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  1. I guess that means it’s gold already! Awesome! I have my copy pre-ordered on Steam. There better be a pre-load, since 20 gigabytes is a huge amount of data for any broadband connection.

    • 20 gigs would be alot if that was the amount required to download, but that is actually closer to the installation size. The download on steam and other sources will be a fraction of that; I expect 8-9GB for the initial download.

  2. I really wish I knew which version will better in regards to consoles. Which performs better,ps3 or 360 version? I have both pre ordered just in case. Lol

  3. I want to get Rage, but my 360’s 20 gb HD lacks space. Any chance that Microsoft will increase their 16gb usb memory unit limit so I can enjoy this awesome looking game?

  4. Does this mean that John and crew have time to work on the Mac port or has id/Bethesda relegated the Mac fans of id to the dust bin?

  5. Why didn’t they release a directors edition on blu ray for pc just like they did a few years back with dvd instead of cdrom?
    i know we download through steam etc. a lot but this isn’t the usual 5-10 gb either.
    Just sayin.

  6. I always get a nice warm and fuzzy feeling when a game I have been looking forward to goes gold. Congrats, id. I hope you guys have an awesome celebration.

  7. Awwe man, you guys need to hurry up and release it earlier!!! I can’t freaking wait until October 4th…I’m seriously considering pulling a Cartman and will try to freeze myself for two weeks hahaha

  8. Already pre ordered my copy of RAGE for the 360 ages ago. I’m in the UK so I have to wait THEEE more days then the US -_-. Can’t wait for this game.

  9. I just beat Rage. It’s the best game since Bioshock, but it suffers from a WEAK ending. What were they THINKING? Still no reason to not buy and play this game. It is unlike any other experience available in the world.