A new look at the Skyrim Collector’s Edition

This week we received a final version of The Art of Skyrim Official Art Book – the massive, 200+ page companion to the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. To celebrate the affair, marketing artist Lindsay Westcott took a new photo of all the CE contents — including a first peek at the pages of the artbook.

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing more from the artbook… keep your eyes peeled!

Reader Comments

  1. More than twice the price of the game is way too steep for my college budget. But as a long time fan, I guarantee i will be hitting up ebay looking for this stuff.

  2. Unfortunately the day pre-orders were announced in Australia all the CE editions were sold out. I have found from discussions with games store staff that they got a heads up and were buying them all up for themselves, friends, and in the worst cases for later ebay sales. One store, that I wont name, had a manager inform me that they were sorry they couldn’t sell me one but how awesome it was that they were able to get 5… yeah felt awesome I can tell you. Apparently how these and other staff get around the company policy of no internal sales to staff is to get the inside info of these launches, and then be ready to use the major competitors site when the pre-order launch opens.

    Sucks living in Australia when it comes to game launches, same thing happened years ago when I tried to get the Guild Wars 1 CE, very limited in Aus and sold out by games store staff before I could get my hands on one, though showed up days later on ebay for hundreds of dollars.

    Does leave a bitter taste in the mouth after having played every Elder Scroll game since Arena, being game-blocked by a kid in a store that wasn’t old enough to play those games when they were launched. I’m not even that old and I sound like a grumpy old man, must be happening earlier with every generation now 😛

    • Two things you should name the manager and store(thats just not cool if they end up on ebay) and buy it from amazon it cost me $30 less then the eb price(cant belive they sold out in two days i was so pissed) and thats with express postage.

    • That really pissed me off… I’ve played TES from Morrowind, and I am a really big fan.
      In the store I pre-ordered it, a guy there got fired for trying to trick four coutomers into beliving they got the CE for Skyrim, and gave them a deluxe order that he ahd made himself, and then giving himself four pre-ordered CE.
      He got caugth a couple of weeks ago when I went down to check if my order was alright (just liek to check up on things, that expensive).
      When the manager looked at my order, she noticed that my order was wrong, even though I ordered as soon as the CE was ready.
      I really feel bad for you man… People in stores should be trusted and they should be honest…
      But there are allways “someone” who need to be an asshole!
      I honestly feel bad for you! Hope there is still achance for you to get a CE verson.

      – Mike

    • Might consider contacting their ddistrict manager, I work for a game retailer here in the US, and its a fireable offence to pre-order games for the purpose of ebaying it, or even to sell it for profit afterwards.

    • My local store only got 2, across all three platforms (!). I was lucky to order it online from EB just before they sold out, though.
      You should try GAME’s website! Last I checked, they still had some (Yes, they got some, apparently, it wasn’t just EB).
      It’s getting pretty fierce these days, the scramble for CEs — especially with ones like this.

    • There is a chance that was me! I remember i got my hands on a pc one in EB then some guy behind me asked for the pc version and they said it was sold out. Which it was not really but you should have pre ordered the normal edition and paid off over 50 dollars back in march or the whole price. That is what i did and i got first grabs up for the CE. I enjoy arena and daggerfall they are sooo fun but pretty hard if i remember correctly it is huge!

    • You realize the CE automatically went to whoever paid off their pre-orders first right? I paid off my pre-order of Skyrim in April so EB Games automatically upgraded me to a CE even though I didn’t ask for it. It was just in case I wanted it.

  3. I, too, cannot justify spending $150 on this. This day and age, even the lower priced “game only” version would not be doable without having all this time to save up. I expect that digital copies of the artbook and the Making Of DVD will be released online.

  4. So let me get this straight.

    You charge $150 for a CE, which includes the Artbook.

    I pay this extremely high amount for this LIMITED collector’s edition.

    You then show off pages of this LIMITED art book with people for FREE? People who decided not to waste thier money?

    Wow thanks for nothing Bethesda.

    • It ain’t bethesda that released these images… At least I don’t think so.
      It’s a “gamer’s site”
      And – you – get to – own – a coffie-table sized book.
      I am a real fan of these games, so I don’t care 🙂

      Hope you can get over it 🙂

    • It’s not only an artbook, you get an amazing statue as well.
      But, this is more for people who can appreciate the countless hours of fun to be had in this game that very few other games could offer. The game itself is worth $150, for both quality and quantity.

    • Oh no…2/100 pages of my super duper exclusive art book has been revealed. Do us a favour and cancel your CE order. Stingy girls like you don’t deserve to own one. I fully paid off my CE pre-order and am damn excited to get a better sneak peak on what I’ll own.

