RAGE PC Update released

This evening on Steam, a new update for RAGE has been released. Below is the changelog to the update:

  • Implemented workaround for AMD driver crash right after intro cinematic on Win 7 32-bit systems.
  • Disabled UBOs because they are causing animation issues with AMD drivers. Don’t allow swap-tear to be enabled on AMD while the extension is not exposed because it may crash.
  • Support for new video settings: “texture cache”, “vsync”, and “anisotropic filter”
  • Automatically adjust vt_maxPPF based on the number of available cores.
  • Improved performance for SLI cards when GPU transcode is enabled.
  • Fix for GPU Transcoding option being disabled after exiting gameplay.
  • Added safe mode to restore video settings to default values.
  • Allow g_fov to be changed from the RAGE launch options in Steam.
  • Server now forwards text chat from clients to all other clients while in-game.

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Reader Comments

    • What a ridicilous game. Patches not working, Driver updates not working..

      Nothing is working.. It only made it worse.. Experience immense Screentears, Black textures on mountains and ground..

      8Gb ddr3 ram
      2x hd 6970 XFX
      Phenom II X6 4.0Ghz

      never ever buying new crap from ID or Bethesda

  1. The texture cache and vsync options made all the difference. Thanks guys, I was holding off playing until this got sorted out. I know how I am going to spend my long weekend now!

  2. Nice, except the fact VSync doesn’t remember its setting (I enable it, I still have tearing and when I check the setting it’s still OFF despite the fact I set it to ON).
    I have 2 x GTX 580 SLI and the textures still looks like a 2005 game.

  3. It seems that the patch fixed issues for those that had issues and created issues for those that didn’t before. What a lovely surprise.

  4. This game is such a disappointment. I have never spend $60 on a game and I can’t play it for shit. What a great product you’re building Carmack.

    ID you have lost my future business if you don’t straighten this shit soon.

  5. The use of Rageconfig.cfg no longer necessary.
    When you update the configuration within the game, save and exit. Do not use tweaks to the current freedom of vsync, memory allocation, etc. This may cause some errors in the visual.
    Now I’m waiting for a texture pack for best results in textures.

  6. Eh… beat the game already and saw everything worth see’in… that was a damn short game >.>

    fast patch,.. if a bit late.

    • Agreed. way too short, by the time they got the first patch out, I was already in the third city/stronghold. I finished the game the night the second patch came out. My buddy who bought me this game for my birthday, (which happens to be the 10-04) Still cannot play this game, I have a Q9550 and he has an E68something (core 2 duo), apparently there’s an issue with this game running on anything less than quads. WTF? last year you showing off the simplicity of the engine and how it runs on a friggin iPhone, and now it cant even run on the industry standard right now which is a dual core cpu.. Very disappointing “id”. I also upset that they all but abandoned the pc. You forget where you got your start Carmack?

  7. like darkcg said, after the update i still have screen tearing after enabling vsync with gtx 465 in sli. the textures still look like a console game, almost as bad as a playstation 2 game. any news on when a update for textures is coming out? i have a 120hz monitor should i be disabling vsync for optimal performance?

  8. It’s a shame ID teamed up with Bethesda. Bethesda can never get games to work. I have never seen a Bethesda game that isn’t utterly broken, hopefully they can change their public impression with Skyrim. RAGE had so much potential.

    If all the graphical glitches are fixed, the only other issue for me would be the fact you can’t look around while driving a vehicle. I’m not playing this on the XBox, PC owners should have more freedom with the camera.

    • Actually ID Software made the game, including the engine. Bethesda only the PUBLISHED the game. So it’s all ID’s fault Bethesda had nothing to do with it.

      • actually Moth is right. They have never had anything to do with the way games run when they come out, Bethesda just has a knack for picking up titles from companies that “can’t get right” id on the other hand, I am utterly disappointed with.. Plain and simple, they rushed this game and the blew off the PC user..

    • Try buying a clue about the difference between a developer and a publisher. This is 100% on ID Software, regardless of who they want to blame.

  9. The launch on PC is truly failed.
    PC users base was a core for id software and bethesda, but today with so many video cards and processors – to suit the game you will need enormous by time and costly testing and debugging period – like the post-production in movie industry – the most expensive part of every movie.
    I’m not sure but the Game makers may choose the way to support only unified in hardware devices – in PC it will be like with Macintoshes – only the unified models and only the specific brands with upgrade cycle – the 1-2 models a year. So the users of custom made and very expensive PC modders will be abandon by most game companies as very costly users base which not worth the efforts invested in them.
    It’s the same problem like on smartphones now – with Android – where are too many different models and too different hardware – and iPhone – which is identical in many users hands with similar hardware and making the software for the last one is much more easier and very importantly – cheaper to developer.

