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  1. Is there a way you guys could eventually sell this separably, I really like the art book but i don’t want to buy the collector’s edition for it.

  2. Mouth-watering… I love concept art. Unfortunately, since I’m already scrounging up money to buy a console to play Skyrim I won’t be able to afford any collector’s edition. I don’t suppose the art book will be released in any other manner. 🙁

  3. Drool… definitely glad I’m getting the CE, and to be honest I’m getting the CE JUST for this artbook.

    Really like what I’m seeing so far, here and on Facebook. Mostly large pictures, no main pictures are too small, really maximizing page space, a bit of text to introduce sections… there could be a bit more commentary, but I really go both ways on that because I’d rather have more (and larger) art than commentary, or have commentary getting put on top of the art.

    Will make the final decision once I’m holding it and can see the print quality, but this is looking like the perfect art book… only wish this had been done for Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Fallout NV!

    • Well the FALLOUT 3 strategy guide was so humongous and chock full of art and ingame shots it was sort of a art book aswell.

      The Art Of Skyrim is looking fantastic. Solitude definitely reminds me of past Imperial cities in The Elder Scrolls series especially ARENA and MORROWIND. Its almost like a ghost city with lingering shadows of a time gone yet still here if one takes a moment to hear the whispering architecture.

      • Enh, I know they’ve been putting art into the strategy guides for both Fallout games, but the print and binding quality of the strategy guides just isn’t suitable for an art book. Plus it’s annoying to have to keep all the individual Fallout 3 guides for all the DLC and have to go to each one individually to look at the art. I do appreciate that they put some art in there, but I would rather the two be separate things. Let the strategy guides be strategy guides, and release a proper art book separately.

        Speaking of strategy guides… guess it must be just about time to hear more about the Skyrim strategy guide, eh? 😉

    • I agree with you 100% Total drooool!!! I pre-ordered the CE for the PC and regular version for the XBOX. I’m all about the art. I just love the the overall art direction Bethesda went with Skyrim. The art book alone is worth buying the Collectors Edition. It will be real interesting to see the different ideas they came up with before picking what they wanted for the the game.

      We are almost there! October is going to be a long month…

  4. Any chance of an “Art of Skyrim” wallpaper series? Would love to have some of this gorgeous art gracing my 1920 x 1200 desktop. Right now I have some Skyrim screens and everyone in the office comments on them…

  5. well it looks amazing, if the rest of the art in game is even remotly close to this i’l be VERY happy when my CE version of this game comes. This is Awesome!

  6. To beautifull to behold, i’m so glad i put my deposit down for the C.E edition. The picture on the bottom left reminds me of the village of Bree which is no bad thing. Waiting through October is so cruel, i swear the Daedric prince of Maddness is having a laugh somewhere in the distance.

  7. Could this book be made available through a means other than having to shell out another $60ish for a lump of ornate plastic that many don’t want? I wanted the “Making Of” DVD and this art book… but not the paperweight.

    • I might add that I got the CEs for Oblivion, Fallout 3, and Fallout NV… but passed on this one specifically because of the $60ish paperweight.

  8. again… there is no love for the statue. i love dragons, i love the different mythos behind them, i love the way they look, and in Skyrim i will love slaying them with naught but a bow and a good battle axe. the art book is just some extra icing on top of the cake that is the game, but for me the statue is the scoop of vanilla ice cream right next to it.