Two tickets to the gun show

Maybe you’ve just started Lonesome Road, but with Gun Runners’ Arsenal releasing next week, it’s time to start sharing details on the many weapons, weapon mods, and ammo types that will be available on Xbox LIVE, PSN, and Steam.

To assist, we enlisted New Vegas’ project director (and office gun guru) Josh Sawyer to share details on the new ways you’ll be able to create mayhem in the Mojave. Read part 1 after the break…

Mad Bomber (Perk) – Specialized training is now available for wastelanders with a talent for Repair and a love of Explosives. Learn how to get the most of your Powder Charges, Bottlecap Mines, and Time Bombs! Love Mini-Nukes but hate carrying around a Fat Man? Slap on a Sensor Module and make a Fat Mine! Want to find another use for those heavy Microfusion Cells? With a bit of Scrap Electronics and some know-how, you’ll be hurling MFC Grenades and MFC Clusters in no time! Crafting humble Tin Grenades and even devastating Nuka-Grenades are a snap with this handy perk.

Tin Grenade, Fat Mine – Two ends of the Mad Bomber spectrum, similar purposes: blowing things up.  A Tin Grenade is one of the simplest recipes we’ve seen. Take some ordinary Pistol Powder, a Tin Can, and some Duct Tape. Wrap them up (you put the Pistol Powder into the can, we’re told) and you’ve got a cheap, low-power grenade. How does it detonate? Don’t ask us. If you like the explosions generated by Mini-Nukes (who doesn’t? we don’t want to know them) but don’t like carrying around a Fat Man, you can use some Scrap Metal, Scrap Electronics, and Sensor Module to turn that Mini-Nuke into a Fat Mine. Same explosion, different detonation technique. Warning: be careful about planting these on folks — for reasons we hope are obvious.

Nuka-Grenade – This East Coast special has finally reached the shores of Lake Mead via some impressive and inventive Mad Bombers. Just take some Nuka-Cola Quartz, a Tin Can, some Abraxo, and a bit of Turpentine, and you’ve got a grenade that puts “ordinary” plasma to shame. We’re starting to wonder how people kept this stuff in their homes without leveling entire city blocks, but that’s science for you.

Optimized Small Energy Cell, Micro Fusion Cell, Electron Charge Pack, and Flamer Fuel – Though we specialize in guns, we’re more than aware of the common complaints about energy weapons: “My Laser Pistol doesn’t pack enough of a punch!” “The ammo’s too heavy!” “Max Charge ammo eats through my Tesla Cannon like a Glowing Ghoul at a Radroach buffet.” The Gun Runners don’t have the cure, but if you’ve got the talent, scientist, heal thyself. Optimized Energy Weapon ammo: 30% more damage, superior armor penetration, and they even weigh less. The only drawback is a slight increase in weapon degradation. Requires Vigilant Recycler.

GRA Laser Pistol, Plasma Pistol – Never let it be said that the Gun Runners are snobs. We’ve worked on some distribution deals for customizable low-end Energy Weapons. Don’t let the “low-end” designation fool you. With new mods, these weapons can be potent against a surprisingly wide range of foes. The Laser Pistol’s Combat Sights make the weapon much more user friendly. The Focus Optics customization boosts damage. On the other end of the (visible) spectrum (heh), the Plasma Pistol’s High-Energy Ionizer elevates its already impressive damage into the steel-melting range. A Magnetic Accelerator addresses the traditionally slow projectile speed. Recycler mods, to lower operating costs, are available for both weapons.

Cleansing Flame, MF Hyperbreeder Alpha – Two more one-of-a-kind (until we hear otherwise) Energy Weapons for clients who are interested in those things. Cleansing Flame is a high capacity Flamer with superior base damage, longer range, and a burn effect that improves with the user’s skill. An Energy Weapons expert is absolutely devastating with this monster! The MF Hyperbreeder Alpha is a unique Recharger Pistol that’s been hotwired for automatic fire. A previous owner heavily modified the internal breeder reactor for a rapid recharge rate, making this quite handy for anyone who doesn’t like to carry around a lot of ammo.

