RAGE Released!

After long years of hard work by the id Software team, RAGE has hit stores and is now available for purchase. Have you picked it up yet? Having fun? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Plenty of press are having a blast, as evidenced by the reviews that have poured in. Here are a few to peruse:

EGM (9.5/10): “Rage is one hell of an experience.”
TeamXbox (9.5/10): “Simply put, it’s a blast to play.”
GameTrailers (9.0/10): “RAGE is not what you expect, but exactly what you didn’t know you wanted.”
Game Informer (9.0): “Id’s return is worth the wait and stands out in the crowded FPS market.”
IGN (8.5, Editor’s Choice): “One of the best looking games ever made.”
AusGamers (9/10): RAGE is a triumph for id Software”
Gaming Chronicles (10/10): “Rage looks like a launch title for whatever system Xbox is planning for us next.”
Gaming Trend (95/100): “Rage is just that damned good.”
Machinima (9.0/10): “Rage represents the team at id stepping out of a 20-year long comfort zone and (gracefully) stepping into the modern era. It’s been a long time coming and I think I can speak on behalf of gaming when I say they are most welcome.”
Giant Bomb (4/5): “The sheer complexity of texture and detail packed into every one of the game’s environments is nothing short of staggering, especially in the two town hubs that you’ll return to again and again between missions.”
GamingExcellence (9.6/10): “RAGE is an easy candidate for the best game of the year, and was well worth the wait. Don’t miss it.”
Voodoo Extreme (4.5/5): “The id Tech 5 engine looks amazing on the Xbox 360. So amazing in fact that RAGE may very well be the best looking game on the Xbox 360 to date.”
USA Today (3.5/4): “An extraordinary adventure”
PikiGeek (5/5): “A Classic Shooter in the Modern Era”

Reader Comments

    • How about make a game that WORKS for PC or stick to consoles because i shouldnt have to uninstall current working drivers and install some crap driver that wont work with any of my other games. I want my fn money back bethesda

      • Also note that i tried to send bethesda a message about what had happened…and the mail sender is apparently a dead link to nowhere…. please tell me you wont screw up on Skyrim like this cuz you steal from me once…shame on you….steal from me twice…and ill be kickin your damned door in to get my money back!

    • Stop waiting: this PC version game is ONE BIG BUG! It sucks bigtime! Read the comments before you buy! Even STALKER is a hifi mega-smooth-running game compared to what Rage brings to you!

  1. At first I thought it was a half-hearted post-apoc FPS, until I found out id did it, and now the reviews are coming in… looks like I’m convinced. 2011 Q3 is going to be expensive for gamers…

  2. Anyone buying into those advertisement revenue generated reviews should really take a look at the Rage steam forums.

    PC version so far appears to be a cheap console port with HUGE issues.

    • Agreed. Am suffering from major texture dropouts every time i turn aswell as texture tearing. I only played for fifteen minutes so i cant really say anything about the gameplay at the moment except that some of those textures could have been better. Boy those skulls on poles look like paper mache. Vehicles though are sweet aswell as the dialogue and voice acting.

    • I completely agree!! Got the game on Oct. 4 at 12:01am, installed it and not much more then data errors,pop-ins, artifacts and freezes. Updated drivers(updated Oct. 3) Slightly better but still freezes. System specs P55 motherboard,8 gigs ram(1800 O.C) i5 750(O.C 3.2Ghz) lynnfield & a Hd 6950 xxxEdition 2gig. Windows 7 pro

    • The RAGE Steam forums are a bunch of 13 year olds that don’t know what they’re talking about. The 5% that do know what’s up – this game is great. Stop complaining, find a solution, and enjoy the game for what it is. It’s a lot of fun. Some people don’t like first-person shooters, and that’s okay, but for some reason a small minority of them don’t want anyone else to like fps’s either. It blows my mind how ignorant people can be, and most of them gravitate to the Steam forums.

  3. Rage is the most gorgeous game on x-box. Buy IT NOW!!! Looking for other gamers for co-op my gamer tag is el SvPERBEASTO That is a V as in victor and tag is case sensitve. Serious gamers only.

  4. Complete disappointment. Pre-ordered the game, played at midnight, and found out that the textures and drivers for the game don’t work. This POS is unplayable, even almost 24 hours after release. I recommend filing grievances with Better Business Bureau for everyone.

