Gun Runners’ Arsenal & Courier’s Stash Available Today!

We’re pleased to announce that Courier’s Stash and Gun Runners’ Arsenal are now available for download on Xbox LIVE, PlayStation Network and Steam!.

Courier’s Stash (Xbox LIVE for 160 Microsoft points, PlayStation Network and Steam for $1.99) gives players immediate access to four content bundles previously available only through pre-ordering Fallout: New Vegas. The Caravan Pack, Classic Pack, Mercenary Pack and Tribal Pack each offer unique weapons, apparel and aid advantages that will help you throughout your journey.

Gun Runners’ Arsenal (Xbox LIVE for 320 Microsoft pointsPlayStation Network and Steam for $3.99) increases the range of unique weapons, weapon mods, ammo types and recipes waiting to be uncovered in the vast Mojave Wasteland.

After the break, read Josh Sawyer’s final preview of the Gun Runners’ Arsenal…

Embrace of the Mantis King!, Two-Step Goodbye – Some of the most incredible unique Unarmed weapons we’ve seen come through our shop, and we’re not just saying that because we want you to spend thousands of caps on them. Embrace of the Mantis King! (above, and the exclamation point is required by contract) is a huge, mutated Mantis Gauntlet. Did someone come across a Mantis King, kill it, and make this? Did someone raise a Mantis into a Mantis King specifically to make this? It’s a mystery for the ages. All we know is that it’s awesome and a little gross.

Two-Step Goodbye – A unique Ballistic Fist for professional wastelanders only. On a particularly devastating kill shot, it plants an explosive charge onto the target. You’ll know what’s coming when you hear the beeping. You’ve got two steps to get away. Use them wisely. Note: we’ve already repaired and re-sold this weapon three times for friends of people who didn’t heed the warning.

GRA Baseball Bat, Katana – A world of sophistication apart, the GRA Baseball Bat (above) and our incredibly popular customizable Katana (below) fill similar roles for the Melee Weapons specialist. The Baseball Bat can be customized with a Cork Core (increases attack speed), Maple Body (increases condition), and Nails (increases damage). You might be saying, “Why can’t I just pound regular nails into a Baseball Bat myself?” This is an art, friend. It requires skilled Gun Runners artisans to craft nails that are worthy of being precisely inserted into a Baseball Bat for combat use. Speaking of art, our Katana (below) is such a dazzler that we’ve heard some enemies just stand and stare as the blade comes flying in (no guarantee implied). Custom options include an Authentic Blade (increases damage), Balanced Grip (increases attack speed), and Protective Sheath (increases condition).

Greased Lightning, GRA Power Fist – The Gun Runners understand that bullets aren’t the answer to all problems. Sometimes, you need a really solid Power Fist. We’ve got two. Greased Lightning is a one-of-a-kind model. We’re not sure what the heck they did to it, but the pistons fire so fast we thought it was going to tear our tester’s arm off! Damage is much lower than a standard Power Fist, but when you’re hitting this fast, who cares? If you want something more customizable, pick up our GRA Power Fist. Chromed Tubes increase condition, High Cap Valves boost damage, and there’s even an option for Ported Chambers to modestly accelerate attack speed.

Chainsaw, GRA Ripper – The Gun Runners have big and small options for lovers of automatic chain weapons.  Both the Chainsaw (above) and Ripper can be customized with Carbide Teeth (increases damage) and a Heavy Duty Chain (increases condition).  Additionally, the normally hefty chainsaw can be lightened with the installation of an Alloy Frame.

Gehenna, Nuka-Breaker – Small and fiery or big and sparky. Those are your options with our unique Shishkebab and Rebar Club. Yeah, the Nuka-Breaker doesn’t look like a Rebar Club, but we’ve done the repairs, and they’re surprisingly similar.Trust us. Gehenna (above) burns with a more intense flame than the standard Shishkebab and does a bit more base damage. In addition to hitting like a Brotherhood Paladin dropped off of a cliff, the Nuka-Breaker has a chance to electrocute its targets on impact. Maybe it’s overkill, but we don’t think that’s a bad thing.

Reader Comments

  1. I noticed the achievements don’t work on X360. I earned a few but none of them add points to either the game or my total sum. I also recovered my gamer-tag as I had this problem once before with Fallout 3, but this time that didn’t work.

  2. I don’t understand a third of the comments here. There are a GRA Assaut Carbine, and Anti materiel rifle on a previous post, John. Why should this come out in december, Jim? And Carey, What’s this about achievements? Anyway, this all looks awesome, will be purchasing both, and starting a new character tonight. Thanks Bethesda/Obsidian for making a game I’m still playing 2 years down the line.

  3. Gonna have to test out greased lightning on my Unarmed Build. Want to see what’s faster, this or the Saturnite fist… should be crazy fast, with slayer, ain’t like that now, and the new rushing waters chem XD
    Although the two-step ballistic fist should be fun… but is it gonna be stronger than the super-heated saturnite glove with pyromaniac?

  4. Please some one answer: Where are the weapons available after the d/l? and any good ideas where to get caps to buys these weapons?

