Playing RAGE on PC? (Updated on 10/7)

While many folks are playing RAGE on PC and not running into issues, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing issues with screen tearing and texture issues. The teams at Bethesda and id Software are on the case, and we’re working with the likes of Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We know that you want to experience RAGE at its absolute best, so we’ll continue to use this blog post to keep you posted.


  • Nvidia users should try updating RAGE to the current beta driver and check out their guide to improving performance.
  • Visit our forums for solutions that can improve reported issues with screen tearing, blurry textures, and texture pop up.
  • We’re currently working on an update that will allow you to more easily make configuration changes… should have more details on that shortly.
  • AMD users need to update to the most recent RAGE Catalyst driver. Grab it here!
The new AMD driver, which now supports Windows XP, makes the following RAGE-specific updates:
  • Improves performance in Rage on single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series and AMD Radeon HD 4000 series of products.
  • Resolves intermittent crashing seen loading levels in Rage
  • Resolves flickering of NPCs in Rage
  • Enables automatic Vsync for Rage

Reader Comments

  1. For the love of god, please spare us further steamworks harrasment – that thing doesn’t even have a version check
    for us-versions of the game – just the location of the pc
    counts – then *poof* installation canceled and just the ‘preload’ available.

    (And don’t get me started on the steam related FO NV ctd, the unwanted overwriting of the ini files by steam just the most harmless reasons behind that).

  2. I hate to say it but the ATI fix made the game worse than it was before. Good job. Quit making ports. Design the game for the specified platform, period.

  3. I can’t even start the game. I click “run” from the steam menu, and several seconds later I get an error box stating that Rage needs to close.

  4. I installed the latest ati drivers and the game works beautifully. I was happy with the game before mainly because I was ignoring the graphics problems and focusing only on the content, but I no longer have slow frame rate and flashes of light on the screen. I’d have liked the game to work originally like this, but an excellent fix, and it only took a day to get it out, very nice.

    • I’m running an iMac Core 3.4Ghz i7 16gig ram and 2GB AMD Radeon HD 6970M, will be playing Rage today via bootcamp, its the est option for us Macites.

      RIP Steve Jobs

  5. I got the latest drivers, i even made the id software/rage folder the tard game doesen’t know how to make em that’s why it’s tearing like this (C:\Users\Ferakitril\AppData\Local\id software\rage) use lowcase when u make those 2 folders. But with all that the game is unplayable, it goes with perfect fps … but it stops a lot of times … i mean now it’s play time 2-6 secs later i can’t do anything move mouse press esc nothing then it works for a few secs then it stops again. If anyone knows what should i do please do tell i even tryed vsync+triplebuffering still not wroking… thou the add of the folders improved the number of secs it was playable more like double it.

  6. This game is a horrible POS! I waited for years, upgraded my machine, for this?!?! Id software has turned it’s back on PC gamers and sold out to the consoles like so many other companies. I used to be a loyal fan of id, now i’m sorry i pre-ordered this garbage. id software, go back to your mom’s basement and make games the way you used to…

  7. Just played at a lower resolution of 1280×768 with the latest 11.9 catalyst drivers on my Radeon 5770 on WinXP and the texture popup is almost non-existent though i still have screen tearing but not as distracting as before.

  8. I just want the crashing when transitioning to a dungeon or town to get fixed. I could care less if looks pretty I just want it to work properly. Should have went console on this one it seems.

  9. I’m currently playing rage on the 360, all i can say is wow. This games “Mega” texture mapping or what ever it is (im not to graphically inclined haha) is really incredible, I was worried that i wasn’t getting the game the way it was meant on the xbox. im about 8 or 9 hours in and I’m truly blown away. Seems a lot of these new games have driver issues on the pc. seems even if someone has an “uber” rig there’s still some sort of driver technicality that totally disables the game dragon age II, witcher 2 anyone?? Seems there needs to be a better standard to promote compatibility. Is there such thing?

    I assume alot of these issues stem from outdated chipsets. I know that this machine wont even install the newer catalyst. HD Radeon 4200.

    Anyhow, ID thanks for keeping the old DOOM 2 walking motions that you’ve kept and upgraded through your games, the “Vault-tec”, “Vault-Boy” on the mayors desk was a nice little reference. I feel like im playing an ID game hunting for my next frag down in my moms basement again……superb

  10. id and bethesda have created a shit.the texture issue is making people crazy and websites like ign and gamespot are giving review points more than 8.this is really awfull that craetors of doom and quake have made such a buggy game.this should be fixed soon rather than provoking reviews given by the gaming websites.

  11. Worst game release ever, I can´t believe they dare to sell crap like this. I never buy a PC game from this compagni again, you have let all the gamers down with releasing this halfdone crap.

