Playing RAGE on PC? (Updated on 10/7)

While many folks are playing RAGE on PC and not running into issues, we’re aware that some of you are experiencing issues with screen tearing and texture issues. The teams at Bethesda and id Software are on the case, and we’re working with the likes of Nvidia and AMD to resolve them as quickly as possible.

We know that you want to experience RAGE at its absolute best, so we’ll continue to use this blog post to keep you posted.


  • Nvidia users should try updating RAGE to the current beta driver and check out their guide to improving performance.
  • Visit our forums for solutions that can improve reported issues with screen tearing, blurry textures, and texture pop up.
  • We’re currently working on an update that will allow you to more easily make configuration changes… should have more details on that shortly.
  • AMD users need to update to the most recent RAGE Catalyst driver. Grab it here!
The new AMD driver, which now supports Windows XP, makes the following RAGE-specific updates:
  • Improves performance in Rage on single GPU and AMD CrossFire configurations using the AMD Radeon HD 6000, AMD Radeon HD 5000 Series and AMD Radeon HD 4000 series of products.
  • Resolves intermittent crashing seen loading levels in Rage
  • Resolves flickering of NPCs in Rage
  • Enables automatic Vsync for Rage

Reader Comments

    • I bought the game and it didnt work, well i probably just thought by changing out the graphics card in my pc would help, so i went out and bought a FXF Radeon 6950 300$ i put it in download the best software on the enternet 11.10 (something like that) and the game still dosnt work. ive changed out settings, ive done as much as one man can do.. The game looks amazing, its just when i try to walk the game freezes and jitters. i cant even get out of the f^ing pod. Its campaign guys… it shouldnt be that f^’ed up. ive only ever had problems like this if it were online. can somebody tell me what im doing wrong?

  1. I got a GTX 480 i7 2600K Asus v-pro 16Gb Vengance..

    Using 285.39 drivers, and made the rageconfig.cfg file from nvidia`s support.. no crashes, minor stuttering, and a little menu flicker… The Game is AWESOME! looking forward to a patch though.. The cfg file takes care of the texture balancer so its 8K textures.. Working fine here:)

  2. 2.67ghz quad core nvidia gt 240 1gb. I can play multiplayer games FINE everything runs great…. I cant play the game though. after I click NEW and watch the intro it crashes out with “NVIDIA OpenGL driver has encountered an out of memory error”

  3. OK, after reading this stupidity, I just HAD to add my two cents:

    Many people seem to be having the same problem as me (game pausing for several seconds, ever few seconds). I also read that people having this problem have the same card as me (radeon 6850).

    I’m sure the pro’s at Id have at least a LITTLE experience in these kinds of problems, and are working hard with ATI and NVidia. I hate that so many people want blood because three companies couldn’t be 100% up to par with each other in today’s market (and people totally ignoring the problems games such as Starcraft II, and Black Ops caused pc gamers at launch).

    I can honestly wait a little while. Sure it hurts seeing my copy of Rage just sitting there, and seeing commercials taunting me. Sure I wish I could at least get the blurry images I get to see all over youtube. But I can wait. I waited for Doom 2 (and waited HOURS to send a buddy modified .wad files over 2400 baud modems). I waited for Quake (and to get a computer with a math coprocessor capable of playing it). I waited for Doom 3 (and managed to sneak a REALLY early legit copy off a buddy).

    I can wait for Rage. Carmack hasn’t done me wrong yet.

    (that being said I would love a copy for my 360, so I can finally play the game lol)

  4. 5770 here. I can’t leave wellspring. Crashes every time. Can’t save either without crashing. Even tried lowering res.

  5. Sorry, have to STRONGLY disagree with SoVi3t here…I spent $ 60 for a game that I have yet to be able to play. When I buy a game and the specs on my brand new laptop greatly exceed what the manufacturer published ON THE GAME BOX, I expect it to work without my having to spend hours reading forums to find some backwater hack that MIGHT get some of the game working. Let’s be honest, they rushed this out to market and didn’t do their homework. I hope they’re all working 20 hour days and are doomed to lose their jobs. This is all about marketing and the bottom line. They coulnd’t wait another 30-60 days to test this with a wide variet of high end components, so they gave the reviewers the PCs to run the advance copies in order to avoid the embarrassment of having THEIR games crash. Reviews are published, game is released, and now everyone is surprise that the “real world” application doesn’t work. Still not sure what else I can do to get this working; will be calling the maker tomorrow to scream at someone.