Sprtel-Wood 9700, The Smitty Special – If you forced the Gun Runners to use an Energy Weapon, we’d pick an automatic every time. We’ve got a line on two ultra-high-end unique models for our more well-to-do clients. The Sprtel-Wood 9700 (above) is a devastating high-speed Gatling Laser. It has a small ammo capacity, but its incredible accuracy and elevated damage mean that armor isn’t much of a defense. Load it with Optimized Electron Charge Packs to generate an unstoppable stream of laser power! The Smitty Special is named in honor of a legendary Boneyard weapon builder who produced beautiful plasma weapons with a high rate of fire. This Plasma Caster features an array of dizzying modifications that produce an almost constant stream of plasma bolts. “Waaah, waaah, but it does so much less damage than a regular Plasma Caster!” Go back and read that again: it’s an automatic Plasma Caster. Even with the reduced damage, it will punch through almost any armor it comes up against.

That’s it for part 1. More to come…

Reader Comments

  1. well.. not buying this 1 when it comes out.
    you can dl better weapon mods from nexus and you dont have to pay for em. and you could get them like a year ago

      • Or, ummm, I dunno, use the dev console? It’s “technically” NOT cheating. Cheats are things you input that give you a vastly superior edge. A console is in their for debub purposes. It is a thin line for purists between a cheat and a debug console, but, meh, your choice.

        hilt the tilde key and type in player.advlevel

        or, type in player.showperkmenu <— (can't remember if that's the right one, but i know player.advlevel works)

  2. So they basicly turned New Vegas from a survival game to a shoot ’em up? The survival is the only thing I liked about New Vegas, it fell short in everything else compared to Fallout 3…

    • It’s 200 years after the nuclear Apocalypse. 204 to be exact. And if people still have this attitude that humanity would need to “survive” after that long period of time instead of focusing on actual advancement and recovery from the devastation, then if an actual nuclear apocalypse ever occurs humanity is doomed.

      In Fallout 1, survival was definitely key because it was the genesis of a new and rising society of people. Fallout 2 showed the development of the NCR and the recovery of people. Then, out of the blue, Fallout 3 takes the capitol wasteland and makes the people a bunch of hopeless drones who seem to be frozen in the survival, granted that it is the east coast.

      Nevertheless, 200 years after said nuclear apocalypse, people need to move on, and that is why it’s necessary to show the society moving forward.

      Furthermore, and I have said this elsewhere, guns are a central part of the Fallout universe. In essence, they are integral parts of surviving in the wasteland. In fact, if survival should remain a theme at all, it should be defending oneself from the gun toting maniacs and myriads of maniacal radiated creatures still roaming about, with the option of also using guns and other assortments of weapons.

      • But…Maryland IS a bunch of hopeless drones, frozen on survival. And the Maryland government is more or less the Enclave. The people are also generally gun toting maniacs. If anything, not enough has changed in Fallout 3.

      • Obviously you’re a die-hard fan of the original Fallout games (and/or the people behind them), and not that big a fan of Bethesda and/or Fallout 3. Trust me, I love the original Fallout games, but I love Fallout 3 more. Fallout: New Vegas is also good, but remember, they used the EXACT same engines for absolutely everything. There are some new textures, but that’s about it when it comes to anything remotly “new” in the game. I love FO:NV too, though!

    • dude dont think that this is gonna take away the survival part of the game although there adding alot the prices on the new stuff are pretty high especially the unique versions being at like 21k caps each i mean really i was lucky i grabbed all the gold bars from the first dlc otherwise i wouldnt be able to get all the weapons and if your that worried about it and really like the survival part then just play on hardcore. also in order to make the bombs and stuff you need a high explosive lvl so

  3. My favourite part of the game is how impossible the DLC is to play since it’s so damn broken and laggy. Really. Good times! Sure was money well spent.

    • ya ive had a couple buggs in dlcs but never have i not been able to complete one usually the few buggs i get are the game freezing once or twice and thats all but thanks to auto save its not really a problem

  4. It’s cool to see all the upgrades for energy weapons. Although I’m not as big of a fan of laser weapons as I am regular guns, almost half my perks are for energy weapons. (I’d rather not dwell on why that is) Now it’ll be even easier to take down Deathclaw Alpha Males with a laser pistol! Seriously though, I’m super excited for this!

  5. Anyone ever hear of the ` button?
    It pulls up this handy thing called a console and from there you can pretty much do whatever you want. And dont bitch at me and say im a hacker. Id rather not start this game all over just to get that one perk when i can just add it with a few keystrokes. Console codes for just about anything can be found at falloutwiki

  6. Im sorry to say, but this actually looks horrendously disappointing to me. I, hoping that this is a *very* small showing of what will be in this dlc, or else it just wont be worth it. I was really hoping for a lot of mods for existing guns, and a bunch of unique weapons strewn about.

