Playing RAGE on PC? (Updated on 10/7)

While many folks are playing RAGE on PC and not running into issues, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing issues with screen tearing and texture issues. The teams at Bethesda and id Software are on the case, and we’re working with the likes of Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We know that you want to experience RAGE at its absolute best, so we’ll continue to use this blog post to keep you posted.


  • Nvidia users should try updating RAGE to the current beta driver and check out their guide to improving performance.
  • Visit our forums for solutions that can improve reported issues with screen tearing, blurry textures, and texture pop up.
  • We’re currently working on an update that will allow you to more easily make configuration changes… should have more details on that shortly.
  • AMD users need to update to the most recent RAGE Catalyst driver. Grab it here!
The new AMD driver, which now supports Windows XP, makes the following RAGE-specific updates:
  • Improves performance in Rage on single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series and AMD Radeon HD 4000 series of products.
  • Resolves intermittent crashing seen loading levels in Rage
  • Resolves flickering of NPCs in Rage
  • Enables automatic Vsync for Rage

Reader Comments

  1. A short story:
    Bought a boxed one, in the store they warn me, there are some problems with ATI graphiccards…
    OK lets give a try… Install, activate, download the anarchi edition content and PLAY
    After the intro, freezing, 5 times, new driver from ATI (RAGE enhancement) same, read a lot, changing ATI setup, writing config files, nothing… Undo everithing and download Skid…’s cr… exe.
    Working, not perfectly, problems with saving, but not a single graphic issue

    WTF… no way…

    • It’s not ID’s fault, it’s Bethesda’s. Every game that Bethesda has taken hand in, has become cursed in a way. Glitchy, buggy, broken, etc. I am so expecting Skyrim to be entirely broken. RAGE could have been one of the best games ever made. So much potential.

  2. The Bad:

    * Latest AMD drivers installed and still crashes during loading between scenes (game installed on SSD) – reboot PC to rectify!!!

    * Slow loading (crucial m4 ssd ain’t no slouch)!

    The Good:

    * Pop-ups when no AA selected, but with 2/4x AA is OK (no difference in frame rates either with fraps) so whoohoo!

    * Amazing graphics and game play so far…

    Awaiting the x64 version….

  3. a lot of people including me are having to much lage to even play the game . Why aren’t you saying anything about that?

  4. The latest AMD/ATI drivers for WinXP as of friday 10-7-2011 have completely fixed the texture dropouts. Everything is nice and solid with very smooth framerates at a resolution of 1366×728 on my Intel quadcore 2.5 cpu,Radeon 5770, 2gigs of memory.

    Getting alot more crashes though especially when entering and exiting areas or vehicles. The MUTANT BASH area is pretty stable with no crashes which was surprising. I also got alot less crashes when i switched to a lower resolution of 1280x.

    Hope everyone else gets similar if not better results.

    Thanks to all involved.

    • Yes, the new driwer minimase the graphic problems, compare to the older versions, looking much better, smooth runing on 1680×1050, 8xAA on my PC (Ci7, 8 GB RAM, Radeon5770, 2x500GB HD)
      if I can start the game… well I can startonly with the cracked exe… with original exe, till crahe afther the meteor inpact…
      Well iD guys mede a good job, meteor kill my machine :S

      I will try thr K-Lite Codecs… Thnaks for the idea

      • Your welcome and thanks for the info about helpful hands in the shadows for those who want to enjoy the game as stable as possible. I can run RAGE fine fortunately, its just the graphical glitches and crashes when leaving an area. At least the new drivers took care of one problem and possibly K-Lite Codecs aswell.

  5. New drivers did NOTHING for my problem. Game is still completely unplayable (Massive CPU usage at 100%).

    For every 1 second of control I literally have 5-10 seconds of frozen screen.

  6. One developer tweeted “We tried to have the driver out this week [sic Oct 7th] but we will definitely have it out next week.” I prepaid for this game 2 months ago. Enjoy your weekend guys. Don’t spend all of my money in one place!

  7. Well I did get every update there is right now, but the game still won’t go further then the 3rd logo screen!! After that the screen goes black and nothing happens. I haven’t read this problem anywhere so I’m a bit frustrated….

  8. geforce gtx 460 newest beta drivers not working. all other new games work beautifully. software patch most likely gonna be needed.