    • John Carmack quote about all this situation:

      “We do not see the PC as the leading platform for games,” Carmack added. “That statement will enrage some people, but it is hard to characterize it otherwise; both console versions will have larger audiences than the PC version. A high end PC is nearly 10 times as powerful as a console, and we could unquestionably provide a better experience if we chose that as our design point and we were able to expend the same amount of resources on it. Nowadays most of the quality of a game comes from the development effort put into it, not the technology it runs on. A game built with a tenth the resources on a platform 10 times as powerful would be an inferior product in almost all cases.”

        • Is that Bill Gates does not desire games to be played on computers, or is it that the people at Bethesda do not desire to contend with the pirate situation of games on computers. If the game is written on a computer and the specs for running that game are followed, said game should work. Besides, the keyboard is more powerful than a gamepad for options and controls.
          Every year fewer games are being released for computers in favor of that non-portable, stay at home game console.
          I have a computer, I am mobile, I travel, I play games on the road and at work.
          Maybe one solution for people like you would to be taken +++++++++.

      • Deluded, disgraceful, and most importantly disrespectful. Everyone I know that plays games play both PC and console, they also started on console gaming and then moved on to the serious end of gaming, the PC. I don’t care how Cormack and Bethesda try to wash this over by saying that the PC gamer has lost its stronghold.

    • What makes you say this? My PC is custom made, and all games seem to run fine, if not better than other computers due to the fact that I pay attention to drivers and tweak settings.

      My only problem with Rage was that the textures were all blurry when I turned around. That is only due to developers being incompetent and not able to make games like everyone else obviously can. Testing is not expensive. They could run the game on any PC and notice this problem.

      Blizzard and Valve will always release on the PC, and they will make sure to support new hardware. Period.

    • Sorry but stop drinking the Carmack kool-aid! The vast majority of PC gamers use recent generation video cards, and most also use current drivers.

      Id Shipped a game that did not work on current video drivers and they admit this, they knew the game would take a specific update driver that had not been mass tested.

      This whole thing is because Carmack is still living in the 90’s and refuses to use directx over opengl which has enormous compatibility issues with ATI cards.

      You can not complain about the state of PC gaming, then release a BAD console port. IMO Id and Carmack have lost all credibility.

      • Really? they lost all creditibility? The man who revolutionized gaming, who set the standard for all FPS games to come in the future. Who churned out openGL in one night turning Doom into the best graphic visuals a game had ever seen? I had no issues with Doom3 and once they released the first patch for Rage all the chopping went away, but then ATI/AMD released a new catalyst and that caused artifacting and tears.. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no excuse for this game not working on anything less than a quad core cpu. But seriously man, I cannot discredit him for having a bad release. As far as OpenGL goes, it can run games faster and smoother than DX.. Thats why Carmack wants to stick with it. OpenGL is the reason that game is supposed to run on just about any platform, Phones included.. This is where the real issues is, it’s not running like they said it would.

  10. I download the patch and still got these issues, tried every solution. I can play it with vsync on but the graphic is unplayable… it looks like the old games from 1998 in 3d.

  11. Before Patch game looked for me perfect but i couldn’t play it because every time i was going in to Ghoust Hideout game crashed. Now, after patch game doesn’t crashes anymore but the textures are looking like from games maded for atari in 1993. What a ridicolous situation. GAME CREATORS plase dont steal money from peoples pockets by selling such a game!

    • I have the same card dude go to your ATI control panel and set back to default force vsync on texture cache large and anisotropic filter to high will fix it fella also get the catalyst preview 11.10 just google it

  12. ho installato la patch me ho ancora problemi di sfarfallio del monitor e di blocco del gioco durante qualsiasi cosa, inoltre ho ancora problemi di caricamento lento delle texture, non so che dire, dopo tanti anni di attesa sono amareggiato.

  13. Radeon 5830 OC win 7 64 i5 750 OC 8 gb ddr3
    11.10 v2 + patch slideshow after cut scene 0 FPS
    I spend money for piss of shit! THX BS and ID

    • I don’t get it, Im running an Radeon 4890 Toxic, q9550 Core2Quad, 6gb OCZ ReaperX HTC ram. Win 7 64 and I can run this game full out with max resolution. Your computer is supposed to be a faster rig than mine, sounds to me like you have something configured wrong on your system..