    It may seem “unbalancing” if they add a ton of shit, but its a single player game that a lot of people kill deathclaws with .357 revolvers in. I dont think it matters much.

    • This is part 1 and seems to focus exclusively on energy weapons, I highly doubt they only included energy weapons in this pack

      There will also apparently be quest challenges and other stuff to do in the DLC judging from the achievements

    • dude this is a part 1 of 4 i believe this is nowhere near all that they brought i already bought it and whent to the gun runners store and already got like 15 new weapons and a crap load of mods for existing and new weapons but mostly existing dont be disapointed for 320 microsoft points or about 4 dollars you really cant go wrong with this unless your really poor but in that case you shouldnt have psn or xbox live lol but theres a ton new unique weapons to buy from the shops all over but they are REALLY expensive the cheepest unique weapon was 10k caps and it was a unique shishkabob and most of the guns are about 21k caps each so ya…

  7. I really don’t want to whine, but Lonesome Road is still unavailable on Steam (in Hungary). Am I the only person who has this problem?

  8. This is merely part 1. These weapons are all explosives and energy weapons. So relax, because there will be even more stuff that they add to the DLC. The Gun Runners aren’t Energy Weapon fans anyways…

  9. Already hit level 50? Well this DLC sounds like a perfect excuse to start over again to me 😛 It’s sure as hell what I’ve done for each DLC so far.

  10. cant wait, lonsome road was the best dlc ever, now even more guns it just got even better. fallout new vegas is the best game ever for now, until skyrim. i wish they would make some gamr pics, themes abd some avatar gear for vegas that would be cool.

  11. this looks pretty sweet! though i wish it came out before Lonesome Road – those Nuka-Grenades and Fat Mines (!!!) would be quite handy against all these Deathclaws. (i wish you could make the Holy Handgrenade as well as the Fat Mine, though.)

    the optimized energy ammo seems great, as well, since there seems to be a fair gap between the moderately powerful energy weapons (Q-35, LAER) and the really powerful ones (Gauss Rifle, Plasma Caster). and with this ammo, Pew-Pew might just be my “ace up the sleeve for Deathclaws” if i ever run out of Alien Power Cells…

    “the perks are useless, i’m already level 50!”

    what the hell kind of Fallout fan are you? start another character! and, uh, did you really cross those last five levels in the few days since Lonesome Road came out?

    • Ahh, it’s nice to see another REAL Fallout® fan.

      It makes me chuckle everytime I read “the perks are useless, i’m already level 50!”.

      I’m on my 8th play-through (Hardcore, Normal) and will most likely start a new Character once “The Courier’s Stash” is out..

      Damn I love Fallout®!!

    • Isn’t the Q-35, thanks to its superior crit abilities, pretty much the best (single-shot) gun in the game with the right perk support?

  12. I’m waiting on next paycheck to grab Lonesome Road, but by then I can also buy GRA (& especially Courier’s Stash, since I lost my Classic Pack when I upgraded to the new Xbox)! I’m not much of a PC gamer, so I definitely appreciate DLCs like this.

  13. It would be cool if the next DLC could be a possibility to convert your NewVegas save into a Fallout3 *.esm file, so you could “travel” between East- and Westcoast.

  14. No idea why, but I keep reading it as Phat Mine, so from now on it shall be called that!

    And Hels yes Gun Runners. Do we have to fight through a fairly huge wave of Deathclaws to get to them like last time? <3

  15. i’ll wait for a collectors edition/ GOTY edition of fallout: new vegas. it’s what i did with fallout 3. wish obsidian had spent more time fixing errors first though rather then pump out dlc so fast.

  16. One thing you gotta fix with the game is not to freeze. I played for like 7 hours right now and when I exited out of a room in Novac the the game became black and wouldnt start and when id shut down my console. Then i tried start my game again now all my saves are corrupted and I have to start all over again. I want a fix really quick on that. Because that should not happen.

  17. I tried the same thing on my wifes xbox on her save game. She said i could do tha becasue she doesnt play that game anymore and same thing happened there on hers as well. Same door.

  18. Wa happens if you have killed every 1 in the silver rush if there are any weapons to get there?? Like the smitty special or the sprtel wood 9000 il be gutted if i cant get them

    • I just want to be able to rob shops again, such a stupid idea to get rid of that. Saying “Balance” just doesn’t work when it’s hard to do but should pay off, as it did.

      Besides, it’s an RPG, you should be able to do stuff like that anyway