Watch the Lonesome Road trailer!

Watch the newly-released (and awesome) trailer for Lonesome Road — the fourth game add-on pack for Fallout: New Vegas, coming out on September 20th. Props to our very own Salinee Goldenberg for her great work on all the New Vegas DLC trailers!

In Lonesome Road you are contacted by the original Courier Six, a man by the name of Ulysses who refused to deliver the Platinum Chip at the start of Fallout: New Vegas. Ulysses promises the answer as to why he didn’t take the job, but only if you make one last journey into the hurricane-swept canyons of the Divide, a landscape torn apart by earthquakes and violent storms. It’s up to you whether you take the job or not.

Lonesome Road will be available next week for download on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam (Xbox LIVE for 800 Microsoft points, PlayStation Network and Steam for $9.99).

Reader Comments

  1. Haven’t played Honest Hearts or Old World Blues yet (only just finished Dead Money) – will watching this LR trailer or listening to the ulysses holotapes have any spoilers for those two DLC?

    • Only spoilers would be the perks that are gonna help (Espically if those Lizardmen are as tough as Deathclaws which looks like the case) and OWB has 2 holotapes with Christana’s (DM) orginal voice talking to Ulysses also.

  2. wow, great trailer! (good job Salinee!) i mean, it still doesn’t tell us anything new about Ulysses, so we’ve been kinda hearing the same thing for a while now… but soon we will learn everything!

    though, as i’ve stated, i’m a little worried that Lonesome Road will attempt to fill in the Couriers character with details that should have been in the core New Vegas content.

  3. i am excited about this dlc, the other dlcs old about this encounter between “two couriers encounter” for awhile. and i like how it’s Ulysses flag of the “old world” was on almost every door in Old World Blues signifying you are getting close to Ulysses.

    • Lol, i would say normally, what ever flag pays the best, but since i found that money glitch 2 days after the game was released, i just play every mission for every side. but i lean towards the bear… better guns, cooler gear and better rewards. Bulls ok. still havent gone back and played through on the bulls side 100% yet cause i cant find anyone to repair the gear in the beginning for them like the NCR has.

  4. Man that looks fun can’t wait to thats out. Its a shame that its the last story DLC though but I guess I will be on Skyrim all the time after this anyways.

  5. Now I have a reason to play the rest of New Vegas, which will delight my fiance to no end I’m sure. Cant wait to see how this turns out. I’m off to resume my, much delayed, game.

    • I’ve been wondering the same thing. I just wish they’d release everything as one package from when it’s 1st published instead of these piecemeal DLC’s.

      • that’d be so boring, though… i like getting a break from a game, then having an expansion come out to draw me back in. i’d get pretty burnt out playing 4 New Vegas characters back-to-back.

        • I know! if they came out all at once, my woman would leave my bum ass. lol. she tolerates it now cause she loves me and once i beat one dlc, its back to her, then she gets a break from me with the next DLC and so on. Plus its a way that they can keep making money on the consumer. plus if they released it all on a disc at first release, theyd lose money cause people could just borrow and download it from a friend.
          they’ll wait until the hype goes down before they release it all on one disc.

  6. Didnt realise my courier was mike tyson!! He just one punched a ghoul reaver it was amazing!! I did have the saturnite fist super-heated out, Knew it was gd but not that good normally find them alot tougher. Just wanted to share that lol

  7. I thought we played Courier 6 in New Vegas. Doesn’t it go that the first dead beat refused, and saw your name next on the list, and said nope, let courier 6 take it.

  8. yeah i’m that guy that will be sporting my my BoS banner, BoS t-51b, and a gatling laser rifle packing max charged microfusion cells, ehh whatever the bear and screw the bull 😛
    i’m really curious about the circle of steel introduced in old world blues..the brotherhood with a more active role in society, sounds very east coastish, maybe even a bit progressive with technology? but hey i like it xD
    anyways this game has grown to be my favorite game, surpassing even that of my previous favorite game( fallout 3) lol.. i’m so anxious for this last add on, but it’ll be sad knowing that this is the end… :’/ but i can tell already that this add on will truely be legendary…way to go out with a band fallout new vegas! XD

  9. Can’t wait to play this dlc it’s been eating at me sense Dead Money came out. And if it’s anything like the last dlc for fallout 3 was I’m sure it’ll blow our minds (literally) lol as for the flag I fly… I don’t fly one I fly solo and all my weapons are a combat knife my Light in Shining Darkness and a tricked out Hunting rifle (gotta love the original from 3 but still love it no matter lol)

  10. yeah u had that problem too kinda reminds me of the time i was digging for buried treasure in my back yard and found a septic tank lookin for gold but endin up with poo

  11. I fly my own flag and as for weapons well il bring the alien blaster my anti material rifle the holorifle and maria because the bullets that were fired in my head at the very start of the game a couple will be going in his maybe lol i do wanna hear what he has to say. Want to find out it all lol

  12. i hope they bring in a recipe for alien power cells but its probably part of that trait downside shitty so they probably won’t

  13. Great trailer alive with gloom and doom as Deaths dark hand reaches across the wasteland.

    Thank you for the despair inspiring which rejuvenates.

  14. 1 day to go well hopefully please release 2moro in the uk on ps3 but i got a feeling it will be wednesday thats why ive booked wednesday off not 2moro 2 play it. Lonesome road has been a long time coming hope its worth it im sure it will be!!

  15. we have been waiting for an extra three months and i will say this anyone playing this game on the ps3 where you have to reset your game thousands of times just to play thru this abismal game and when it in turn burns your ps3 up like mine should start a class action to get our money back on a broken worthless title that doesnt even have a decent enough development team to put out any information or patches or even have a link on thier site for us to contact them with problems other than forums which are propably moderated by someone in pakistan. I WANT MY MONEY BACK YOU THIEVING IDIOTS . unlike you i dont have unlimited funds to spend on games and want a title that actually works youve sold me and millions of others a piece of crap and if it was any other media say movies or music and it froze and skipped a millions time to watch or listen to it then they would have to make it right but somehow you dont get in any trouble for selling broken software. by the way i hope lonesome road corrupts all save files made before buying it.

  16. wait wait wait what ive been reading and after some thinking in my mind im thinking this add-on will end the game?? cause i was hoping to do some side quests when i get done with this dlc and use some of the weapons i get to destroy the legion. So can someone explain im confused??

  17. Downloaded just every dlc for new vegas, Im just past the crossroad highway in lonesome road at the moment.

    But beforehand there seem to have been a problem with Live 3 weeks back and having already completed dead money, it gave me a whole new mission again, to replay it, barring that it erased all the content that Ive gathered before like my 7 gold bars ( I did want to take all 35 bars though ). So Im going to complete lonesome and going to replay the sierra madre the 2nd time round, hopefully in lv 50.

    Can you make proper zombies (romero style shambling zombies type)like being, sprawled across the mohave, as a new dlc content. That would be so kewl.