  14. Tried multiple drivers from amd, configurations, and still, after the patch, the screen freezes every 3-5 seconds 🙁

    Really disappointed with the quality of this release.

  15. Behtesda,
    you must be kidding – i bought 2 Games:
    may 2011!!!! Fallout NV, after installing this peace of shit, it never worked, freeze after startvideo – your support: change nearby 500 cfg-lines in your game, in your pc and in your graphicard oder bye a certified Behtesda-PC! WTF????
    octobre 2011 -Rage: Graphic errors, – your support: you hvae the wrong grapicdrivers, take the beta, coming up tomorrow!
    what’s your roadmap for the tests? latte-macciato- and pizza-tests??? after installing the beta – steam tells me: Steam error – the game is not available!!!! what about a monthly check for you without any games???!!!!

    • Obsidian made Fallout NV, Bethesda was only a publisher…before raging you should get you’re facts straight. It has also been mentioned in here already that once more, Bethesda was only a publisher for Rage which was developed by ID.

    • I’m running a high end 2009 PC and it runs fine, graphics are awesome looking when they are fully loaded, they do take a little bit to load sometimes usually when I make a quick turn.

      My system:
      Radeon HD 4890 Toxic
      Intel Core2Quad Q9550
      6gb OCZ ReaperX HTC ram
      EVGA 680i 775 Xtreme mobo.

  16. This is how it runs now on AMD5770 [email protected] 4G RAM

    At least after the patch the game started… I got all ID games but this was the last.

  17. Yep the patch makes it look really good. But it stutters like hell now. un-playable. Looks really good all maxed out. really good. But I cannot play the game now with such bad stuttering. 4-6 second freeze every 3-5 seconds. so enough to look about to check the visuals but thats it. Looks really good. oh and its still no using both my XFX 5770 ATI cards in crossfire. Still the one. driver 11.10 preview 2. clean installs and reboots :(((

    So now what do I do Bethesda ? its really completly spoilt the game experiance. I’ll have to ask amazon for a refund and move onto Battlefield 3 in a couple of weeks. You guys done some stuff yeah but no crossfire in 5770’s I did post tis days ago before and after ati driver. why oh why wont 5770’s work in crossfire. I did even just now try one card only and still stutters like a nutter. 🙁 seee my sad sad face

      • oo and no tearing, not even the micro tearing and stutter crossfire ati 5770’s have on all other games. you got this sorted and its looks good. cant go to far ingame to see dark area but it looks and feels like its visually all there for me. close up textures look good. yes a HQ text pack would be nice. but its looking good for me now. Just terrible stuttering. Have tried reversing all the tricks and even basic cfg file. nothing but your updated exe file causes issue. If I drop older backup exe file back in. the textures are all still good and it looks just about as good – back to the HD config file from ‘fusecore’ guy. it kind works like this. so i might be able to play on. but you know its a shame i cannot use the updated exe. Good job I backed up the game folder before updating via steam.

        I want to play the game now, its sunday afternoon. dont want to wait another week. so unless u can email me with some fix like now 🙂 i’ll play on as is….

        happy to play on….but a little sad…not as sad as before… but still sad.

        • still a litle sad and choked up…but playing on… oo if only it would look like the picture at the top of this page.. maybe it does with x2 £500 ATI cards. And just cannot look any better with x2 ATI 5770 cards.

          If you could just suggest or give me a patch to stop this stuttering….i’d be a happy bunny

          am a little sad as I said… not very very sad or you’d be reading things like ‘I KNOW WHERE U ALL LIVE’ or something like that. Will try a clean wipe of ATI drivers and re-install.

          • nah the wipe and clean and defrag..and reinstall of 11.10 v2 didnt work. same stuttering. the update does make the lit surfaces a little better and the foilage better to look at. And the dusty floor’s and roads have a little more detail which does make it feel overall a little more polished. But the st.stu.stuttering is so so bad.

            back to the ‘before’ state.

            Unless anyone got an idea or two I could try?

          • How bout you try an nvidia card. Been playing from day one with no issue at all. Every issue has been AMD and their consistently crap drivers. I stopped using AMD 10 years ago because their drivers were no better then than they are now. But now days everyone can blame the game dev when in reality it was the drivers.