  12. played it this morning on 5770 then a 5850 and 5870 murderd ccc in every way at every res from hd monitors to led tv and the texture popup is to of putting to enjoy it its so sad getting no help from id only gammers making it up as they go along to my fellow gammers any help or info would be appreciated !!!


  14. what is happening here?? I can’t play this for anything.. it just freezes and plays and then freezes.. this is terrible. I am running a more than adequate machine for this game with a 5770 w/ 1 gig ram + 8 gig ddr3 + amd x4 2.8ghz and i had the evaluator check it and it beat the recommended specs..

    please get this fixed asap.. EVERYONE WHO IS HAVING ISSUES please respond to this and left them know what is going on.


  15. Firstly, Quake 2 changed my life and I’ve loved everything Carmack has done from id to Armadillo, but they finally joined the mainstream devs and flipped PC gamers the bird at a premium price point. It’s a war of attrition now and I hope the PC gamer community will return the gesture.

  16. RAGE wouldn’t start-up when I first installed it (immediate app crash, screen didn’t even blink) but getting the rage driver from AMD let it start. after that in game is fine except the NPC’s (namely wellspring citizens) will corrupt with crazy polygons and positions, although nothing else will. and except for the occasional crash (mostly when changing an area as the load screen comes up) the game runs fine, no texture popping or anything so far.

    os: win 7 x64 Ultimate
    mobo: Asus Sabertooth 990FX
    cpu: AMD Phenom II x6 1100T 3.8Ghz
    GPU: ATI Radeon 5870 Catalyst 11.9 w/ Rage update (10/4/11)
    RAM: G.Skill RipjawsX F3-17000CL9D-8GBXLD

  17. last update. fixed all my issues by reinstalling the AMD driver AND solved my screen tearing by forcing Vsync and enabling triple buffering in CAtalyst (sorry nvidia people I dunno how to help you)

  18. I have a pair of Nvidia Geforce 460 GTXs. The game gets through the opening movie and crashes.

    I hope this is fixed soon. $60 and a 2 hour download to find out the game doesn’t run brings up words I can’t describe here.

  19. Rage is really fun and looks really nice on my PC. I wasn’t expecting to much graphicallysince the graphics remind me alot of Borderlands and are somewhat nicer, appears to be the stylized kind of look that many games are using these days. The story is fair but gives enough reason to go out and explore the world and kill murderous bandits. I haven’t experienced any of the graphical problems I’ve been reading about, could be my pc is more then able to run this game or luck.
    system: i7 920 @2.68 GHZ x58 chipset
    CORSAIR Dominator RAM 6gb @ 1600 mhz
    EVGA 580gtx w/ 3gb vram

  20. This is so frustrating!!! Bought the game yesterday for the pc, I meet all the system requirements and I can’t get passed the meteor intro. The game will freeze every two seconds!!

    I’m with the AMD radeon… I’ve got a dell xps 1640. And I installed the rage catalyst driver. Before that, the game wouldn’t even start!!!

    Does anyone have something new to suggest?

  21. Hope your patch or fix includes fixing the enumerable crashes. Everytime you enter a new area, CRASH!!!

    This game is worse than Bioshock 2 which until today topped my buggiest game ever list.

  22. please guys, fix the keybinding issues. i am having to re-enter my keybinds at every game boot. given 2-3 crashes per 2hrs of play, that is too much. additionally, not being able to bind ‘5’ really sucks. using the same keys for similar movements on every game is important. using the num pad for primary movements and weapon control is how i play. muscle memory for ‘forward’ for example helps me get the most out of each new FPS straight out of the box.

    it is really hard to enjoy the game when i keep missing familiar keys.

  23. Many ATI users can even start to play the game. Why this is not mention that after the intro cinematic when the game start the framerate is 0-1. Unplayable.

  24. fresh install of Win7 X64, latest “rage performance” drivers from Ati.

    [email protected],[email protected]/Ati5750 with 1GB

    playing at 2560×1440 with no FPS problems at all, the game is flying but i still have very small texture problems (bleeding and poping up) especially in Wellspring.

    Hope for another fix and/or patch

  25. Come on Id guys, another 24 hrs and nothing. get more coders and testers in 24/7 sleep by their workstations…. come on we want this fecking game patched and I want to crossfire my two ATI 5770 cards again and run them flat out.. come on work harder… the fans did to earn the money to buy this buggy game. MAN UP (and Woman up) and get this thing done.

    I finally got something that plays.. god knows why WE have to do this… but now the odd crash and green dark shadows?

