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  1. Level 50… that going to take 100 hours at least. 100,000 gold… are you crazy? Ill be getting platinum for sure though.

    • It’s not hard to get 100,000 gold; I have over 200,000 in my current game of Oblivion. Now if only I had that much in real life…

  2. Awesome you can join the imperial army or appearanlty the stormcloaks, since it gives you the achievement for joining either one I reckon that you have to decide which one to join. That is awesome I love to actully get a choise in rpg’s, Oblivion was lacking that feature. But then again you had to choose at several occasions. Anyways I am insanely pumped for this game.
    Can’t wait for my CE.

  3. I meant to say But then again you had to choose at several occasions in the shivering isles dlc. and i misspelled appearanlty in the begining

  4. It listed ‘The Eye of Magnus’ as an achievement. If anyone played Arena, the first Elder Scrolls game, you might remember that ghostly figure in the Labyrinthian!
    Beth really invested a lot of passion into the lore, judging by this neat little tidbit.

  5. Ah, I’ve been mistaken. It’s Mogrus. Magnus was only mentioned as the originator of an artifact in said title and his character extended in other titles as well. We’ll see, we’ll see.

    • I thought Magnus was the designer for Mundus, who became disgusted and ripped a whole through Oblivion letting Aetherius(the Sun) shine through, giving Nirn Magic.