  5. Pay attention to what Xenite said. I honestly have no idea how I spent $60 on a game with lower res textures and more crashes then a Battlefield beta game from 6 years ago.

    Bethesda, if you’re reading this, please fix these issues IMMEDIATELY!

  6. brought the game and its flawed badly the fps texture makes it unplayble and 13 of my close friends are reporting the same issues we all have high end pc,s cf gpu 4 ghz plus cpu ect and its spoiled the exsperince so bad ive just unistalled it tried the amd update that made the game play alot worse done every think that could of been done its not just us google it its a massive problem never again !!

  7. Just started Wellsprings missions and have done some multiplayer (up to level 8. Graphics on XBox 360 look like its Xbox 720, really remarkable. Multiplayer is a great alternative to the glut of FPS shooters out there. Can’t wait for Doom 4 to see what Id tech 5 can do there.

  8. The pc version is so messed up with bugs, amazing no one is sueing game companyies who put out games that are unplayable.

    I myself just used 49,95 euros on this game, and i feel like ive been scammed by ID. Cause i dont get a finished product.

    Im guessing that this is just a matter of time, before people start sueing game companies who releases unfinished games like this.

    Its alot of money going to game companies like this, it like buying a packaged at the food shop and when you open it you cant eat it cause its rotten.

    Please do something bout this, im sick and tired of buying games that arent working.

  9. Gameplay is great , I had forgotten what a pleasure to play with the normal behavior of mouse with Strafe Jump.
    But please give us the normal video options and High quality textures.
    ID The Best.

  10. I have to say that I’m disappointed in marketing for Rage. I wentnto bet buy to purge it and there was at least 3 end caps with Gears of War 3 and all the marketing material with it. Even Forza 4 had it’s own spot. rage on the other hand was simply on the shelf with the hundreds of other Xbox games. I found it after searching in all over for it.

    Maybe Rage doesn’t need anymore marketing, but I was surprised how difficult it was to find in the store….

  11. I do have to say rage is a wonderful shell. The gameplay and idea of everything was made wonderfully- however, like a few others said, there is no benefit to searching, the invisible walls, and frankly, 3 dvds for xbox and the game length was only worth 1. i beat the game in 20 hours.SO, like i said a wonderful shell. Too little guns selections, too little upgrades, too little side activities. I expect MORE than fallout had to offer, and i have 200 hours into New Vegas and still havent beaten it yet considering all the exploring and secrets, and the trading i do. INTERACTIVITY is the key… Let me open every door, turn on TVs, pick-pocket people, walk in any place i can see, and have everything serve a purpose. Fallout is truely the greatest game-design ever because of those characteristics- and Im waiting for someone to expand onto that great game, and RAGE has potential for a rivalry in different aspects. but 90 percent of the doors are closed, and after an area had a mission involved in it, re-visiting is pointless. I want secrets, respawning enemy groups, millions of weapons and attachments/upgrades/ammo, and never-ending gameplay… Definately NEEDS a group of DLC releases all of which are bigger than the game-itself, expanding on EVERYTHING already in place. The game was fun, but I didnt expect it to be so short, and lacking in interactivity and exploratory rewards… But, it has potential to become amazing.

  12. This is actually a vey bad game, with no story, simplistic gameplay, and dead characters. The bugs in the PC version show how much Id Software / Bethesda think PC gamers are worth. Nothing. An insult. The engine – if it works – is nice (but not the top), shame about the game. Avoid. Do not waste your money on this overhyped game. Id Software have long lost the battle. Stop talking about them.

  13. Beat the game in 12 hours and I didn’t rush AT ALL. (Maybe SPOILERS): The story was absolutely atrocious…I’ve never, ever played a game with a more anticlimactic ending in my entire life. It just ENDS. No boss, a fifteen second pre-rendered video and that’s it. Those reviews are absolutely paid for because no decent gamer would ever give this above an 8.0 The gameplay and combat certainly deserves a 9 or 10 but coupled with everything else and not even God himself could justify those scores.

