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  1. Although I have been an Elder Scrolls fan since Morrowind, even I understand that there is an inherent separation between gaming and education. What does this event have anything to do with higher learning? How does the Elder Scrolls Food Truck endow students with a drive to improve society?
    This circus of events is only diluting the value of American education, and at this rate, this generation of students will not be able to compete with the rest of the world.
    We don’t need Elder Scrolls Food trucks on campuses. We need a complete redefining and restructuring of education in general.

    • I’m sorry, Dane. I am currently a student and I don’t see how your argument follows any type of logic. The temporary presence of the Elder Scrolls Food Truck, a marketing tool, on a college campus, a target audience for Bethesda marketing, in no way determines the quality of education in each classroom on that campus. Not only do you make this false correlation, but you then expand the argument to encompass the entire education system in America and comment on society with regards to the current generation of students. That is a logical fallacy called “appeal to ignorance.” While I agree with your general sentiments, I can’t agree that the food truck is making any impact on education. Besides, it’s awesome.

    • I’m sorry….What?

      If this is your rant on educational reform, it’s in the wrong place. I fail to see where they have said that the Skyrim Food Truck has anything to do with providing students with a ‘drive to improve society’. It’s food, bro. Calm down.

      On topic.
      I would love to see this come to Oklahoma, alas it is but a dream that will never be realized. Haha.

    • Dane, this doesn’t have to do with the college. The Elder Scrolls food truck is simply coming TO the school. You are right that it has nothing to do with higher learning, but it’s not supposed to. it’s simply a fun thing for the students, while promoting the game. I personally see nothing wrong with this.

    • What do you expect them to do, display the menu in Ayleid or Thu’um for the students to decipher? No way, this wouldn’t attract average people to the truck, and the marketing ploy would be unsuccessful. It is not Bethesda’s responsibility to educate UC students, they are just there to promote their upcoming title, and I think they are doing so in a very creative manner.

      Bring one of these trucks to Bethesda, MD. Add Daedra Hearts and Dragonthroat Curry to the repertoire.

    • How do pep rallies and homecoming have anything to do with higher learning or improving society? Yet, every college/university in existence holds them regularly. Sounds like someone’s spent way too long in grad school and has become full of themselves.. (although that trait is usually obtained at birth)

    • It has nothing to do with higher learning. This is all about marketing to a key demographic. Besides, students do need breaks from academia every so often, it’s just food to refuel the body with a twist to make it more interesting.

      But I can’t wait for Skyrim! I never buy/play video games except when a new Elder Scrolls comes out.

      -Astrophysics ’13

    • They are coming here because there is quite a large gaming market in the college community. I don’t think you quite understand the prevalence of gaming in a college student’s life. We have to have to do something when we’re not drinking. I’m a physicist. Don’t worry. The future is in good hands.

    • Jeez! You know when that thing between your legs gets hard, it’s called a hard on. Use it! Cos you seriously need to get laid!

    • Also, no puppies on campus! Puppies do not endow young scholars with a drive to improve society! If we allow puppies on campus, nobody will study at all. They will just take pictures and oooh and aaah. What a circus, what a mockery of our fine American values.

      …Look, you nutcase, it’s not like the school is sponsoring the event. Some outside organization offered to distribute food on campus, and the campus allowed it. Not sure when you were last at a school, but college students are generally bottomless pits and poor besides, and finding free food is a noble and ancient tradition among us young scholars. Turkey legs improve our education experience by letting us get a square meal without adding to our financial worries. Ha so there.

    • Wow man. Maybe the reason the food truck is on campus is because a major target demographic for this video game is college students? A business is trying to promote a harmless product to a type of person that is most likely to purchase it. Throw in some free food, thats great. What is wrong with you?

    • I’m a grad student in Cambridge, so obviously I’m not in a crappy department. And I’m sure as hell going to visit the Skyrim food truck when it comes to Boston.