  9. I have been a true fan of idSoftware since the beginning. I was online with John Carmack playing the Quake beta the day it was released. From Wolfenstein to Doom 3, I have LOVED the company. I just got done playing the highly anticipated RAGE. To say the least, I am disappointed. I was hoping for a smooth, graphically stunning game with the same features and feel of the originals. Instead, I was thrown into a remake of Fallout 3 with vehicles. The storyline is pathetic, and the gameplay is choppy. I know, I know, there are bugs which are affecting the video quality. But really, when Quake Beta was released, it was a game changer (no pun intended). If you really want to earn a gamer like me back (which I really hope you do for both of our sakes) Focus on a new Wolfenstein or Quake or even Doom, and make it look and feel as tasty and smooth as your original FPS games when they were first released. Drop the vehicles, thats not your strength. Make a game for the masses. Focus on Multiplayer, CTF, and open source modding. Take back what the Valve franchise has earned over the years. Stop trying to find new competetors, focus on doing what you do (or did) best. You will still make a bundle from RAGE, unfortunately, its mostly due to the hype surrounding it. You have taught me to expect more from you, so I do.

  10. Just installed the latest K-Lite Codecs to see if that would fix the crashing. I was able to complete the first episode in the MUTANT BASH ARENA for the first time but still got a crash upon exiting. Fortunately i saved before leaving the area so i should be able to exit the MUTANT BASH ARENA without a problem once i restart the game.

    Nice setup in the MB Arena and loved how when i blasted a mutant in the face with my shotgun blood splattered all over my face in thick gooey globs. Most dramatic blood effect i’ve ever seen in a game.

    I did notice in the last encounter in the MB Arena the mutants were stuttering in their movements unable to move freely as if stuck to the ground or another mutant next to them. The main boss also exhibited the same behaviour while gliding about the floor as if too big to do the correct animation in the cramped arena.

    Music is also excellent including the main screen with its FRIDAY THE 13th style music.


  11. Ok have tried all the fixes including:

    rageconfig 4k + 8k

    (got ati 6970 still runs at 10 fps on 8k, on 4k runs fine but got insane screen tearing, some times pretty jerky especially in car…)

    honestly i can play games that look 5 times better than this at 60 fps no problems >.< ID need to get there finger out fast, i'm wanting a refund this is bullshit!

    • sorry for the language but i have never been this mad since a poorly made port since erm bulletstorm! and it took them 8 months before they sorted the pc problems 🙁
      a serious V-SYNC + texture issue needs fixed in game can’t blame graphics cards for poor pc support imo. no other games have these issues on pc so cmon 🙁 /cry

  12. I’m frustrated by the apparent lack of support for Nvidia card users. Absolutely none of the “fixes” work for my GTX 295, a card that can run any game I’ve thrown at it. The texture popping and screen tearing make the game unplayable.

  13. Why are all the comments here ONLY related to the PC version of Rage?! I am starting to get really upset because everywhere I go (here on bethblog, on bethesda/ID twitter/facebook, carmack twitter, Rage forums) everywhere, it seems attention is being placed entirely on PC users for Rage and the PC version, related drivers and fixes etc. What about those playing on PS3 and Xbox 360?! I can tell you there are a lot of us. Why are the console version receiving NO attention?

    I guess a more constructive question would be: ARE these fixes for drivers and such on the PC going to somehow become available for console users? ALL I want is for the damn texture popping/lag to be fixed on my Playstation 3 version of Rage.

  14. any1 has any ideas that can fix this for me i’ll be glad to hear them
    my rageconfig is as follows
    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 8192
    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 8192
    vt_pageimagesizeunique 8192
    vt_pageimagesizevmtr 8192
    vt_maxaniso 4
    image_anisotropy 4

    also tried

    launch options:
    +vt_pageImageSizeUnique 8192 +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly8192 +vt_pageImageSizeUniqueDiffuseOnly2 8192 +vt_maxppf 32

    doesn’t seem to do anything 🙂

    all out of ideas here keep getting screen tearing at the lower half of my screen! also tried steam forums, no difference :-s (also played around with every graphics card setting (upping cataclyst AI helped a little…)


    • Rage still has more problems with ATI. This does not indicate that the card is bad, because I bet you have run other games quiet, it’s Rage.

      Turn off the AA and do not put the lines in the launch options, because you’re basically using it at the cfg.
      Inside the catalyst menu, create a profile Rage, and put
      vsync ON.