    If this game is DX11 then we need a panel. ANd we need easy normal VGA settings access. Crossfire.. at min. I mean NO crossfire WTF! what were u thinking u dorks.. come on

    JC South Wales UK

  26. I updated the Nvidia GE FORCE GTX 295 with the latest beta driver 285.38 on my PC (windows XP)

    It works 5 minutes after modifying/playing with setting (GPU enable, lower definition, play in windows etc..)
    I manage to save the game after 4 minutes.

    After restart, constant crash….
    Cannot reload saved game..
    Cannot restart new campaign….

    I guess I have to wait for better driver for windows XP…

    Seems like Windows 7 have less issues….

  27. Hello,

    Please don’t take umbrage Bethesda… but when are you going to release a game which isn’t full of bugs…? Take for example Fallout 3 great game buggy as hell. And here we have another example, great game, and years in development, over a year to polish before final release… and what happens on the PC version.

    Well to be frank… the sh** has hit the fan again, with buggy graphics pore rendering, a really annoying glitch and lagging in the graphics even after I have tweaked my own config settings way before anybody decided to make them public. Did it make any difference? …Um, nope. Oh and another annoying feature which I would like to see patched in the first patch, and boy is this going to be a big patch because it’s full of bugs. Key binding, we gamers like to bind our own keys to a specific way. Can you bind your won keys in Rage? No you cannot. There’s a default.CFG but no sign of a custom CFG file once you have make changes to bindings within the game. I use the “Key Pad” and you cannot bind “5” for backwards because it’s binded by default to a weapon. Even when you change the default binding for the Crossbow “5” to “0” it will still not allow you to bind backwards to _KP5 or _KP_5 annoying please resolve this in the first patch.


  28. I have v-sync forced in the latest betas (for my GTX 480) and in the launch options however i still get tearing 🙁

    Guess i wont be playing until this is fixed….

  29. So… we with Nvidia cards we’re suppose to use beta drivers to play this f……g game. The fact that beta drivers could drive our pc’s to NOT be able to play other titles due to possible problems, we do not care. This situation is ridiculus. The game is unplayable and NOT in SOME users, but in the vast majority of them. Freaking console games are destroying pc gaming.

  30. This is all you will fix? How about fixing all the crashes. I was really enjoying the game until I finished Mutant Bash TV and it crashed when I stepped on the podium. I have tried several times but it always crash and since you can’t save while doing the MBTV you have to kill all of the mutants again. Some folks suggested lowering the resolution, which I did, didn’t help at all. I’ve even tried playing in windowed on 640×420 with no AA.
    I really hope that a patch for this will come out since I want to be able to play the damn game that I payed for.

  31. This game better be so good that the glitches aren’t worth noticing. Because I work at a game store and don’t want to have to push every customer away from buying/renting the game.

    I payed a lot of money for this game and even took the day off college to play it, but from the second I enter the world I am disappointed.
    I haven’t even played 5 minutes of the game after realising that the graphics can’t be altered manually and that the textures take a while to load. I have an amazing PC that can handle anything, but to buy a game that has had so much hard work put in to it, and for it to look ugly on my system is a huge punch in the face for me and everyone who worked on the game.

    I am TRYING to get through the game with the problems, but I am not enjoying it. Especially after having been disappointed before I even clicked ‘New Game’. I wish companies would not put so much effort in to something that will be massively hated by most of the gaming community. I don’t know why they do it, it’s unfathomable.

  32. I’m a little confused by everyone’s supposed luck so far… I started with catalyst 11.9 and had horrible screen tearing/ artifacts/ objects disappearing. Rolled back to the 11.8 catalyst and the tearing and artifacts are gone, but in certain levels the dark (black) areas look green, others look blue, and I keep freezing while loading new levels. I get really annoyed when developers rush games to release and try to make up the errors by promising an upcoming patch… leaves a bad first impression for a game that should have otherwise been great. Like opening a Xmas gift to find the contents broken. I’d rather wait for you guys to be ready. This reminds me of a time… A la Crysis and most other EA games from that era. Does Bethesda and id really want that rep? Shame shame…

  33. Any note on how to open up the console, these commands seem very familiar to me and I want to get in and start tweaking my own custom config. I greatly improved performance in Brink using the console and hope to do the same with rage (which btw performs and looks like a dream now that I am running 8k textures) just wondering if I can get access to the console and what other things might brighten up my gaming experience!

    Just a side note, running great on a Dual Core (Core2duo @ 3.8ghz) with an Nvidia GTX 470. I am really enjoying the game so far and so glad it is FINALLY out!

  34. Hello. I’m running windows 7, (x86) on an alienware laptop. I’m able to run the campain through the first cutscene where the meteor ship…uh…thing crashes into the earth. But, as soon as the actual game wants to start the game crashes. Please, help. Bought it for $60 on steam, and it looks like a very fun game so I don’t want it to be a waste. (Ran three times with the same problem)