      If nothing else, it’ll make those who want the art book even more envious.

  5. I dont care what anyone else thinks! I love everything about this edition! Im really looking forward to the DVD that comes with! The statue is awesome and will surly be perched on top my TV. The Art book even looks interesting!

  6. I have loved everything Bethesda has done with the Elder Scrolls universe. Skyrim to me is not only worth the $150 price tag, but I am getting the cover dragon tattooed before launch. I still religiously play Oblivion, and Skyrim is the only replacement I see fitting of the spot. For some people, games like Skyrim and Oblivion are our escape into a world where we can be and do anything we want, and I would have gladly paid more than the current $150 if it meant Bethesda did more games from the Elder Scrolls universe.

    • Amen. Oblivion is the best game in history (Morrowind a close second). Elder Scrolls is my life.

      I hope they’ll ship enough copies to my country so I can get the CE.

    • true that. i still would gladly play arena over any other modern day games( excluding other elder scrolls games and fallout 3) Skyrim is going to be a problem for me….i dont want to get fat.

  7. LOL… They force people to pay for a stupid statue, instead of giving buyers options. Like, just the book, just the statue, just the effin game…

    Then corporate a**holes wonder why piracy exists??? ROFL>
    Keep your statue, keep your book.. I’ll get the book later on Ebay and the game.. well.. let’s say I’ll ‘borrow’ it.

    Argh! Matey

  8. This collectors edition is no where near worth $150 Bethesda this might be your worse idea ever next to Rogue Warrior.Alot of fans are upset over this please change price. God forbid there is like a million games coming out in november.

  9. I honestly cant wait for this bad boy to be in my arms, i love this edition especially the art book, damn it looks so nice i cant wait to be in the restrooms for hours just glazing at its artistic beauty, Skyrim you better be ready for me cause I’m gonna be all over you when you come out………. now some people do have points when it comes to the fact that its 150, in my opinion this would have been 100 percent worth the money if they added some dlc armor and weapon that made people know that you got the collectors edition, some kind of unique dlc that wont be realesed ever for anyone else just like assassins creed did, but i cant complain i really do love this edition and i have it paid off with the collectors strategy guide as well….. I CANT WAIT!!!!!

  10. I already pre-ordered the thing but you should really consider putting the soundtrack in there. Seriously, EVERYONE’s asking for it!

  11. I got mine pre-ordered. I think this is gonna be not just a game, but a beautiful experience for me as a fan of the series and fan of fantasy folklore . To have the opportunity (once again) of “be who you want to be, do whatever you want to do” and having the rough land of Skyrim as stage is just priceless. To have the opportunity to emulate the adventures of the great Conan, to recreate the atrocities of the evil Deathdealer, to be a true barbarian on a barbarian land. For me it has been a long wait since the gates of Oblivion have closed, 6 years and finaly only 2 more months to continue the adventure. I´m from Mexico, to get the Collector´s Edition cost me not $150 but $200, does it worth it?, for me you bet it does.
    I´m a PC gamer and i´m member of the nexus (if you´re a fan of the TES you know what it is) and i know that the PC version is gonna be glorious, better graphics, limitless modding possibilies, and the modding comunity supporting it.

    Can´t wait to make my Deathdealer´s helmet as soon as the modding tools are up 😀

    Thanks Bethesda for these great series.

  12. I really want the collectors edition, however the price is steep for my budget, i plan on buying Rage, batman, battlefeild and modern warfare, besides The overall wanted Skyrim. 150.00 will break me.. I wish it was atleast 120 or even 130.00 but 150.00 come on Beth, we’re not millionairs like you guys, atleast the majority of us are not…

    maybe I can buy the regular edition on release day and my chic can buy me the collectors edition for christmas…please lower price I beg of you!!!!

  13. Got one question. Anyone knows where to preorder it in Europe? In Czech Republic I saw only XBOX version. So next option Amazon.co.uk. I could not find any. Links provided in anouncement of the CE lead only to US retailers…

    • Try amazon.de, or even better: Give me your money. I can’t wrap my mind around the fact people actually spend 100 USD (or a 100 EUR even) for a plastic dragon and an art book. And if these sell out, we should expect 200 USD next time, I guess.

      • Oh yeah almost forgot amazon.de. There it is. Wait a sec.. 150 (T)EURO??? Are they insane? 150 Bucks I can understand, but (T)Euro? It’s cheaper to order it from overseas!
        In my currency it is 2700Kc vs 3900Kc! For me the first price is reasonable, but second is just crazy.