      I still remember the keynote “rage is much better on pc”
      Please … texture pack and to hell with the 60 fps!
      the multiplayer is so limited. adventures short and easy to complete. and has a bug in the arena of MB. my friend got stuck in the scenario.

      Well, it’s fun. But still, an easy adventure to hit 12, 15 hours.

  15. PC developed and ported to console, is what Rage should’ve been after reading the development comments of the idtech5 engine. But it would seem that VALVE is the on true last PC developer out there; at least I can count on Gabe Newell to provide great PC games. And I play 99% of my games on console.

    • Unfortunately Bethesda never listens to their public, otherwise all of their games would have improved in working quality. I’m not expecting RAGE to ever be fixed, unless ID put their effort in.

  16. Newest drivers 10/7 didn’t help much. Basically I have two modes of game:

    1) freezes every 2 seconds for 5 or so seconds – no artifacts (big black squares)
    2) disable catalyst AI in ATI CC – works flawlessly – but with huge black squares all over the place

    It seems that people with DUAL CORE and ATI cards (mine is 5870) have that problem in common.

    I have tried all prescriptions – from completely cleansweeping ATI drivers to variosu rageConfig.cfg tweaks but in vain.

  17. Acually this new update didnt help me at all.Still have the NPC flickering and same texture popping. Im using a community config to make it playable.

  18. I would just like to stress, I have been enjoyin Rage for a few days now, and I am very impressed… the textures not filling in fast enough when i turn left or right too fast is still a slight problem- but I do not suffer any FPS hit at all -AT ALL-, no crashing -AT ALL-, and playing seemlessly for entire day straight even, minimizing to desktop periodically and bringing it back up and the games entirely stable.
    playing at 1600×900 resolution. on a duo core 2.6ghz, 7gigs RAM, and gefore 560 ti

  19. “AMD users need to update to the most recent RAGE Catalyst driver.”

    But… I play a lot of games beside just RAGE. I’m seriously supposed to install game-specific video drivers now, just to play a ten hour game? Are you kidding me?

  20. I guess the only issue I have is that the game is great but graphically I had such great expectations. I really thought that the focus was going to include phenominal graphics. I will say that the characters and weapons etc are beautiful, but what happened to crisp and clean environment. I was just disappointed when I didn’t see the “HEY LOOK AT THIS GAME” graphics. How do I recommend the game to friends when I’m disappointed? Anyways, as for the game itself I’m having the time of my life.

  21. I tried the AMD Catalyst™ 11.10 Version 2 Preview Driver, not working.
    I tried the AMD Catalyst™ – Rage Performance Driver, not working.
    I tried the 11.09 Ati driver, not working.
    I tried the 11.10 Ati driver, not working.
    Inside the CCC I tried the Catalyst AI slider, the V-Sync pipe, the Triple Bufferint pipe, not working.
    The game has falter, working to 2 sec, after this stopped 5 sec, and keep doing it. Unplayable.
    My PC is core2duo 2,8 ghz, 4g ram, Sapphire Radeon HD6950.
    So, pathetic….

  22. Hi
    The game on my machine is unplayable, with an ATI radeon 4780, I updated to the latest version of Catalyst (11.10) and it’s still reaaally slow..
    In the menus everything’s smooth, except when it’s saving my option changes, but when I’m in game, my FrameRate is lower than 1 FPS. None of the solutions in the comments worked, neither writing my own rageConfig.cfg…

    Hope to see an update soon, the game still looks great

  23. Guys, but the amd hd6790 is not supported by Rage? Because in the list of supported card the series6700 is not mentioned, and the game on this card dosent work at all: i see the intro video(the one with the asteroids), but when the screen with the text eden proget appears, frame rate drop down to 0

    Sorry for my english but i am italian 😀

  24. There are still flickering/twitching/stretching/whatever NPCs in Wellspring with the latest AMD 11.10 preview 2 catalyst. Otherwise the game runs a lot more smoother now for me.

  25. I have this new AMD driver v2 on and its not done half of what it said it should. Have ATI 5770 Crossfire and still only one card fires up. Characters are flickering black making the game unplayable for me. Waste of money. This ruins the game experience having all this rubbish to deal with. Roll on the next gen of Xbox.

