RAGE – Jackal Canyon Official Gameplay Trailer

With less than a week until launch, we’ve released the sixth and final RAGE gameplay video! Watch as your character infiltrates the Jackal bandit clan’s camp in order to retrieve a data decrypter that could help the Resistance defeat The Authority.

If you missed any of the previous gameplay videos, head over to our YouTube playlist for RAGE.

Reader Comments

  1. I don’t know why I keep watching these TRAILERS they are like CRACK. Hopefully, there is still stuff I haven’t seen yet. Amazing enviroment, richest one yet–MegaTexture really shines here, also AI and animation once again stands out from other games. Can’t wait!

  2. Great Simon Bisley! He killed someone with his car! Its like CARMAGEDDON-THE ROAD WARRIOR-DAMNATION ALLEY all roled into one wonderfully violent bloodbath soaked world. Oh how the excitement chemicals swim in my brain so swiftly alive!

  3. i have always enjoyed playing games where you get to go around killing monster after monster caus i have been a HUGE fan of the silent hill games and now this rage game has come out and i just hope that it will be a total knock out.

  4. I’m not sure about one part – are we will be able to go out from our character body – like in Prey game? What is that green screen?

    Will we receive the Real User Friendly Development kit for Rage for modding and making the locations and all the stuff inside the game environment? I’d love to make some self-made village in the game.
    For example the Gecko creation kit for Fallout 3 is NOT very user friendly and just awful and adding complete mods to Fallout is not perfect.
    I’m afraid that we won’t get any creation development kit for Rage considering the years ID Software spent to just putting this beautiful textures in the game. If we won’t get the full library of this textures with this kit – the making of locations of the same quality as original ones will be impossible – because drawing all this textures alone is simply nightmare.

    • Not user-friendly, very not friendly.
      I want to model new structures In The Game environment – like in some 3D viewer with instruments to actions with placed structure or texture in the game itself. And we won’t see such editor with look from third person – because i saw in one Rage movie clip how the ID making textures itself – by very very old and tedious way.
      And the making of characters and very important equipment for it – like clothes – is the real hemorrhoid – i tried but it’s just too time spending – you will need to working for it hours to model a body, then draw texture and etc. Fallout 3 just wasn’t made for changing the look of NPCs and characters – if Bethesda wanted this – they would have done some instrument for working with characters – now such instruments are all unofficial.

  5. I pre ordered rage way back in June. But I’m starting to have second thoughts. It looks too linear. Is it a sandbox? It’s made by James Carmack that’s the only reason why I’m getting it, but now… I might just get Dark soul instead. I heard there is only 12 weapons and 3 different type of armor in rage. That really kills it for me. Is everything scripted? In the gameplay Jackle it looks like the I’D player who controlling the character kinda of knew where and when the enemy were gonna POP up from. That means the game is scripted. I want to love Rage but…… Linear Shooter were everything is scripted DOESN’T sell now days. Even if its in an open world. Help answer my question Bethesda. Rage or Dark Souls?