Around the web: Ready up for RAGE

Today at IGN, watch a new video showcasing your arsenal in RAGE – from your standard weapons to (literally) mind-blowing ammo types and and quickuse weapons.

Elsewhere, check out RAGE news at these sites…

With RAGE releasing in a week (!!), we’ll have plenty more to share on the game soon.

Reader Comments

  1. Hm, the alliance, our pc an arc-ship survivor, reaver-like mutants…, the alliance is after the survvor..

    can’t wait for a community made map wich has the goal of defeating ‘the alliance’s operative’ and weakening the alliance by broadcasting their crimes, involving the origins of the mutants 😉

    • I just hope STEAM doesnt make all my games vanish like it has three times already in the past few months. Read somewhere it might have to do with system cleaners like registry cleaners. Will have to test that out and keep my fingers crossed.

  2. Does anyone know if there’ll be an optional 3rd person mode? I really wish there was. This looks so good, I will play it any way though, but I like to see my character, that’s all.