        Why there is only xbox one available in Czech… argh…

        • Oh well I found it, but it is again by Cenega and with czech subtitles. If it is like Fallout 3 I won’t be able to turn that off. It was not done by a mod, but directly modified. And on top of theat you get “pretty” StarForce.
          If I order it from UK or wherever I can not be sure if the future distributions of DLCs (if via Steam) will work for me (Case with Fallout New Vegas I bought in UK and used on Czech steam account).
          Doh this is such a paiiin ..

  14. I dont understand how you americans can complain about 150 dollars, thats a piss in the ocean compared to the 150 euro we have to pay over here.

    Im still getting this though

  15. Soundtrack!!!!! Why can’t we even have the soundtrack? Is it really that hard to compile the mp3s on a CD?

    I already paid for this CE but its contents just make me less excited every time I hear about it.

    • Compile mp3s on a CD? Are you serious?
      They have to use original recording and master it on CD. That’s nothing as simple like burning your mp3s in Nero or whatever.
      But yeah, other companies do that in CE’s with way crappier music so why not here? Especially with that such an excelent soundtrack!

  16. I can get the game with all the CE digital content for $3 USD in Colombia, the Piracy is big business here and other parts of the world due thanks to Corporate morons over charging like this, I would pay $75usd tops for CE but not $150usd.

  17. People are complaining about the price, and I find that understandable. But look at it from another perspective. A collector’s edition is a limited item. If they priced this for like 80 bucks people all over the world would buy it and then :
    1 it wouldn’t be special anymore
    2 you get the problem that they sell out the first 50 seconds after its announcement like in Australia.

    It’s definitely expensive, and if you don’t want to pay that much for it, then don’t . If on the other hand you are a true fan and consider this an investment or just a treat you want to give yourself, do it and please stop complaining.

    That’s just my take on things. Goodbye and I can’t wait for 111111 !!!!11!!!oneone!11!

  18. All I want from this CE is to know whether we get that map (because the pictures show it but the text never mentions it) and can we PLEASE have a soundtrack CD? The music is by far the best thing about The Elder Scrolls series in the same way it was for the Star Wars saga and the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

  19. Huge bethesda fan and I am soooo pumped for Skyrim. Can’t wait to get my hands on that CE and since I wanted to support them and I think this is probably the best CE out there I bought it. Awesome game from an awesome company that has soooo much replay value. HURRRRRY UUPP 11.11.11 !!!!!!!

    • It’s probably a dummy disk. just to show what it will look like.

      People complain that paying $150 is too much for a CE game, but they will gladly pay $150 to $200 for some designer piece of clothing or shoes when the non-designer counter-part is just as if not more durable and will last longer. Think of this as a ‘Designer’ game. 😛

  20. Everybody seems to think that this price is unreasonable. I’ll admit $150 is a large chunk of change to cough up. However, the game on it’s own will no doubt release at $69.99. The statue is worth at least $20. The book is probably somewhere around $30. It comes with a bonus DVD we can probably put at $5 and then the map which comes with pre-orders. All together, that adds up to around $125. This is $25 less than the cost of the CE but it’s called the COLLECTOR’S edition for a reason. It’s for serious fans of this series. Not for kids who’ve never touched an Elder Scrolls game but think Skyrim looks cool. If you’re a die-hard fan and love The Elder Scrolls, you’re going to throw the $150 at the cashier with a smile on your face. And then you’re going to go home and gleefully (yet delicately) rip open YOUR brand new Collector’s Edition of The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim!

  21. People keep saying all of this stuff will be on ebay for cheap but let me make a point. The people buying these things first off aren’t going to want to part with it, like me. Secondly, the people that end up DO wanting to part with it aren’t going to sell it for cheap. Those wanting to get the art book or dragon or DVD for cheaper probably won’t have much luck. If I EVER sell these things I’m gonna soup it for all that I can get. It’s not like people are going to spend this much on this stuff then go sell it for cheaper on Ebay. Wtf are you people thinking?

    • Not everyone has an emotional attachment to games like this and people have bought multiple copies simply with the intention of selling them for a few bucks more than retail.
      Though the whole package likely won’t be cheaper on Ebay buying each piece separately for those who already have the standard edition will get a deal.

      • Well yes if you just want one piece of it then yes you MIGHT get a decent deal on it. But I don’t think people buying this will spend all the money on it and then, say, go sell the dragon on ebay for 10-25 dollars. Anyone who thinks that is insane. I can already see people charging around 50 for it alone. Much less how much people are gonna try selling that art book for.

  22. plz bethesda dont share too much pictures and things from the book because i have bought the limited edition and if u show too much then it will be like u didnt need to buy. but you can show like 2 or 3 pictures byt not more.

