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  1. Was gettign a bit nervous their on the Steam pre-load but now the pre-load is humming along at 71%. Should be ready to go come Monday at 9pm PST!

  2. Would be nice if games as big as this (10GB+) allow direct downloads for steam even outside steam. Since steam ports are closed at certain places, one is forced to download this at home and due to bandwidth limits such downloads hurt. I would rather download this at my work place, lol since bandwidth is not an issue, just ports being blocked.

    The other thing would have been helpful was to tell users that it will bea steam works game fro the start, when pre-orders were 1st released. Because I bought this game off steam when it 1st became available. Had I known that it would be a steam works game, I would have bought the retail copy to save the download headache or downloaded it from another site that allows http downloads directly.

    • What would have really been great is if Bethesda had a place we could log on to get a cd key to activate the retail version of the game directly from them. So far in the past two months STEAM has deleted my games from my harddrive three times without my knowledge and a game i just purchased the other week had its cd key already used by someone else which meant taking a whole bunch of extra steps like scanning the reciept and taking a picture of my game box for a new cd key while waiting days for STEAM to get back to me to see if i my problem was legit. Eventually i lost my patience and just threw the game away while promising never to buy any games at Best Buy again since they wouldnt take it back.

      Ah how i miss the old days of multiple passwords on printed manuals which were asked for at different points in a game.

      Heres hoping uninstalling the registry cleaner prevents this from happening again as someone at another forum advised me on.

  3. As of 6:29pm on Sunday (EST)the store page says the game will unlock in 1 day 21 hours…so definitely some inconsistency here…

  4. About development for Mac – is it over completely? Can we get an official confirmation from Bethesda?
    Does i need to get it for PC now?
    Wouldn’t it be like with Squire Enix game which after release for main platforms proclaimed that mac version also will be released after?
    I don’t want to purchase the game twice.

  5. Main problem with steam is pricing (especially in the euro area)- once they had a game which was DOUBLE the pricing on amazon, and I wrote to them to check if it wasn’t an error and sadly it wasn’t… their response also indicated they didn’t care much. Not sure what prices are like on steam for you US netizens?

    • They (Steam) done this recently for every country – all games prices in the local currencies of the customers country and the access to dollars prices is closed. I had bought Old World Blues DLC earlier in dollars and by the moment of new Lonesome road DLC this is impossible now – it’s only in my local currency price – which is awful because i’m some precent on cross-currency changing (my banking card is in dollars only).

  6. An error was encountered while processing your request:
    This item is currently unavailable in your region

    WTH? Where is pre-order? Where can i get it?

  7. can we expect any DLC’s like fallout and oblivion had?..RAGE is a awsome game (a borderlands feel of sorts) some DLC’s too extend gameplay would be awsome! thank you!