  14. I love the game.The visual presentation is amazing and atmospheric.Just like in most hollywood sci-fi movies these days though there is more beauty than depth in the game.Why the almost total lack of story and interaction?this gameworld screams for deeper character interaction.But for what it is its such a great game,now you just have to fill it with more content and emotion.I really hope id continue working on this franchise and that they support it with dlc in the meantime 🙂

  15. Well, I bought the game, haven’t played it yet. Read all these reviews, now I don’t want to play it…
    Sounds like ID/Bethersda or whoever is actually behind the production of this game are just a bunch of C#[email protected]!
    Doesn’t surprise me and I can wear the cost of the game but a lot of people here have to save up to get this and when you konw that they are exploiting this with some many sold….?
    Just in it for the coin and nothing more. No pride in the quality of their product.
    What a shame, seems the way things a becoming more and more.
    Least the cover looks cool…

  16. Graphics are great, but the story is not great. I thought something big was going to happen after the end credits, but nope nothing.

    I will try and get a portion of my money back at Gamestop. Thanks for a nice looking game but next time work on the story, have more side quests, and let us free roam at the end.

  17. ~don’t waste your 60$ on this unfinished PC version. It blows. They have set a patch out there -it doesn’t help. Obviously Bethesda and id did not test the game properly. the games performance is shite. I should have waited. I HAD a good impression of Bethesda, but id has done this time and time again. After all that money carmac has made from Quake and the quake engine, one would think he could by now release a FINISHED work. What an assh*le.

  18. So ID games have always been a love of mine, but wow and I mean WOW. Rage was a huge let down. It started off with a great story then went no where. I seriously had no idea the game had ended until the credits started to role. I’m still confused and am not sure if I saved the planet or not. Well I sure hope I did. If you act fast gamestop is still re-buying the game for only half off which will last about one more week I bet. and make it so you only wasted thirty bucks and not a hole sixty. And sorry ID but you just lost me for good.

  19. Rage is a fantastic game in every way shape n form. Only tiny gripe is its to short, completed it in bout a day n half so started playing nightmare level which is great. Still makes me laugh everytime I hear insults from the AI enemy. 10/10 ID keep up the good work

  20. Sort of enjoyed the game.. been a huge id fan since wolfenstein.. I thought the engine looked nice but not much better than the unreal dev. Kit. The game and story could have been so much.. if this game had come out 6 years ago I would have been happier with it but after all that time this game really had no chance its in a market of fps games from the time of halflife 2 type game play… fallout destroys this game.. I don’t care how great a game looks if the gameplay and story suck I feel like I have wasted my money.. there did seem to be some false information given about this game and the only point of driving is just to get to normal claustrophobic id software level design.. nothing new here.. same games they have been making since doom 1.. I expected more from them with this.. how do they expect to compete with other games in this genre.. ? They are obviously too old and not concerned with pushing themselves in game design.. game engine wars have been over for 7the years.. its about making a dynamic game and its something that was done to an extent with rage.. but this game could have only been as good as fallout series if id software had an additional 10 years to work on it.. which is pathetic ..seven years for 15 hours of gameplay?! Wow…

  21. i just finished playing Rage and i have to say this was the worst game i have played in a while. i read good reviews for this game only to be disappointed with a game that totally lacked any information on who the arc survivor was. what an overall goal might have been. WHY is the biggest question people would be asking had this game have the worst ending ever. i played this game on hard and i found previous missions harder then the final one. so much ammo that wasn’t even a challenge and to be slapped in the face with an ending like that was bullshit. i never comment on games but someone needs an ass kicking over this game. i live in Australia and this game cost $110 new and i can promise ID that i will not be buying the sequel until i find a $10 preowned scratched copy on the bottom shelf.

  22. Don’t know how to put this. I truly thought the game was enjoyable, I really did. Great looking as well. The main peave I have…. WAY TO SHORT!!! All side missions (not to mention just roaming around bored for over an hour, because after you’ve completed a ‘map’ there are no more enemies for the most part) Barely 20 hours, (side missions, races.. everything) You would think after a SEVEN YEAR build, the game would AT LEAST be 40 hrs+ NO LESS… but is to laugh I suppose, that’s what I get for thinking the ‘FATHER OF FPS’ could stand up to all the dominating franchises that are available now (Fall Out, Borderlands) In comparison, this game was ALMOST competition for it’s own genre… so sad.. so sad.. 🙁

  23. And I played it on Nightmare as well… they could have AT LEAST did a new game+ or something, and the multiplayer was pathetic honestly… (and you can’t earn achievments or ANYTHING unless you play with someone else..) Boo id… BOOOO… Honestly, the biggest let down of a pre-order ever… (except for Homefront that is) Luckily I got ‘friends’ at GameStop… so I’ll be set.. but others weren’t quite so lucky…. 🙁