  6. This is the beginning for game developers to come up with “Oops, I’m sorry” releases so they can get on with dropping PC development.

    This wasn’t a mistake, but a deliberate action on ID’s part, since they have had a long history of PC-based shooters (they created the entire FPS genre on PC gaming), suddenly dropping the ball on their flagship platform isn’t accidental.

  7. I have the game running properly already and hopefully soon will everyone. However, I think it would be really nice if ID could release a true texture pack for the game through whatever distribution means is viable. Currently the working as intended textures look worse that most games in recent memory.

    If there was a 150gb texture pack available somewhere, anywhere, that people might be able to download you can at least say that this game showcases the technology as a 2011 technology and not just as a proof of concept.

  8. radeon hd 5875, 3ghz quad core, 8gb of ram

    game runs and looks beautiful, but there is a micro stuttering issue in dungeons, where every, say, 15 seconds to a minute, the game will freeze for like a millisecond.

    Its hard to notice at first (but you will notice since it interrupts gameplay), however, the cponsistency of the problem makes the game pretty much unplayable.

    • I have almost exact same setup, and I have the exact same problem.

      Seems minor at first and then it gets ridiculously annoying after about the 15th time.

      Agreed, unplayable as of 11/3/11.

  9. I had the same freeze ups every few seconds and slow texture loading. Installed the patch and recommended nvidia drivers. Which initially made things worse.
    Then i reset the nvidia settings to default and stopped some unnecessary window services ie adobe updater ,nero updater, ipod crap, protexis licensing, etc.
    It then worked like a charm, apart for some screen tearing.
    but not a single crash ever since.
    SO i think the problem is not necessarily with Rage or Nvidia but with other crappy programs running their background services that interfere with overall performance of the PC

    All this on a win 7 x64 and GTX560

  10. when is this crap gonna be fixed? aside from everyone defending the 3 companies responsible for the game, the fact still remains i paid good money for a product that is pretty much so buggy it is unplayable.. i would hope that AMD comes up with this driver pretty quick smart and the the customers putting up with this debacle r duly compensated

  11. The game “Rage” is really cool. But, after all the updates spelling errors. I play on a PC. The game runs perfectly on maximum settings. But when I go down the drain, the game features slow motion. Correct remaining errors please! It is impossible to play on.

  12. Crash on Save.
    The updates fix most problems but i still cannot save the game 90% of the time it locks my computer out, quick save or full save but auto save seems better sometimes!

    system amd athlon 2 quadcore 620 2600 mhz 4 gig ram, ati radeon hd 4800, audigy 4 soundcard xp pro sp3

    I like the game but its unplayable due to the save pain
    cheers hope this helps?

  13. I got
    Nvidia gtx460 1g ddr5, newest beta drivers installed
    i7 x980 3,33mhz (12 virtual procs)
    12giga of working ram 1366mhz
    win7 64bits

    i play all mine games to the max : 1980×1280, 16xalias etc …

    but i cant even play this game at 1024×768?

    tried all fixes, i can now play this game for 10minutes, if i dont use the sniper rifles zoom.

    Don’t blame this soly on the videocard vendors.
    i really think you overdue it with this game, did you test this game properly, with mainstream videocards that everbody has?
    or do you test it on a supercomputer you have in your basement?
    i read that you need at least 1,5gig ddr5 videocard, yes i gonna buy again a videocard that costs plusminus 300 dollar.

    I am better off buying an xbox360 and play rage there, at least there it works fine.

    this pc version is just a wast of everybodies money and time trying to fix all those problems.

    I have this game 2 weeks now and mine play time is 2hours. it should be 48hours.

    very frustrating

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  15. Game worked pretty well from the get go with me on both my computers. Sure, I had some texture popping but that didn’t make it unplayable.

    Great game. Loved it. Though the minigame racing shouldn’t have allowed either you or your competitors to respawn.

    Now… when is the rest of my AU$89.99 game going to arrive??? I’ve finished this sucker in under 15 hours.

  16. After updating my video card from Radeon 4000 series to Radeon 6000 series, Rage became unusable. FPS dropped to something like 0.1