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  1. Just rang up playstation there network is now down its PS who haven’t updated the store its there fault its not out there crap i don’t know y they don’t automatically update on a Tuesday at like 2am its only a click of a button to set that up.. SORT IT!!

  2. Just a couple of things. Why does the DLC trailer says it’s unavailable in my region (Hungary)? Why is the DLC itself uploaded to Steam as a video, making it impossible to buy? Why does it seem like Obsidian/Bethesda, or whoever is responsible for uploading these stuff to Steam doesn’t give a shit? Will it ever be available on Steam? Do something about it, if you would.

    • Not in your region only. This is kind of a rule – in the whole F:NV page is reported to be not available for your region (Russia in my case), then you can be sure that the new DLC is out. Repeated with HH, OWB… now TLR. Week or tho later the page will be available again, with the DLC in place, as if nothing had happened.

      Seems that Steam is doing their best to redirect the possible customers to pirate-style resources. Insert smile here.

  3. This expansion looks pretty awesome when it hard freezes. I get a really good look at all the textures as I wait to see if I have to restart my ps3 again. Really like the weapons too; the Red Glare looks amazing in slow motion as it brings the game to a crawl as I unholster it. Par for the course, as Fallout 3 and New Vegas both crash/lag so often that I’m thinking of training my cat to hit the power button on command.

  4. Hey theres some new guns on the fallout wiki on the gun runners page but i havent seen a new update on here dont belive it untill its on here 😉

  5. @Arcade-my fallout new vegas froze everytime i used vats, but my fallout 3 never had a single problem, so no hatin on fallout 3. It is of course, perfectly fine to hate on fallout new vegas, BUT NOT ON FALLOUT 3 DAMMIT!

  6. It’s not available on Steam in my region… (I live in Hungary)
    T_T as well as Gunrunners’ Arsenal and Courier’s stash