    I still get with 07/10 ATI drivers:

    Green dark shadows.
    NO crossfire with 5770 ATI.
    Flickering characters all the time.
    Some blurring and then in focus when looking about.
    Some crashes going into levels or races.

    and still no patch from this company here.

    If you’ve fixed say 2/50 issues then why not just release a little patch. Something, Anything please.


  26. Installing the newest ATI update fixes the textures for me, but now just opening the menu causes the game to crash, as well as when moving from area to area

  27. Game freezes every 2-3 seconds. I tried different drivers, different start options, nothing works.
    Graphics Card Radeon HD 6850

    • Yeah got a new 6850 too and I have the excact same problems as you. Runs fine for 1-3 seconds and the freeze up for 1-3 seconds. Totally unplayable!

  28. (HD 5550)

    I downloaded the newest ATI driver and afterwards the “Rage Performance Driver” driver. My game is still a slideshow. But it got better! From ~1s to ~4s of moving pictures until the next freeze. Good job, guys! 🙁

    Never again. Except I get a Xbox or PS3 for the inconveniences so I can play Rage, finally 😛

    Whatever … any ideas?

  29. Amazing game, just one thing! NEED A TEXTURE PACK for better quality! the characters, itens and vehicles, ok. I hate see the normal map dont get a good shape, because the texture compres is better for consoles in the visual.

    I prefer a texture pack than a DLC!

    if you have a nvidia: gt, gtx or quadro with 1gb, 2gb + just use this tip –

    the part i use:

    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly2 16384
    vt_pageimagesizeuniquediffuseonly 16384
    vt_pageimagesizeunique 16384
    vt_pageimagesizevmtr 16384
    vt_maxaniso 4
    image_anisotropy 4

    save as Rageconfig.cfg and paste on \rage\base

    No issues during the game. But for 512 video memory.. really try 8192 and less resolution.

    Inside nvidia control panel, create a profile for the Rage.exe
    turn on vsync, tripple buffer, AA4x.

  30. After trying complete ATI driver clean and reinstall of the new v2 11.10 and running that best rageconfig I no longer have flickering characters but still no crossfire for my 2 XFX 5770’s

    Only one cooks up load and fan speed and temps the other gets maxed out as would expect but the other stays on idle. Have tried other crossfire games and they fire both cards up.

    Harder to check ingame for RAGE cos Radeon Pro just will not run the game with the crossfire hud display no matter what settings.

    but from temps and GPU load just one is working in RAGE with this 11.10 v2 ATI driver. No crossfire.

  31. I have downloaded all the new drivers and tried all the old ones mentioned. Nothing I do will make the game playable. I have an up to date pc and can run anything just fine but no rage. I was really looking forward to this one. Oh well.

  32. John Carmack paints beautiful graphics but it’s not much more than looking at a pretty painting hanging on the wall when it comes to interaction with the graphical environment. There are limitations in interaction and there are no destructible environments. Multiplayer battle racing is kind of fun but this game is not worth the $60 they charge for it. It’s not worth the hype. I’m not saying it’s a bad game for what it is, but it is pretty much the same type of gameplay as everything else. There’s no real breakthrough in gameplay. I felt like I got ripped off at least by $20.

  33. These supposed fixes don’t do anything to solve the problem… 11.8 is slow as hell, 15 FPS on a HD6970. 11.9, 11.10 and the Rage performance driver all have the freezing slideshow effect.

    This is pathetic. Don’t release a game in this state, it’s just embarrassing and a waste of everyone’s time.

  34. Oh my lord. Why can’d I just buy a game and play it. It’s dead island all over again! All this frustration makes me regret paying so much money for a PC. Never had such problems on an xbox.

  35. Ho aggiornato i driver AMD nuovi scaricati ma ho ancora problemi con il gioco, ogni tanto si blocca e girandomi velocemente a destra o a sinistra si vedono le texture caricare in riratdo, vi prego risolvete velocemente il problema, sono anni che attendo RAGE e voglio godermelo al massimo

  36. I’ve read comments like:
    id Completely ignored basic things like
    – Optimizing the game for current drivers
    – Providing video settings since everyone Can not run the game at full spec
    – Calibrating the texture streaming so it’s optimized for the platform

    And I agree, there is no perfect technology.

    I remember start be scared, when i read a interview with Tim Willits, and he said that the engine “fits the hardware”.