Preview: 50 pages of The Lord of Souls

The second Elder Scrolls novel from author Greg Keyes, The Lord of Souls, officially goes on sale tomorrow. Just in time, Random House has put up an enormous 50 page sample of the novel for you to peruse at your leisure.

Click through to read through the sample, and scroll to the bottom of the excerpt for links to where you can order a copy.

Reader Comments

  1. I’ll wait until it get released in Spain and will buy it. I loved the first one. Offers a lot of details of the world of Tamriel and the events that happenned between the two games. I hope this one would be an epic conclusion of the invasion of Umbriel.

    It would also be great that we could find in Skyrim some kind of reference of the events in theses books.

  2. This book isnt going to have glitches and bugs right?
    haha just kidding, 336 pages.. nice 🙂 something that could keep me occupied on vacations/trips.

    • you need to read the first, you won’t really understand this one if you don’t. Check Amazon, i got it for like 7 bucks (inc shipping), like last year

  3. Cross-media transitions hardly ever turn out great, this is one of the unfortunate ones. A pretty generic author for a great game series. If there is one person that can take an amazing IP they didn’t make and work well with it, it’s Brandon Sanderson. I hope they hire him for the next novel.

  4. Interesting. This will be a welcomed gem by fans of The Elder Scrolls story. I’m excited to learn more about the world, races, artifacts, lore, etc. to know it all better. I think that books related to games lend a more complete experience to the player… this comes just in time for the Skyrim release!

  5. Sorry to say I think I’ll pass… I agree with Michael’s comment.

    Is that a grammatical error in the second sentence?

  6. Hey Ian, yeah, some commas would be nice, because they would highlight what the grammar should be, but I was thinking that “only things… was” should be “only things… were” – or am I wrong?

    LOL sorry to make such a silly, negative comment about the great news for those who enjoy such things. I’ve just never been excited about game tie-in books. No offense intended to Greg Keyes or other authors of books of this type, but they always read to me more like very accomplished fan writing rather than “real” literature of the (Science Fiction or Fantasy) genre.

  7. I’ve had it pre-ordered since it went up on Amazon, it should be here tomorrow so I’ll refrain from reading the preview. 🙂

    • Well Duh, it was absent a conclusion. the ending hasn’t happened yet. I could be wrong, but that tends to be the point in a two parter.

  8. Okay, so I just finished Lord of Souls yesterday night and it felt like there may be another novel to follow….anybody else who has finished it feel the same?