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  1. When will this be released because the Twitter link says that it’s “shouting at you from the newsstand” but on the picture of the front cover of the mag it says in the bottom right corner Nov 2011.

    • Don’t worry. By exclusive, they actually mean things we have heard before. And hands-on is likely by some casual who has no understanding of games, has probably not played any other TES-title, and he is not ever going to finish the main story of Skyrim. Possibly you will see a few screens from horrid angles and the following text “i liek skairim. world is big! and u can see dragonz her.e”.

      If you care enough to want to read about it, you care enough to complain about how badly people present it to you.

      Come on, I can tell by the front page of that magazine… Gears of War 3, perfect shooter? How about NO?

      • I totally agree with you, every new article is the same. Also OXM is just a microsoft fanboy and slave who gives every halo game a 10 and every microsoft game a 9.5

      • Thank god, someone with some sense… @MrDissapoint.

        I wouldn’t consider Gears of War anywhere near the perfect shooter. In fact, a console game, imo, cannot be the perfect shooter.

        Also…. of course there are new quests… marketing gimmicks ftw!

      • Actually I’ve read some parts of it, it’s really nice. The screenshots are amazing and actually show new details. Try not being an asshole before actually reading it, you know nothing about it.

        • he is offending an xbox magazine, not you. why would this be in an xbox magazine when most people get the game on the computer anyways? and he has a point. why do you assume he is a miserable kid? he seems like a fine guy to me. maybe you are just butthurt cus you love gow3 or so.

      • Haha you’re right dude!
        Plus I have to add; if you’re a real TES fan you should already know that this game is going to be legen…wait for it…


      • actually subscribers got the mag weeks ago. It has a few new bits of Intel and what could be the only screen shot of alchemy. Also it has confirmed that some guards will look like chainsaw murderers (in my opinion).

  2. Lol Morrowind already ruled Xbox and always will… Skyrim wont come close to that its just not Elder Scrolls-ish enough anymore 🙁 i wont judge till i play it though

  3. I wouldn’t go that far Dissapoint. If you’re a staff writer for Official box Magazine, you know your shit to say the least. I’m sure it’ll be a fine preview. Probably not a whole lot of new content, but whatever.

    As for the Gears article, you have to remember that this is an Xbox magazine. Have you SEEN Nintendo Power? Its one of the most biased magazines you’ll ever read. Same with the official Sony magazine, its just brand loyalty man.

  4. It’s so close to release now, I don’t think I want to discover any more “exclusive” information from a magazine. I just want to blackout to all publicity and pick up the game in 48 days to install and start playing!

    • Amen Brotha!

      I don’t want any media to give me too many preconceptions of how the game will be. After a point there is just no more info I need to hear to want to play it. Everything after that is spoilers spoilers spoilers.

      Anyone who’s bought a game on a whim, without any previous research, and discovered an awesome game knows what I’m talking about. You can’t beat that feeling of awesomeness.

  5. Mr Dissapoint, your comment was ace. It made me laugh and read it out to someone who doesn’t care about TES or games much at all. Even he found it mildly amusing or just pretended to in order to shut me up. And I felt better about not being able to read some random US magazine.

  6. i don’t need a magazine to tell me how good this games going to be have had it on pre order since december last year and all i’ve got to say is 47days to go

  7. i had a question about the skyrim xbox. i read that there will be opportunities to win them and we would hear about.
    but when will we hear about it?

  8. “Could Gears of War be the perfect shooter”? I dont even. Gears of War is just… no. I dont see why people would be excited for that garbage and not SKYRIM. But I have to admit, from the looks of it, Skyrim doesn’t have the same good old Elder Scrolls feel to it… I dont know what it is but I’ll sure as hell will be playing it ’till I break the disc, no doubt.

  9. I know skyrim is going to be very big, and i cant wait for 11.11.11 , but i have a really good idea for skyrim it would be cool if u could collect raw materials from the dragons so u can make cool great swords and armor thats cool to the gamer.

  10. GOW 3 is a good game not perfect but good and so what if people play skyrim for a console its a game a very good game in fact as long as ur playing

  11. The reason it’s so heavily advertised for the xbox is because oblivion wasn’t available for ps3 at first. PC gaming isn’t as mainstream as console gaming, they’re trying to get people who aren’t fully aware of the godlike-ness of elder scrolls gaming. Therefore, the xbox community would have the widest range of open-minded fans.

  12. i wanna know why everyone is arguing about “what console is better”? i mean, so the graphics are better on pc? who cares pc gamers usually have a screen 30% smaller than any console players. i mean, i thought it was the gameplay that mattered? not the console you play it on.