

      YA HA! HA! HA! Yes? No? Yes? No? Only Todd Howard KNOWS!