Celebrate the RAGE launch with id!

After long years of work, tonight the team at id Software will finally see its mutant baby RAGE running free through stores across the world. To celebrate, the team is heading down to their local GameStop midnight opening to hang with fans and sign some games.

If you’re in the Dallas area, drive on over to the Mesquite GameStop at 503 N. Galloway Avenue to join John Carmack (CTO), Tim Willits (Creative Director), Matt Hooper (Design Director) and other key members of the RAGE team. The crew will be arriving at 11pm Central — don’t be late!

Reader Comments

  1. This is why id is so great and I love to support them. They are true to the community, and things like this show how much id cares about the games they make. I buy id games not only because I know they are going to be among the best but also because I know I am buying from and supporting good people.
    And they are true to their roots too, showing up at GameStop in Mesquite instead of a location in Dallas or elsewhere.

    • GameStop has yet to let me down unlike Best Buy where i’ve brought games with stolen or invalid cd keys which wouldnt activate on STEAM since it was already on someone elses account. Couldnt even return the games. GameStop also knows the art of salesmanship selling with a smile and friendly personality 😀

  2. Please take some pictures and video of this event, I want to enjoy the aftertaste. Most of all, could you also take a picture of John’s autograph? It’s too bad I pre-order collector’s pack of RAGE with no autograph on it.