RAGE down under

Earlier this month RAGE creative director Tim Willits had the honor of sharing memories and showing off RAGE at the world-famous Sydney Opera House. To see pictures from the special event, check out the Flickr slideshow above.

Event aside, Tim didn’t spend the rest of his trip just tanning and eating kangaroo. He also showed the game off to local press. Check out the coverage below..

Reader Comments

  1. It is a tragedy that our once great artistic institutions are being used to showcase nerdy videogames! First the Smithsonian, and now an opera house!? Before defiling these once great institutions of Western culture, one should ask what made them great in the first place. Because we cease to recognize that art is supposed to express the society-improving values that Western culture was founded on (namely Judeo-Christian ethics), our civilizations’ very fabric is coming undone, hence is why we label anything that’s crass or vulgar as “art”. Shame on us.