Lonesome Road Holotape #3

With less than a day until the release of Lonesome Road, we’re sharing one final holotape. After this, you’re on your own to find the rest.

Once more, here’s project director Chris Avellone… 

The past can be difficult to escape from. If you’ve played Honest Hearts, not only will you have heard hints of Ulysses’ presence, you will have seen the results of what he’s done in the past that helped shape the White Legs, from their armaments to their rituals. The knowledge your Courier can find in the Divide can help put the tragedies of the past in a larger perspective.

History follows strange roads, and it can follow you no matter how far you walk. This is the third of several holotapes your Courier can discover in Lonesome Road, and helps shed more light on New Canaan, the White Legs, and Graham.

The rest of the holotapes? They are for your Courier to find in the Divide. Perhaps the history within them holds the key to the future.


Reader Comments

  1. I think the courier that Graham in HH was on about hunting ceasar enemies is actually your courier not ulysses. In this holotape it does say that ulysses was fighting for ceasar ulysses doesnt seem like a assassin based on what ive heard i think you are the assassin and you did something too piss ulysses off. All questions will be answered very soon cant wait now!! Also i would like some more info on The Gun Runners Arsenal package that gets released next if possible??

  2. History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.

    Really loved the lore Chris, and the whole idea of making the new world in the image of the old.

    I hope you and the crew at Obsidian can work on another Fallout someday.

  3. wow, a Lonesome Road Holotape that actually tells us stuff instead of just having that ol’ sourpuss Ulysses whining away…

    honestly, i’ve already been getting tired of Ulysses before Lonesome Road has even come out. he sounds as self-righteous and bitchy as the more douchey members of the BoS or Enclave. i can’t wait to kill him.

  4. And the plot thickens. Why do I have a feeling that we will won’t be meeting Ulysses face to face. Wouldn’t be surprised if karma kills him off before we arrive. Unless that’s our job of course.

  5. Like Mitchell said, I too purchased points for this release like 3 weeks ago. I ended up by buying Bioshock from Games On Demand though. Now I need to hit the local London Drugs for more…
    On another note, I thought Honest Hearts was far to easy, And presented no challenges at all…Then I realized I had the difficulty settings at Very Easy. What a bloody shame. I set it on easy because after Dead Money I went to sell some gold and pick up supplies and didn’t want to even have to lift a finger if Legionaires started up with their crap.
    Soooo I prolly wouldv’e loved honest hearts as I enjoy EVERYTHING in the fallout world. Damn shame I deleted all my saves after I got done, So now if I want to replay it, I’ll need to create a 25+ level character again, Or play it on hardcore.
    Anyway, Better go get those points, This DLC is going to be sweet!