Skyrim hits the cover of PC Gamer

Here’s a first look at the cover of the December issue of PC Gamer. Look for it on newsstands!

And after the break, check out more Elder Scrolls news…

Elder Scrolls in the news…

  • Electronic Theatre has ranked Skyrim their top game of last week’s Eurogamer Expo!
  • Read new hands-on impressions at Delta Gamer, GeekMandem, and BeefJack
  • GigJets details new info on the game revealed by Pete Hines
  • Check out Jaime Deizell’s look back at Morrowind up at Games.On.Net
  • Fans in Spain can check out the latest cover story for Skyrim in the new issue of Marca Player. See the cover here!

Reader Comments

  1. When do they release their “December issue”?
    Also: There better be a merchant mudcrab, somewhere on a rock near the northern shore of Skyrim.

  2. Or we can forget the reference, Petter, and just pretend that Morrowind and Oblivion didn’t happpen and turn what was a very good RPG series into an action game when Morrowind came out. Oblivion just made it a little worse but the damage was done with Morrowind. Then again Bethesda got major dollars by selling out from PC and Xbox gamers then again with oblivion.

    Oh well. Skyrim at the least gets some Daggerfall inspirations and mechanics back.

  3. none of the skyrim games that i have played have been all that great. cause i have played the first one and it wasn’t all that great so i thought i would just trade it in for an even better game. one that didn’t suck.

    • The series is called Elder Scrolls, not Skyrim. The newest upcoming installment is what’s named Skyrim – Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

  4. The new Dragonborn image on the front cover hints at novel mentioning inside the magazine. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the design on his shoulder pad and belt buckles before either. Wonder what they mean.

    Also that mudcrab! Just one of other things that makes Skyrim an Elder Scrolls game, to differenitate it from its Nordic feel.

    And I’m a PC Gamer (for most games anyway)…. This mag is a buy!

  5. Presumably that picture is shot from the back of a Dragon, what with it being Bird’s Eye View and him shouting at us like a ruder.

    (Also woo Borderlands 2)

    Only a two monthish wait!

  6. Show us a video of the gameplay and we will make up our own minds, show us a review and the smart players will ignore it because we all know what professional reviews are worth these days.

    Eg Nothing…..

    I do not trust professional reviews any more. Metacritics is full of high scoring game reviews by professional reviewers, scoring bad games much higher than they deserve.

    And along side them are the user reviews that give the same games much much lower score, which reveals how far away from the truth the professionals are these days.

    So show us new videos of game play, do not waste our time with reviews we do not trust.

    • You’re late to the party aren’t you?

      There’s nearly 30 minutes of gameplay footage that was released just a few days ago.

      You shouldn’t trust videos either. A game is to be played, not watched.

    • Maybe you should stop trying to evaluate games with numbers.

      Find a website who publishes reviews that ALIGN WITH YOUR OWN OPINIONS. Bullocks to what the score is.

      Reviews aren’t a competition, it’s about trying to inform the customer (that’s you) whether or not they should buy the game. So find a reviewer who gives you sound advice and listen to them.

      There is no definitive way to determine the quality of a creative endeavour; there is no correct answer to the question “is a game good”.

  7. By the way I’m a PS3 owner, And I would really like to see the game, or any info about how the dev team has been able to make it run as good or better then the 360? As I fear that its being left to the side 🙁 I have ordered the CE of the game I want a equal product please.

    • I own both a gaming PC and a PS3 and have played both Fallout 3 and Oblivion on both.

      I don’t know about Skyrim but in the past Bethesda’s games are best on PC, okay on 360 and acceptable on PS3.

      Remember to save often because you should expect freezing (not the temperature kind) and crashing. Possibly some lag.

      • oblivion froze a few times on the 360 as well. but remember many bugs were caused by engine problems and an excessive amount of ambition for a 360 launch title.

    • New monsters!? How horrifying and curious! Ooo those lads at Pc Gamers are tricky devils! And i thought i was going to see some sexy female Bosmers.

  8. Hmm, wonder if this will have PC screens. Have we seen PC-specific content yet? I seem to recall that most of what they’ve shown us has been specifically 360-based.

    I would be excited to finally have some PC-specific content in the coverage.

  9. Insanity of Sheogorath! Its the PC Gamer SKYRIM GIANT book of SECRETS! Which everyone knows! AGGHHH!!!

    Nice cover shot full of emotional stimuli. Thank you for the thrill 🙂

  10. Have you seen the legal documents that notch posted? Are you really paying your lawyers unimaginable amounts of money to spend their entire time just compiling documents that consist entirely of screenshots of websites/wikipedia/oblivion? Any normal person could have thrown that together in a couple of hours.

    Enjoy the continuing bad publicity guys.

    (p.s. I notice not even PC Gamer mentions “scrolls” on their front cover… scared you’ll sue them too perhaps?)

  11. @Shayne O’Neill Read up on Mojangs patent app trying to take complete control of the word scrolls if the patent went thru bethsada wouldn’t be able to release skyrim