Reader Comments

  1. Is ther5e at least a grumpy Nord female who sells the food – one with a strong ‘don’t complaint and you’ll live!*’ aura? 😉

  2. Will there be dragonbourn bennies there ..(horned knitted hats)… plz say yes there will be . If so I’m totally there I live 20 mins away from there …..

  3. Filthy slobs! They can at least get their clothes dirty for the money shot while eating them yummy yummy in the tummy nordy goodies.

  4. The printed invitation said until 3pm and they were out of food by 1:50pm when I got there. This indicates very bad planning. Professionals would expect a turn out and have enough for the time period indicated and invitations distributed. A bad experience that accomplishes exactly the opposite goal that was intended. Sorry to have to say it but someone needs to.