      • So long as you can carry all that extra weight. Something like 32lbs a bar * 30 odd bars… A lot of effort… And all in one trip too…

        • yeah……and good luck finding someone to sell them to. I only took seven and can’t sell them. I am a high level that has already cleaned alot of people out though

          • i used the terminal in old world blues to repair my gear then i sold the bars to get the caps back.

            you can also get the guns and mods then sell the bars to pay for them

  5. Just want to point something out…
    It seems that if you have the pre-purchase package from steam (the Caravan Pack) it won’t let you buy Courier’s Stash as it belives you have it already. Bummer, huh Betehsda?
    But don’t know if you plan on upgrading those steam pre-purchases to Courier’s Stash. I’m not expecting it, however it’s not like you’re going to lose any sales since they can’t buy it anyway.

    Other than that, cool to se some more weapon diversity. 🙂

  6. Eh… I think I might pass on these. I already have the classic pack, and as for the gun runners arsenal, I find that the only mele weapon I need is Old Glory. I mean, I can already beat a giant radscorpion to death in 1 to 2 hits with that. And with the Anti Materiel rifle, I can one shot just about any deathclaw I come across. I’d like to see another DLC with more content though, more quests, another location and some more unique gear.

  7. if you do that level up glitch dealing with chet in goodsprings and helping the powder gangers , you get unlimited 9 mm rounds and leather armor with speech challenging its a fast way to make cash and earn all these goodies

  8. Dead money_ gold bars max amount u can carry_ 8 … I have alot from gettin the achievment the courier who broke the bank . U can also try the caps glitch but that will get you banned from bethesda server and you wont be able to pl ay your game

  9. This is some pretty fun writing, wish the gun runners actually presented their products this way. Reminds me of the oglaf dwarves.

  10. Yea you must carry the weight but not long really if you got the long haul perk soon as your back in the mojave woosh and ur at the gun runners getting caps.. Dont know what i would of done with out it especially with the costs of some gun upgrades for lonesome road lol

  11. I know what i would of done actually i would sold the guns i dont use really coz i got loadsss of guns but i like having loads and loads of guns 🙂 but by the look of some of the costs of these new guns on the GRA pack il have 2 sell some then

  12. you know….. hunting down the katana parts is very time consuming you couldn’t have just put them all at the vender at the gun runners place? haha anyways lonesome road and these new add-ons were awesome :]

  13. @ Spatztastic

    faster and stronger? all he did was eat 2 AP rounds of the antimatter rifle. he abrely made a step xD so that much for speed and power, if u got the ranged power

    weps look awesome, more stuff to collect in my stash 😀 gona spend my 120k caps on this

  14. Not interested in the dlc to be honest, there are plenty of weapons in the game already and I’m not going to just buy weapon sets. They could have easily thrown these in past dlc packages….

  15. Well over 120k for all the stuff, still looking for the katana sheath, supposed to be available from nick and Ralph but neither of then even offer me any weapon mods 🙁

    • i think killing her wouldnt get you the weapons or mod parts she has on her never worked for me but hey save before you kill her and if it doesnt work boom reload save lol

  16. there is a unique assault carbine with the pack, who would want to swap over their all american but i do agree about the silencer… kinda went a little too far there

  17. Most of the stuff is available at the Gun Runner’s from Vendertron, but its spread all between Gloria Van Graff at the Silver Rush, the Gun Runner salesmen Alexander and the ex NCR milatar lady, (she’s mostly ammo), both at the 188 Trading Post and Mick and Ralph’s if any of them are dead, the mighty Vendertron foes it for them.
    Be warned, the Unique ones will set ye back ~21k each.
    But yeah Dead Money is ideal. STR 7 plus reinforced spine (STR+2) and both Strong Back and Too Much To Bear give 340lbs capacity. Drop all your gear in front of the elevator except a police pistol and its ammo, and some alcohol, you can have 10 gold bars. The casino nets you 10000 Chips = 10000 pre war money = 100000 caps. The snowglobe is 2000 CHIPS, so again, 20000 caps. So: 10*~10000+100000+20000=~220k caps. Plus whatever chips*10 you found outside the casino/stuff in the villa and casino you sold.

    And a guitar. Very important that.
    I do hope my math was right…

  18. A lot of us downloaded the DLCs and the latest patch on PS3 and we can’t even play the game anymore. Please fix it. I’m not lying. If you go on the official boards, a lot of people are complaining about the serious lags and freezings those patches brought to the game and that for every consoles & the PC. Please do something.

  19. @gstaff After buying the Cleansing Flame the other day, I went to and realized that the flame isn’t supposed to be invisible; it’s supposed to be blue. I’ve got the game for 360 and I haven’t played it yet today, so Idk if they’ve released a patch for this or even if it’s a problem that exists beyond my game alone. Have you guys gotten any other complaints about this, and if so, is the plan to fix it in the next patch?

  20. when will i be able to buy it in nz tho? (out of sheer desperation i bought the us version suspecting it prob wudnt work…) 🙁