More of the Gun Runners’ Arsenal

We’re back with more details on Gun Runners’ Arsenal. Once again, here’s project director Josh Sawyer…

GRA Tri-Beam Laser Rifle,  Plasma Defender  You’re an Energy Weapon aficionado and you’re looking for some mid-range customizations.  We’ve got just the thing you’re looking for.  The Gun Runners have set up distribution for customizable Tri-Beam Laser Rifles and Plasma Defenders. For the Tri-Beam, you’ve got Focus Optics (increases damage), HD Capacitors (dramatically increases condition), and a High-Capacity Terminal (increases ammo capacity). If you’re more of a “Plasma Spaz”, take in the customizable Plasma Defender (shown above). A Scope and Sheath Stabilizer (decreases spread) give it a “throwback” look.  The High-Capacity Terminal significantly boosts ammo capacity.

Sleepytyme, GRA 12.7mm SMG – The 10mm SMG has a proud history in the wasteland, and this one-of-kind custom model, Sleepytyme (shown above), continues that tradition of excellence. With an integrated suppressor/compensator, it’s accurate and deathly quiet. Internal modifications boost damage and slightly elevate the rate of fire, turning this into a covert powerhouse. For customers with an interest in heavier ordnance, we also have a customizable GRA 12.7mm SMG (see below). Available modifications include a Laser Sight (decreases spread), Stacked Magazine (increases ammo capacity), and the always-popular Silencer (GRA variant required).

.50MG Explosive – High caliber ordnance for our high caliber clients. Available now at select dealers, this terrifying round produces a secondary blast after driving into its target. Recommended uses: Deathclaw Mothers amidst their young, Brotherhood Paladins surrounded by Scribes, or a particularly annoying pack of Geckos. Bring your piggy bank: MSRP is 40 caps per round.

20 Ga. 3/0 Buck, 12 Ga. 4/0 Buck – Shotguns: you love them, we love them. But sometimes, ordinary buckshot doesn’t get the job done when the Vipers come knocking in a suit of metal armor. Sure, you could bust out the slugs, but the Gun Runners have some more options: 20 Gauge 3/0 Buck and 12 Ga. 4/0 Buck. Fewer pieces of shot, but they’re bigger and heavier. Still not enough? Fine, take the Hand Loader perk and craft some Magnum variants.

20 Ga. and 12. Ga Pulse Slugs – When you’re fighting robots, slugs are helpful for punching through armor. You know what’s even better? Pulse Slugs. That’s right. In addition to a love tap from the lump of metal slamming into their Combat Inhibitor, they get an extra kick from an Electromagnetic Pulse triggered by the impact. As accurate as a regular slug, but with a little less “oomf”.

GRA 5.56mm Pistol, GRA Battle Rifle – The Gun Runners have a new run of two of the most popular models we’ve seen. The first are our faithful reproductions of “that gun” — you know the one we’re talking about, the jury-rigged .223 that came out of the Hub way back when. Our repros work with .223 and 5.56mm ammo of all flavors. Accurate, hit like a mad Brahmin, and they even make that “cool” sound when you reload. Our refurbished Battle Rifles are true classics, going back way before the Great War. Any semi-auto capable of pumping out eight shots of .308 with dependable accuracy is a keeper in our book. What book? The Big Gun Runners Book of Death, smart guy. This one makes a cool reloading sound too. The rifle, not the book.

Reader Comments

  1. Mother love of God!!! The Tri-beam laser is already overkill and you raised the damage MORE?!

    Interesting choice on the Plasma Defender though, now we have the Hunting Revolver or the Plasma “hunting” Defender.
    This one I liked. 🙂

  2. It’s nice to see .223 pistols being mass produced. Considering how you could find them on quite a few raider encounters in Fallout 2, it was odd how you could only find one in NV.

  3. Some of these are lifted directly from the WMX mod. I take it the man is going to get some credit once more? Though I have to say, nothing quite encourages a modder like seeing their stuff used by the devs, so good on ya.

  4. I love the “throwback” Plasma Defender! I fully expected the scope (since that was a feature of the old Fallout 1 & 2 Glock 86). But that Sheath Stabilizer is an interesting surprise… effectively hides the upgrades and turns it back into an original Glock 86.

  5. The first reveal mentioned a Mini Nuke Mine but what I really want is a Mini Nuke plastic explosive combo.

    I want to reverse-pick-pocket some poor sap and turn him into a walking WMD!

  6. Unless I get another expansion, with 1000 gamer score attached, I have no reason to replay from start and buy this add on. Just make New Vegas 2 and make it import characters.

  7. This DLC looks more worth it by the second. Definitely looking forward to the Smitty Special and the Bozar, as well as the Fat Mines (I hate the Fat Man).

    And it’s good to see that Obsidian’s keeping an eye on the modding community. The last two weapons on that list are straight from Weapon Mods Expanded.

    Obsidian, you’re doing the Fallout community proud. Keep it up.

  8. Help!! The last patch (1.08) is a HORROR SHOW for the PS3! The previous 2 patches (1.06 and 1.07) seem to straightened out the game but the new patch has reverted the game into it’s previous freezing and lagging state! What the hell’s going on!!

  9. I can see how this would be a great DLC on consoles due to them lacking mods. Glad to see they get to experience a taste of what PC players of New Vegas have had for some time.

  10. Where’s the Bozar and Katana? I want an assault sniper and a Samurai Jack character!
    If there’s a white robe style outfit i will nerdgasm so hard…

  11. im not much of an energy weapons person but those explosive .50 MG make me excited. and i wont bring my piggy bank i will bring my old loot from the divide >:D

  12. Could you please look into the latest freezing and lagging that started to happen again? I paid for Lonesome Road and downloaded it and the lastest patch (1.08) for the PS3 and now I having the same problems I used to have last year. Please look into this and fix the problem. I’m not the only PS3 owner complaining about this.

  13. You think it’s too late? Even with all these posts saying they can’t wait? This dlc will did exactly as it’s intended, to extend the life of the game giving hardcore fans even more reason to revisit the Mojave.

  14. Lol, I knew they’d put something else out after L.R. to milk us. Maybe I’ll actually make a new character and play through the game again now that there will be different weapons I won’t have to work quite so hard at finding.

  15. Sure all these new weapons are great, but I’ve dominated the wastes, maybe release dlc that has a ton of stuff to shoot at, like a mojave safari that goes wrong but after surviving give players the ability to go back and keep fighting.

  16. To put a GRA mod in a weapon, the weapon needs to be a GRA, too. I tjink some standard mods work on GRA weapons but NOT vice versa.

    Battle rifles ARE generic This Machines.

    M1 garands… PING!