A new look at the Skyrim Collector’s Edition

This week we received a final version of The Art of Skyrim Official Art Book – the massive, 200+ page companion to the Skyrim Collector’s Edition. To celebrate the affair, marketing artist Lindsay Westcott took a new photo of all the CE contents — including a first peek at the pages of the artbook.

In the coming days, we’ll be sharing more from the artbook… keep your eyes peeled!

Reader Comments

  1. Well said. I completely agree.

    I don’t have a lot of money that often either, but I found this very worth it and had to get it. (and I’m from the US, I might add)

    Stop complaining America and Canada xD if you don’t think it’s worth it, then just don’t get it, and especially don’t complain. We don’t want to hear it. Especially the people outside of the US and Canada who are paying more.

    • well im from australia and aparently they didnt allocate enough of the statuettes so its impossible to get a collectors edition with the staue now 🙁

  2. Whats up with this eBay nonsense 1’m hearing about, if you think you can get this CE cheap using eBay your wrong buddy boy i want you to try and find a CE for Oblivion that has all its content including the septim coin and i want you to tell me how much they want for it, believe me it ain’t cheap its 50 or 100 dollars more than its original prize in 2006, so you wont get this cheap. Get it like i did or don’t complain about it.

    • Believe it or not, I got one, brand spanking new (with a sticker of the M re-rating over the T), copy of the CE of oblivion on Newegg.com for 10 dollars about 18 months ago.

  3. Considering I’m building a new $1500 gaming PC in honor of Skyrim (as I’ve done for every Elder Scrolls game), I really shouldn’t complain about $150 for the CE. I do wish it came with more, though. Soundtrack CD or even access to download the MP3’s would be nice.

    • I agree; For $150 it should include a bit more. It truly seems like a lot of money when you can pick up the Dark Souls Collectors edition for $60 (although it doesn’t include a plastic dragon statue). But still…

    • Really agree re: soundtrack CD (or .WAV / .FLAC download) because then the music is high quality audio, however, as for MP3s, since you’re on PC, I’m sure they’ll be easily accessible in the game directories just like Oblivion and the Fallout games!

  4. Is this stuff for when you pre-order it? Or is if you want to buy it? Because I certainly know the maps coming with the pre-ordered edition.

  5. The art book is really the only thing I’m interested in, and of course the game. But I think I’m going to pass on the CE. I’ll just stick to buying the stand alone game. Hopefully they’ll still include a map and decent size manual as usual.

  6. I just ordered this one canceled the normal version. Why i have $100 best buy gift card i have never used, for about 9 months, so i felt like it is work just paying $50. Like i would ever shop at best buy.

  7. Hmmmm, I’ve ALWAYS bought the CE for the Fallout/ES series. May have to pass on this one. I have the money, it’s just I don’t fancy the £130 price tag when I’ll be spending money on Battlefield within around two months Skyrim.

    • Why do i get the feeling that you were that kid who got excited at the cardboard box your awesome toy came with at Christmas.

  8. GameStop has some deals on trade-ins going right now. I brought in about 10 games I haven’t played in 5+ months and my old PS2 and got over $160 in credit.

    They have this deal that you can get an extra 30% credit when traded towards a pre-order. BUT what they don’t advertise is that they have a deal where you can get an extra 50% on credit when trading towards a used game. So I bought a $0.99 ESPN game (told the guy to keep it), and put all my credit towards pre-orders. I also got an additional 10% credit for my GI/powerup card.

    So you folks complaining about it being too expensive – if you have some old games laying around, trade them in! If you’re anything like me, though, you’ll have to convince yourself that you will NEVER PLAY THEM AGAIN. 🙂

  9. I don’t know what all this eBay talk is about either, but I’m still considering this… I don’t think it’s sold out here in the UK yet.

    That art book looks too good to miss, though, and the set could get a lot more expensive later on. 200 pages of glossy colour, though, and hardback with the leathery style… oh, it’s a hard one.

  10. Artbook looks awesome, I love the art being reproduced so large. Worse thing to do with an artbook is have too few pages and then try to cram too much in by making all the art really small.

    Box is looking awesome, first time we have seen it from this angle I believe, glad to see that the gorgeous art marred by the platform branding LOL is only an outer sleeve.

    When do we get to see what the box looks like under the sleeve?!

    Just over a month to go!

  11. I have a primary concern. Does the Collector’s Edition come with the premium (cloth) map? If so, is it a pre-order bonus or is it included in all Collector’s Editions? Help me out, please?

  12. I can’t wait for this game! I am SO going to buy the collectors edition! I am missing some photos of the collectors edition for ps3 but either way! CRAVE THE GAME! <3

  13. Lot’s of recent game out now in the UK. But I’ve already put down £5 deposits for it in Game, Im now thinking I would wait a month and 12 more days for it and just continue down lonesome road in new vegas for now.

  14. I ordered this the day the collector’s edition was announced. Unlike most people, though I’m not in it for the art book (although that looks quite nice and I’m sure I’ll enjoy it. Don’t care about the statue either. What I’m after is the “The Making Of” DVD.

    I know, it sounds crazy, but I loved the Oblivion and Fallout 3 “The Making Of”s, both of which were from Todd Howard’s team (as I’m sure everyone here knows by now). There was just something about the way those guys did their behind the scenes stuff that I really enjoyed watching. No other game’s making of has ever interested me that way. Most others I’ve seen tend to bore me. But the stuff from this team I like.

    And so yes, I laid down $150 for this edition as soon as I heard about it. Not without some complaining (I mean, seriously? $150 is a good chunk of money.), but if that’s the only timely way I’m going to get the full experience I enjoy out of this game, then I am willing to pay it.

  15. You know, i’ve heard a lot of people complain over the statue of the dragon being in the CE, to be honest i love dragons. If you look in my room i have three large posters of different dragons lining my walls. on a shelf guarding a small chest with some valuables in it; i have a statue of a dragon sitting to the side. on the other side of that chest is where my Alduin statue will go.

  16. I think they should have atleast added a special sword or the soundtrack for $150….heck scratch the sword id be good with just the soundtrack…and perhaps make the case for the game disc itself a leather bound case with the skyrim logo embedded on it…that would be sick!!!!

  17. First year of dlc free would have made this edition a no brainer. As of now, $90 is way too steep for what’s included.

  18. Hahaha….wow people are really getting restless waiting on this game now. this forum is like a desert island full of smokers with only nicotine gum to soothe them.

  19. Is it wrong to say I want to make sweet sweet love to this collectors eddition, ok then I want to deflower this hot little mess of a girl lick every page of the art book finger every crevase of the dragon statue and …. I seriously dou t I can make “it” fit in the disk hole 😉

  20. All I have to say about this specific Collectors Edition is if you don’t want it don’t buy it. It’s a free market people, at least in the US, if you don’t want something as a consumer don’t buy from the producers.

    This CE is NOT the best you could buy, grant it, but if you like 200 pages of concept art and a 12″ Dragon statue, this is the CE for you. However, if you’re like, quote “RPGs lik skyrim suk *** go buy Gears of War 3,” unquote, then don’t buy it. No one blames you, ( ^ I blame him though) it is $150 after all.