Gun Runners’ Arsenal preview, part 3

Read part 3 of Josh Sawyer’s look at Fallout: New Vegas’ upcoming game add-on, Gun Runners’ Arsenal. Featured screens include the Li’l Devil, GRA Anti-Material Rifle, and the Bozar.

Li’l Devil, GRA Hunting Revolver – Like hard-hitting handguns? Then we’ve got a pair of knockouts for you. First up is this unique 12.7mm Pistol called “Li’l Devil”. It may not look like much, but it does more damage than a standard model, fires faster, and is so stubby that we’ve heard you can conceal it quite easily. When we took it to the range, we found that it’s even more accurate! If semi-autos aren’t your style, here’s the GRA take on the mighty Hunting Revolver. How do you improve a scoped hand cannon like this, you might ask? How about a Match Barrel mod, for starters? On top of that, throw in a Six Shot Cylinder for an extra dose of .45-70 Gov’t downrange.

12.7mm JHP, 5.56mm Match, 5mm JSP, and 9mm JHP – A fresh lineup of custom rounds for our dedicated hand loaders. 12.7mm and 9mm Jacket Hollow Points retain most of the damage bonus of ordinary Hollow Points with a less severe armor penalty. 5.56mm Match gives a slight damage boost and a significant spread reduction. 5mm Jacketed Soft Points bolster the humble round’s modest damage output while retaining most of its armor penetrating power. The cost is a significant increase in weapon degradation. Requires Hand Loader, naturally.

25mm and 40mm Pulse and Plasma Grenades – Tired of using your Grenade Launcher and Grenade Machinegun to “just” blow things up? Why not fry or melt them with Pulse or Plasma Grenades? You like Pulse Grenades, right? Plasma Grenades, too? Then what’s not to like about shooting them out of a gun? Before you ask: yes, 25mm Pulse and Plasma Grenades are safe to use in the 25mm Grenade APW.

GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle, Assault Carbine – For our more hard-nosed “operators”, we’ve got two customizable rifles in big and small calibers. First up is the GRA Anti-Materiel Rifle. Personalize this hard-hitter with a Custom Bolt (increases rate of fire), Suppressor (reduces sound — does NOT silence it), and Carbon Fiber Parts (lowers weight). For close-quarters armor-piercing mayhem, we’ve got the GRA Assault Carbine. As with standard Assault Carbines, you can outfit them with Extended Mags (GRA variants required), but you can also boost weapon longevity with a Forged Receiver and increase the rate of fire with a Light Bolt.

12 Ga. Flechette, Dragon’s Breath – You know we love shotguns. We’re especially fond of the 12 Gauge variants. Between Buckshot, Slugs, Coin Shot, and our new 3/0 Buck, 4/0 Buck, and Pulse Slugs, you’ve got loadout options. Is that enough?  No matter the number, the Gun Runners answer is always, “No.” So here are two more. Flechettes and Dragon’s Breath. Flechettes are tiny metal darts that replace traditional shot. Great for armor penetration, though not quite as damaging. Dragon’s Breath is for people who occasionally want to set things on fire. Why you want to do that with a shotgun, we don’t know. We’ve stopped asking. Here you go. Just keep your engagement ranges close or the Dragon’s Breath will produce a pretty cone of flame and nothing else. You’re welcome.

Bozar – Some have called this beauty the “ultimate refinement of the sniper’s art”. We call it a highly accurate Light Machine Gun with a mil-spec scope, a 30-round magazine of 5.56mm, and a rate of fire that can project a withering storm of lead downrange in no-time flat. The compensator keeps it accurate even on full auto. With 5.56mm Match ammunition, you could mag-dump into a Bloatfly’s head at a hundred yards with all shots on target (no guarantee implied).

Come back Monday and Tuesday for the final two Gunner Runners’ previews.

Reader Comments

  1. Well, shoot. I think my brain just overloaded from the sheer quantity of CRAZY AWESOME this update seems to be bringing us. I’m kinda scared to see what else they have lined up for tomorrow and tuesday…

  2. I do love you guys for bringing real ammunition and gun characteristics to the game. And the last article about the battle rifle? <3 for knowing what a real battle rifle is!

  3. I like the idea of the anti material rifle attachments (and the whole thing in general), but I’m confused about the supressor- if I shoot a legion soldier with it attached, am I going to get negative reputation with the legion?

    • I have never seen a weapon pack DLC that contained more than maybe six items. And because this one has a few modded regular ones in the two dozen+ items it adds, it’s a rip off.

      I love the internet.

    • I don’t feel ripped off, just disappointed. I figured there would be ~15 (brand) new weapons, 10 unique versions of existing weapons, 15 or so mods and then ammo.

      We actually have 1 or 2 new weapons, new versions of existing weapons (most of which are weapons that are never used!) and then existing weapons in new formats.

  4. Well It’s nice to know There’s a Suppressor for the “Anti-Material rifle” now.. There should be one for every Firearm.. Seeing as it’s possible to Suppress ANY firearm. Including Shotguns.

    Though I’m still waiting to read “GRA Marksman Carbine – Suppressed, Match Receivers, Match-Grade Barrel, Match-Grade Trigger, Chrome Bolt-Carrier Group, and Night-Vision scope.”

    That one Weapon alone would put ALL of those firearms to shame..

  5. Why can’t it be tuesday? This looks like so much fun. I really hope BOS develops the next Fallout though, New Vegas crashes every 15 minutes.

  6. So I really hope you guys throw in a .50 cal machine gun that is carried like an incinerator, with no back pack. Think about loading explosive rounds into that. Also, if you plan on throwing us any armor, I’m thinking riot gear, except without the duster coat. It’s just what I’ve always wanted.

  7. Agreed with above post.

    I truly can’t wait, the Bozar is going to ruin everyone it’s shot at, and the assault carbine’s going to be fun. Now all I need to know is if there is a way to supply enough mini-nukes for Esther.

  8. those weapon are boring,noting in those weapon is unique except thier names, for example, weapons like the bonzer are appearing in borderlands and they look’s better then the bonzer. the other weapon they are noting special or new, you already played with them in they previous versions they just more powerfull. if this add on contained uniquer weapon like plasma shotgun, chainsaw lancher, toxic bullets and stuff like that this add on would worth it cost.
    why RAGE got all the good stuff ?

  9. I’m totally digging all of them… except for the suppressed AMR. Really? You’re gonna put a suppressor on an anti-tank gun? Sorry, not buying it, even by Fallout physics.

    Other than that, though – can’t wait!

  10. why do people keep moaning about it crashing all the time ever since i put the update on its only ever happened once to me but bethesda you gits bringing out all this fun stuff after i’m at level 50 so started again last night

  11. So… I felt my heart beat faster once I saw all the new ammo types.. being a dedicated hand loader, I think I’m most excited for 9mm JHP. in a SMG with a light bolt and drums… I suspect godplayer-like traits to emerge. also: Wepon degredation’s a problem in fallout? ppft. I use jury rigging and the sierra madre for weapon repair kits.

  12. I wish hey would bring in some fallout 3 weapons like the comba shotgun and the chinese assul rifle oh well these are still cool