  2. @Dane –
    Food allows our bodies to live.
    We need to live to educate ourselves.
    Skyrim is giving us food.
    Therefore Skyrim is giving us education.


  3. You sir are way to serious. This is just suppose to be a fun way to advertise a game,but i do agree strongly with changeing the way we educate.

  4. What is this Dane guy talking about? The event is suppose to help promote their game by giving away free food and goodies. Wish I could go hang with you guys and get pictures but I’m really far away. Keep up the PR ideas, I want Skyrim to be the definite GOTY

    • Yeeaa man! This Dane guy just dont dig it. Its all about the goods! The good eats. How can you think all that brainy stuff if you aint got the good eats??? Dig?

      I cant wait til those Bethesda boys and girls start serving up the zombie and vampire fare.

  5. My only complaint is that I don’t live in a larger city to attend events like this. As for Dane’s comment. Its one day out of the year? (years?) That something like this happens. Don’t vent about how fail the american education system is. Certainly one food truck is not doing anything but lifting up the spirits of a few =) I’m hungry.

  6. Dane is right, the education system does need to be overhauled. But he’s right for the wrong reason. we need to educate people in how to recognize advertising and PR because obviously some people are entirely inept at it. Dragon legs will actually help you learn better because by being there it will teach you WTF the event is about rather than being a complete imbecile.

    TLDR; Dane, you’re an idiot.

    PS. Bethesda you are awesome and I love the idea and I can’t freaking wait until 11.11.11

  7. @Dane Wow, dramatic much? It’s promotion for a freakin’ game. Lots of college students game, so it is a logical marketing technique, it’s not “diluting the value of American education”.

  8. Games are games. Education is education. Food truck for the sake of game promotion has something to do with nutrition and gaming but nothing with education. So… I guess it can’t ruin higher learning, unless those higher learners will get stuck in Tamriel. Well, can’t blame them. The game’s gonna be superb.

  9. I think this is such a great, creative idea. If anything, that Dane guys is talking on the wrong blog. Not your responsibility to further education, but to entertain and please the mass of Elder Scrolls fans. Keep up the awesome ideas, and come to Oklahoma State next!

  10. Dane what is your problem? What does free food have anything to do with “American” education? I live too far away and wish I could partake of the Skyrim food truck!

  11. You guys should come over to the Sacramento area and pass out munchies! After failing epically in P90X AND Biking to class, i could use some food!

  12. To Dane: It’s smart people like you who make all the other smart people seem soooo damn smart. Especially when they “know exactly” what they are talking about! =D

  13. Sounds delicious, wish I could happen to be in the country and in the area so that I could partake of this fine meal with all the Nords gathering for the feast!

    Also, I want that sign!

    • If you’re in Seattle and you like this kind of thing you HAVE TO go to AFK Tavern. It’s all the way up in Everett but it’s definitely worth the drive. You can get great food, tons of drinks (with names that reference everything from Star Trek to Dr. Who to Zelda and Portal…) and you can play several different board-based rpgs, computer games, or console games (they have a bunch of computer stations and couches with XBoxes). I am so sad that they are so far away now that I’m back in Cali T.T

  14. Wow, lol so cheesy. I love how at the bottom of each food item there’s a clarification. So the person who wants to order looks at the menu and goes “Omg dragon roll??? Oh wait it’s just turkey!”

  15. this is a game that when the elder scrolls VI is announced you are still in 50percent of the game to be conclued thats why i love elder scrolls but i already endend oblivion

  16. UCSB is a great school. Don’t worry dunce, the kids there are smart enough to compartmentalize what they eat for lunch, what video games they play, and what they’re studying. I get your point though, you have to be nearly a genius for that… thanks Bethesda. I wish you would have showed up at my UC with nuka-cola and blamco Mac n cheese for fallouts release!!

  17. Dane is a moron. BethSoft advertising Skyrim isn’t some conspiracy to screw up America’s educational system … in fact, BethSoft doesn’t need to have any sort of conspiracy, the educational system is committing suicide anyway.