Oblivion 5th Anniversary arrives in Europe this week

By coincidence, the same week my travels bring me across the pond, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition lands in Europe. Releasing on 23 September (and one day earlier in Australia), the game will be available on PS3 and 360 for £19.99/€29.99 and on PC for £14.99/€19.99.

Like the North American release, the 5th Anniversary Edition includes:

  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion: With the empire ready to crumble, the gates of Oblivion open and demons march upon the land. You must find the lost heir to the throne and unravel the sinister plot that threatens to destroy all of Tamriel.
  • Knights of the Nine: A fallen King has been unchained from the darkness of Oblivion to seek vengeance upon the Gods who banished him. Only a champion pure of heart can vanquish the evil that has been released.
  • Shivering Isles: Enter the torn realm of Sheogorath – a world where Mania and Dementia reign. Do you have the strength to survive his trials, to tame a realm fraught with paranoia and despair, and wear the mantle of a God?
  • Oblivion Game Map: A full-colour map of Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles
  • A bonus disc: Featuring a behind-the-scenes documentary on the making of Oblivion

 Update: I’ve seen folks asking if the game comes in a steelbook case. It does not — it uses a standard case.

Reader Comments

  1. Eek, this isn’t going to have the horrible yellow/silver motif of Platinum titles for PS3 is it? (Referring to the fact it’s an Xbox 360 “Classics” title)

  2. Ah, but does it come with a “genuine” imperial Septim coin and guide to the empire? I think not. But it also seems to be $100 cheaper than the collectors edition (5 years ago). Throw in a suit of armour for my horse and you might just have a deal. 🙂

    Can’t wait until 11/11/11.

  3. Got GotY which is plenty… for now, but its good to know people still love the game after 5 years.

    11/11/11 with a pre-ordered copy… now thats an ideal day 😀

  4. Not even horse armour!! I love Oblivion they could have given us more dlc but obviously they don’t want to make to much money then!! If they put all the dlc on they could have made a ton of money oh well!!

  5. Please tell me where in the UK the PC version will be selling for £14.99 – GAME currently have it on pre-order for £17.99, Amazon and The Hut don’t stock it at all… 🙁

  6. Where can i buy the PC version in the UK? Always wanted a copy of Oblivion for PC, but most were around £30. Too much when i already own it on PS3

  7. KarlG – you should still be able to pick up the original GOTY version for £15-20 in some shops. If not, you could get it from Steam for £15, or £20 for the deluxe version with ALL DLCs, not just Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine.

    Oblivion on Steam

  8. Question. Will this include the other DLCs like Fighters Stronghold, Wizards Tower, and the always classic Horse Armour and Spell Tomes?

  9. I’d love to play some of these older tiles, but the graphics just aren’t up to par. I’ve read where many old games with a few programming tweaks can look amazingly fresh. Has Bethesda looked into his?

  10. Dore, Horse armous is inclueded since all DLC was bundled with Knights of the Nine.

    The thing I don’t get is “A full-colour map of Cyrodiil and the Shivering Isles” – Does that mean it’s a new kind of map? The ones that shipped with Oblivion and Shivering Isles years ago were just completely brown! Or am I getting something terribly wrong here ?

  11. No DLC’s for the playstation version makes it a Non event , however i bought an Xbox 360 console just so i could be access these most sought after features.
    This 5 year edition couldve rectified that and sold more copies which make this opportunity for Beth very underwealming !

  12. Hopefully the European PS3 owners have done some research and won’t waste their money on this shameless cash grab.

    Get a used GOTY version and save yourself some money if you want this game. It’s the same game, same bugs, glitches, and same DLC as the “awesome” 5th anniversary edition.

    BTW, yet another BBB complaint has been registered against Bethesda.

  13. Got mine today after giving away my OBLIVION Game Of The Year Edition to my friend who just got his first laptop and introduction to pc gaming this past weekend.

    Nice metal box and love the pictures on the side panel of it aswell as the higher quality grade paper map.

    Still have my original 2006 OBLIVION cd with the Teen rating on it ha ha.

  14. @pascal yes, i got it in America the week it came out and it comes with the steel book, and honestly, it’s the best-looking steelbook i’ve ever seen!

  15. Is there a skyrim incentive to buy this? I thought there was in the usa, like you would get money off your copy of skyrim pre-order or something. I don’t have a copy of oblivion so am considering getting this…

  16. me and my cuz got the game today looking forward to replaying it all again and getting sum trophies for it reading everywhere it was guna get it even in the booklet saying it had em, stuck the disc in no ding 🙁

  17. This is amazing value. Being my favorite game of all time I have Oblivion including the Collector’s Editionfor both X360 and PC but I will buy this version for my PS3. I thought it was released the 30th though. Gotta go check my store immediately!

  18. Does this version come with the wizards tower n all,those extras on the ps3 bc the first oblivion everyone with the ps3 missed out on all the extras so this time around does everyone with a ps3 miss out again.

    • No, it doesn’t come with anything extra. It is the same exact game as the GOTY edition.
      In fact, it comes loaded with all of the bugs, glitches, and crashes intact.
      Bethesda released a known, documented, defective product.
      Contact the FTC, BBB, and anyone else that you can think of to complain.