Bring the boom with Gun Runners’ Arsenal

Gun Runners’ Arsenal releases tomorrow on PSN, Xbox LIVE, and Steam. Today Josh Sawyer returns with details on some of the most explosive weapons in the Mojave.

Come back tomorrow to check out the crazy melee weapons available.

Esther, GRA Fat Man – Two new Fat Men (Fat Mans, Fat Man and Fat Lady?) for your consideration. The new GRA Fat Man takes “traditional” Fat Man mods like the Little Boy Kit, but has the added capability of firing our custom Mini-Nukes. If you’d like to go extra-large, pick up Esther (shown above), a unique model. In addition to firing all of our custom Mini-Nukes, it has a built-in blast shield that is surprisingly effective.  Use it to march on a small army, or toss Tiny Tots with reckless abandon, allowing the blast shield to soak up most of the collateral damage!

Low Yield, Big Kid, and Tiny Tots Mini-Nukes – The Fat Man. You’ve been carrying that huge lump of meta around for how long, and how many times have you fired it? Once? Twice? Seventeen? Whatever the frequency, it’s still not enough. Trust us, we’re the experts. That’s why we’ve brought you three new Mini-Nuke variants. Low Yield is your “everyday” light payload, good for liquidating irritating raiders or the occasional horde of Nightstalkers on the horizon. Traveling through Quarry Junction? Try our Big Kid variant for extra Deathclaw-eradicating power (warning: range is reduced). Last but certainly not least, the Tiny Tots are the answer to a question no one asked, “What if I want to decorate two city blocks with a scattering of miniature mushroom clouds?”  N.B.: requires GRA Fat Man or Esther. Specialized Mini-Nukes cannot be fired from a standard Fat Man.

Timed 25mm Grenade, Mini-Nuke – Sure, you can have explosives blow up on impact. Why don’t you launch some SNORE BOMBS out of that Fat Man while you’re at it? There’s a special satisfaction that comes from ricocheting a baker’s dozen of timed 25mm Grenades down a stairwell full of advancing Fiends, or from shearing off a charging Deathclaw’s leg with a timed Mini-Nuke that continues to sail forward into a nest of Cazadores. Believe the hype: timing is everything. N.B.: Timed Mini-Nuke requires GRA Fat Man or Esther. Specialized Mini-Nukes cannot be fired from a standard Fat Man.

25mm Grenade APW – We’re really proud of this one. Brand new for the Mojave Wasteland, the 25mm Grenade APW gives you the death-dealing capability of Grenade Machine Gun in a more portable package. With a stock magazine capacity of six rounds, a brisk semi-auto rate of fire, and respectable accuracy, it’s a great addition to any Explosives arsenal. If you want to step things up, pick up an Expanded Drum (increases capacity), Long Barrel (increases projectile speed) and Upgraded Internals (increases rate of fire).

Paciencia, Medicine Stick – For long-range shooters who scoff at scopes, we have two seriously accurate, seriously powerful rifles. First up is Paciencia (as shown above), a low-capacity Hunting Rifle with incredible accuracy and deadly power, especially from concealment. If you can’t kill a target in three shots (a full mag!) from this beauty, you’re not worthy of it. If you’d like superior ammo capacity for extended fire fights, try Medicine Stick (see below), our unique Brush Gun. Accurate, powerful, and with an increased ammo capacity, it’s hard to go wrong. Though to be honest, most of our shooters feel its less intrusive sights are its best feature.

Hive Missiles – It’s always the same: you haul out your Missile Launcher, drop a pound and a half of American pride down the chute, pull the trigger, and pray to St. Gabriel that it’s not going to go sailing a foot over the charging Super Mutant’s head. Why make a big bet on one spin when you can spread your chances over NINE buzzing Hive Missiles? Sure, the individual missiles don’t pack the same punch, and sure there’s a lot of collateral damage, but if they were standing behind your target, they were probably up to no good anyway, right?

MFC Grenades, MFC Clusters – Some people use Microfusion Cells to power lasers or generate plasma bolts.  But if you’re a Mad Bomber, that’s not very interesting.  Why not hotwire them to explode like mini-Plasma Grenades?  Better yet, string a bunch of them together and turn them into an MFC Cluster (shown above).  The grenades are good for raining death on random enemies, and the clusters can be quickly dispersed over a large area to “discourage” pursuers.  And if no one sets off your tiny cluster mines, pick them back up: you can always use individual reclaimed mines as MFC Grenades.

Reader Comments

  1. I’ve been praying to the fallout gods for a unique Brush Gun for quite some time. Good to see my prayers have not gone un-answered!

