Sale on Xbox LIVE content!*

Between today and October 10th, we’ve got 50% savings on a number of our downloads on Xbox LIVE, including:

Fallout 3

Fallout Avatar items


Fallout: New Vegas

Xbox LIVE Arcade

*Awesome helmet not included

Reader Comments

  1. Oblivion is still $30 then? I’ve waited since day one that it hit XBL for it to drop to $15. We shall just have to continue waiting.

  2. Awesome helmet? Sorry looks like a Michigan helmet… now were it a Wisconsin helmet! Too bad I already have all the DLC for F3, FNV and Oblivion.

  3. Why wait for an Oblivion price drop? You can buy the goty edition for like 20 bucks.

    Btw, very disappointed to see the dashboard theme isn’t on sale.

  4. Nice to have FONV DLC discounted… I wish I had Oblivion for my xbox instead of PC for the discounted DLC… Can I get some discounted PC DLC for non steam users? 🙂

  5. You guys gonna release a patch for Quake Arena Arcade?
    The game corrupts save files.
    Played about 1/3 of the way through the campaign, and lost all my progress.

  6. Would you please fix Fallout New Vegas? Read the boards, many people are complaining that the patch 1.7 broke the game a lot. If you’re not working in that department, please contact Jason Bergman and other people from the New Vegas Team and tell them to read the posts online. I’m not lying. Patch 1.7 broke the game.

  7. Great. The only game I have on this list is Oblivion, and since I’ve got the GOTY addition I’ve got Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

    Horse Armor is really the only other thing you could add? Really?