Preview: The official RAGE strategy guide and achievements

The official RAGE strategy guide is on its way from Prima Games, and today we’ve got a preview of what you’ll find inside.

In addition to step-by-step walkthroughs of all the main campaign and multiplayer missions, the official guide sports a full rundown of every sidequest, mini-game, race and secret challenge in the game. Here’s how detailed this thing is: they took the time to create maps specifically to point out all of the vehicle jump challenges.

You’re also getting a slew of strategies for every weapon, vehicle, item and enemy in the game, as well as a comprehensive guide to the RAGE Frenzy card game you’ll play in the wasteland. It’s 240 pages of meticulously researched content, and for a game as big as RAGE, you’re going to want every word of it.

In conjunction with the print guide, Prima is also releasing a digital version. In addition to all of the walkthroughs and detailed info, the online version has interactive maps of the Wasteland, Eastern Wasteland and interior areas, allowing you to toggle collectables and points of interest on/off, zoom in and out and view embedded video strategies. Pick-ups, settlements, vehicle jumps and collector cards are detailed with expandable screens, descriptions and streaming video.

Pick up the print guide at Amazon, or grab the digital version on Steam. For an example of the guide, check out the full achievements list below.

Reader Comments

      • Car, you are an insensitive redneck who probably doesnt know how to talk in any other language than english or what your daddy taught you (if anything).

        Zephol, the main distro of the game is in english. More information can be found here. I apologize in advanced for this guys attitude to you.

  1. I just preordered the Skyrim guide in hardcover. Almost 600 pages!I will not be getting this guide or preordering the game because i’m going out at midnight on the 4th and picking up RAGE at a local store.

  2. Wow. As if this weren’t enough like borderlands. Job boards and sentry turrets now? I see the minigame pool was pulled right from Red Dead. I was hoping an id open world game would still be an id game. I’ll stick with Doom 64 and Doom 3.

    • Just because there’s some same stuff doesn’t mean it’s not original. Basically every idea has already been taken at least once by now. Don’t forget Bethesda had to work in some of their stuff, too.