  2. Meh, have plenty of weapons to procure my itch. Don’t really think I’ll be interested in any of the low dollar add on’s for FONV. Lonesome road sure put it to the test though. Certainly glad I snatched up that little jewel….

    • Yea I wish there were more enemies to kill with all of these great new weapons… I feel like I have killed everything 5 times over. I guess I could try and kill all of the strip now hehe.

  3. Every update is just more and more dissapointing, really? a unique hunting rifle and brush gun but they couldnt make a unique assault carbine? Dont think ill be buyin this anymore, nothing here is appealing enough for a new playthrough unfortunately.

  4. This is good. Ive been waiting for more mini-nukes and stuff for a long time. Before lonesome road, i had only found around 4 mini-nukes and on those bigger battles (like taking over NCR camps) they would come in handy. I wonder if you get the recipe to make some, doubt it, but its a possibility.

    I have also been waiting for a unique hunting rifle. Ol'Painless from Fo3 was my favourite weapon in the game, and could dispatch most enemies in 2-3 shots.

  5. I do hope they do one more dlc pack of armor/clothing/misc items. That would be sweet. Is there any intention to release any other “pack” dlc or is GRA going to be the last of it?

    There is enough in this dlc pack to warrant buying the GRA in my opinion. sure they could make a few bucks adding some armor/clothing etc… meshes are relatively easy to make if the mods are any indication (us poor console owners have no access tot he mods…would be nice to get another pack).

    either way GRA will be bought. Might buy Courier’s as well if we get all the items upon install rather than just picking a set…then again almost everything is better than the tribal pre-order dlc.

  6. i just that fallout new vegas will have really awsome graphics when it comes out or if it already has but any way. i have played the first one and it wasn’t that bad it kinda fun to play but once you get into the game there is no telling where or when or how the story will end.

  7. TYPO: metal, not meta.

    This is getting better and better. People, $4 is a steal, seriously the base game already had more weapons than fallout 3, and think of the time and cost involved in the development and testing and this DLC.

  8. Looking good so far, have to admit I’m looking forward to the new challenges and achievements more! As long as I’m getting another couple of hours of game play it’ll be worth the money.

  9. Seriously, if you don’t think that these weapons are awesome and wont be fun then you have no business playing any fall out games….. any lol…it’s sad when you have to tell a so called gamer to grow up …. grow up lol

  10. I thought there was ment to be only 27 new weapons coming out but ive just counted the ones said on these GRA pages and theres already been 27 announced so is the GRA type weapons not new weapons or?? Not complaining tho bring out loads 🙂 ill probably see this pack some time Thursday knowing the PS store got used to that tho 😛

    • 27 new UNIQUE weapons. The GRA models of standard weapons are there due to a coding issue they came up against- specifically, not being able to make the patch change up all the currently existing weapons. GRA weapons can only take GRA mods, and from what I can tell, they’ll drop randomly as loot along with getting them from the Gun Runners.

  11. Nice… but what am I supposed to use these weapons against? All my characters are above level 40, have pretty much done everything (certainly, between them), and there’s nothing in the Mojave that can stand against any of them as it is.

    I know this addon is adding a lot already, but it would be a lot more useful if it came with some new enemy variants, or a tougher difficulty level, as well. With Skyrim so close, I can’t see myself starting a new character, so I think I’m going to have to pass on this one.

  12. whats the point in such destruction when the game engine itself is very flat and don’t allow the structure ands textures changing of the game environment

    • The Rage is beautiful but we’re stepping on the same rakes – the environment of game is static like shop window glass
      Noone at this moment have made any game engine which is just equal to just primitive laws of physics. The destruction mechanics in the game is very complicated thing because the destruction is at the same the construction of new environment. By destructing the stable structures in the game you can make a whole new game with new and very different environment.
      We will see someday games with full and realistic destruction mechanics but this games will have some major cons than current ones – for example such games won’t be applied to updates – because by destruction you will make a whole new game and every user will make a personal unique game environment and also this games won’t be applied to multiplayer, only single-player gaming.

      • but the “real” destruction mechanics engine in all cons of inability to updating (because of very radical changing game-code) and multiplaying (because copies of game will be radically different in every user comp) provide some very good pros – as the “real feel” of game – for example instead of just opening the door or vault with such engine you can like in real life – just try to open it using the physical force in the game – or making the hole by some methods in the wall to get access inside some structure or building, also user can make a whole new game universe

  13. Making a hole in a vault door? Good luck mate!

    Now, digging oit of the tunnel and entering into a mainenance room… That would be awesomely realistic.