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      • In fact i CAN, but by stupid Windows as second Os
        I wanna play and work in one OS – Mac os, not in different ones. And Mac os cheaper and can be installed on any quantities of macs in comparison to expensive Win 7 which can be installed only on the one machine with one activation.

    • This is really strange because Bethesda have some development for Linux and Mac platforms – the Wine emulator PlayonMac (the version of PlayonLinux) which i checked earlier – for playing Fallout it’s got a repository from the Bethesda itself…
      Why so shy to make support for a new platforms official?

      • Also Epic Games’ Unreal Development Kit first beta was released yesterday for Mac OS X natively. It is the engine that powers Gears of War, Mass Effect, Mortal Kombat, and dozens of other titles.
        Bethesda is in the tail, as always.

      • Bethesda! Make a first-person RPG game of Gladiators with full copy of Ancient Rome and Roman Empire, slavery, barbarians and etc. – it will be better than harry-pottery-scandinavian Skyrim.

  1. @al should of bought a far more powerful PC gaming rig for a fraction of the price and hackintoshed it ( easier now than ever with the I range of Intel cores) saved yourself a fortune and been able to play every steam game on windows 🙂 best of both worlds

  2. How much money must i pay for thsi game? %0 Euros the game itself, 10 euros honest hearts, 10 euros dead money, 10 euros old worl blue. And now this one? I´m not going to pay for any more dlc. Do they know we are in crysis?

  3. what time will this be released for playstation? 😮 i skipped british literature so i could come home and play it and it’s not out yet >:P

    • For real! They should have told us if this was going to be the case. That way us PS3 users would not have wasted all day looking for it. Way to drop the ball in the last hour Bethesda. Thanks for making me feel like a turd because I have a PS3. Didn’t Sony do that to me enough already?

      • Wasted all day looking for it? SONY controls when the PSN updates go out, not Bethesda. And again, “wasted all day looking for it”? Sounds like someone is in dire need of a job.

  4. The time is now 18:24 on the 20/09/11 and im still waiting for lonesome road to be released on the ps3. What kind of bramin crap operation are you running? Have you made a deal with microsoft so you release xbox dlc first and make ps3 owners wait?

  5. very interesting post from Chris Avellone. a lot of fan speculation about the Courier (myself included) has been wrong. but, then again, we shouldn’t have had to speculate…

  6. @cuebas
    Playstation store wont update every day(here its thursday) so it will either come in the next few days or next week (i dont know the updating day of your country)

  7. The fact that this is not ready for PS3 yet is bullshit. I’ve been waiting for this instead of trading my game in for NHL 12. Not anymore. Heading to Gamestop as soon as I post this!

  8. Its cool, but how can i buy it in Russia, since you removed all bethesda titles from steam?
    Will New Vegas Ever appear on russian steam again?
    Or should i use pirated version? (it’ll be a shame, as i bought game and all previous dlc)

  9. So what is it about PSN that causes the delay? I woke up today ready to play, ready to discover just what the heck is up with Ulysses only to find that everyone but PS3 owners has access to the DLC. I can’t imagine you guys are actually staggering the releases so I must conclude that it has to be something with Xbox over Steam and PSN that allows them to get the content out sooner.

  10. great… another addon. now it will look like i didnt beat the game as always if i dont buy it. (i always totally beat my games) x(

  11. Will you guys ever patch how horribly DLC interacts with the PS3 version of the game? Virtually all of your DLCs are laggy messes where you constantly have to save and reload the game just to walk five feet. I see it’s no different with Lonesome Road.

    Man, I really hope Skurim isn’t plagued by this ridiculousness.

      • Oh no, friend, definitely not just you. I had the same problem with Old World Blues, as well. It actually harkens back to the EXACT SAME ISSUE I had with Fallout 3’s add-ons, specifically Anchorage and BOS. It’s really unacceptable to release this, but what’s even MORE unacceptable is that none of the people at Bethesda see fit to even address the issue. We’re paying good money for this stuff, it should function properly.

  12. Wow, what a gong show. Can’t even make it past the Marked Men hideout due to the EXTREME LAG. Seriously, test much, guys? I give up. Call me when you start offering refunds.

  13. No one said it wasn’t. Just saying that there should be some sort of thorough QA before releasing it on other platforms in this condition.

  14. Beautiful background, but the FNV logo seems really slapped on there and kind of ruins it. Any chance you can post without that logo, or take the time to treat and place the logo in a way that works with the image?

  15. Is it just me, or does the +5 level cap NOT EXIST in the PS3 version? I have all the DLCs, started playing Lonesome Road at level 50 and I’m not gaining any experience – it says “XP MAX”. WTF?

  16. So I just downloaded Lonesome Road for the PS3 and installed it. Boot up my game and find myself standing naked except for my Sheriff hat and Authority glasses.

    My Desert Armor is missing. Odd… I go to my player home (the abandoned Brotherhood bunker) and find that someone has stolen my bed, my work bench and some crates filled with hours upon hours of loot.

    I go back to the main menu to check ‘Downloadable content’ only to discover that BAM! Obsidian strikes again! All my old DLC’s are gone!

    WTF! Can Obsidian do anything without screwing up something else?!?

    So now I’m going to RE-Download the previous DLC and hope that fixes it. I have a 60GB monthly limit on downloads (which after that I pay extra for every GB downloaded) and now I have to waste it on account of sloppy code work.

    How about you give the Gun Runner’s Arsenal for free as a ‘Sorry for all the bugs you paid $100 for thinking it was a working game’ apology?

    • I’m still waiting in the uk and obsidian are the worst game makers i’ve ever played Alpha Protocol was so glitchy i traded it in and so is New Vegas so i agree gun runners should be free for the loyality to New Vegas and as a sorry for messing us about Bethseda next time get ID to make the expansions not these guys