  23. uhm i am curious as if there will be a collector controller like fable 3 halo reach and gears 3 did cuz i got fable 3 halo and i hope i am getting the gears 3 1 and would love to have a skyrim one

  24. I wish I could have gotten it! I preordered the game way before they came out with something EPIC! I wish they could come up with something cooler than holding it all in a box X/

  25. cant wait to get the ce causethat dragon isgonna be in my trophy caseat the top because its the greatest thing ever

    i have been waiting for thisgame for 6 months just 1 and a half to go but its killing me i got nothin to do but play oblivion and try to level upjust countin the days till my boredom ends and to start to finally kill dragons. that is the one thing i have been anticipating for this game and the shouts too. this game is gonna be epic!!!!

    also needs soundtrack

  26. i’ve never played elder scrolls before but i realy think this will be a great game… my friend always talks about how great oblivion was but i never got to play it… and i cant find it anywhere for some reason… that told me right there that the series is great… plus bethesda know how to make great game… fallout 3 was amazing… i spent nights staying up… finding things… very emersing gameplay… i was saddened when i found out bethesda wasnt making fallout new vegas but as a true fan… i got the collectors edition… but since bethesda didnt make the game… it wasnt as thrilling as fallout 3 at times… but it was a decent game… anyways… i think this game has beautifal graphics… beautifal gameplay… a wonderful sized map… and whats this… dragons?… big dragons? HELL YES BRING ON THE GAME… but the ce is way overpriced… drop it about 50 dollars and ill be happy…

  27. Another shot. Bethesda, it looks wonderful; it’s the best-quality CE I’ve seen and is so worth the $200 I’m paying for it. Hell, it’s worth more than that.
    I see people saying the price isn’t justified, but it very much is;
    – the statue could easily fetch $80-$90 on its own, especially considering the Play Arts KAI figures Square-Enix is flogging for $70 apiece. I’m getting a Sideshow statue in February that’s simiarly-sized which is setting me back $250, so the price could even be higher than that.
    – the artbook is worth $30-$50 on its own. I’ve seen artbooks for movies with high prices, District 9’s being the example with a $45 price tag and about two-thirds the amount of pages this one has.
    – Then of course there’s the game, which will set someone back $80-$120 depending on where they shopped. Not to mention the DVD full of extras, adding $10-$15 to that.
    – The burlap map is excellent quality, and a good size; I’d expect that to sell solo for $25+.
    Then there’s that massive box and all that packaging on top, and export/import fees and markups…

    It all makes sense to me. I don’t understand all the people in the U.S and Canada who are complaining. Lol. In the U.K, this monster is going for twice, three times the price the N.A continent are paying.

    Anyway, looking so forward to this, Bethesda! The more we learn about the game, the better it sounds; it’s easy to see the passion the team has for the Elder Scrolls in all the effort and love put into it.
    I don’t have a lot of money ($350/month) but I rushed out and put down a deposit on this as soon as I heard. Lucky thing I’m on PS3, as they were all sold out on 360 and PC by the time I got the news.

    • First up, I’m a huge fan of Bethesda and what they do. They make games that draw me in deeper than any book I’ve read or film I’ve seen (and I’m a big sci-fi/fantasy film fan). I got my x-box because of Morrowind and upgraded to a 360 because of Oblivion. I check the Net daily for any new titbits of info regarding Skyrim and even got dressed up in armour to visit GAMEfest earlier this month. So you mite say I’m pretty darn excited for the release of Skyrim!
      Having said that, I must now say that I find the collectors ed to be a little disappointing. Now its not the quality of the items I have issue with, the dragon statue, the art book and the map all look very nice (which is why, along with my love for Bethesda, I’ve still pre-ordered the collectors ed), but its the lack of imagination in its content that urks me (as well as the £130 we have to pay here in UK). Its very generic, like very little time or thought has gone into it and thats not something people associate with the makers of the Elder Scrolls games.
      For example; the game/making of discs could have come in a case shaped like 2 dragon scales hinged on 1 side, a journal/guide to Skyrim written by the last Blade, there could have been a smaller replica of an Elder Scroll which when unrolled gave directions and hints to a dungeon/treasure accessible only by collectors ed owners, a replica soul gem or coin, a collection of small (25mm) miniature figures representing the Dovahkiin in the 10 races, a map like the one we are getting is of course a must, but also something that so many people have asked for… a cd of the music to Skyrim. This could have been presented in a box that looked like a small chest or coffer with the Skyrim symbol on it.
      Now I’m not saying that would be everyones perfect collectors ed, its just an example of what I think could have been done with the collectors ed had a bit more thought and imagination been used.
      To end on a positive thought, regardless which edition people end up getting, I think we’re all in for a real treat come November, as our adventures in Skyrim are going to be nothing short of glorious!