    • dude, its not only ati cards that have massive issues. care to read the first few posts!? and honestly, a few odd hardware configs not working is something completely different to this shit-storm of a fail-release.

      in any case, i cant help but being really disappointed by the technical realization of the game on pc as well as the game play itself.

      id really needs to focus on what they should be able to deliver well, namely a straight forward, clean and fast shooter. while i can appreciate their effort to shake stuff up a bit, unfortunately it stays an effort only.

    • you have to disable crossfire it why it stutters. Running on max with 6950 and it stutters if I try crossfire but not on a single card. Runs smooth. It is clearly not a pc game, it is so easy to run it with just one card

  18. Well now with the pach, I can play the game, no crash in every time I go to a nec place…
    But the texture, look become horrible, basicli no texture…
    If a Max it, it will crash…
    With the c…ed exe, it was look perfect, but alvays crash…
    playable but horrible vs. beautiful, but have to relode after every ne places…


    • HAH same problem and not this pathc not 11.10 v2 driver helped! Do they even work on this problem?
      I am will not buy any other ID game. And about Bethesda i won’t buy Skyrim unless I am 100% shure it won’t have same graphical problems!

  19. after the update i cant use anti-analysing anymore if i turn it on the game stops and i still got some lage. I got a nvidia geforce gtx 285 and 4GB ram and dual core E8500. So the game should be working

  20. very nice “DARK SCREEN” and zero game, i don’t know whot game you play but my its not FUN. I have windows7x64 proc: phenom II 6 core – 2,8 GHz, 8 Gb ram and AMD Radeon HD 6900 series -2 Gb, all new drivers, Thank You very much for this crap product.

  21. Added the patch…I still have framerate problems on ATI 5570…What the hell am i supposed to do…I had a fresh install of the ati software and stuff…still not working…

  22. Just played after the new patch and RAGE is looking and playing with no visual or fps problems. Very smooth framerates at 1366×768 resolution. No stuttering. Was able to play for 30 minutes til i took the second sewer mission on the Job Board. After completed it RAGED crashed out.

    Much better then before and the crashing may be due to the latest AMD/ATI preview drivers not being certified and fully tweaked.

    I installed the latest patch, AMD/ATI 11.10 preview drivers, latest K-Lite Codec Pack. This on a Intel Quadcore 2.4 cpu with 2gigs of memory, Radeon 5770.

    Thanks and hope everyones issues improve and eventually get totally fixed. Cheers.

    • I think if you bumped up your ram to at least 4gb you would have a very playable game, Im running on 6 and I think we have similar cpus mine is the q9550 which is a 2.4 cpu as well.. your video card is newer, im not sure if it actually runs better than my 4890 toxic but it should be on par at least.. Sounds like you are lacking ram. I would say a minimum of 4 if you can I fully recommend 8gbs..

  23. HAH same problem and not this patch not 11.10 v2 driver helped do they even work on this problem?
    I will not buy any other ID game. And about Bethesda i won’t buy Skyrim unless I am 100% shure it won’t have same graphical problems!

  24. Woah, i was able to play for a nice hour without any crashing or technical problems before i exited the game. First time i was able to play for a lengthy amount and exit normally.

    Thanks again.

  25. The patch and the new amd driver do not work for me. There are even more black textures than before. Really disappointing.

  26. It says •Improved performance for SLI cards when GPU transcode is enabled and i no longer see that option is the video settings ! lol

  27. I feel sory for all you ATI owners I have always gone Nvidia.
    I have a Quad Core Intel Q9550 and a Nvidia 560TI. It played right out of the box. I did do the Config setting and it improved the graphics very much. I also went into Nvidia card settings and turned on the Vysc myself and I get no tearing or lag and a steady 30FPS I did the update and removed the config and it looks the same and plays the same.
    Tried the new vysc setting and still got tearing so again set it myself with drivers.
    I would like to see another patch with higher res graphics options for us high end users.

  28. I have seen all these problems from other users and I can only say I have played for 4 hours straight at a time and have been playing every day sense I received it on Thurs 10/6 18 hours play time. I have not had one crash or tearing video has been fine not like Battlefield but more like Borderland and after today’s patch I upped the resolutions to max and did see improvements. I did however loose SLI but I now get a steady 60fps with the patch. Before I would bounce 40 to 60fps and the GPU usage would jump around. I find it much steadier now with 1 GPU idle and the working one at 60% so I guess no need for SLI on this one.
    Vista 64 Premium SP2,AMD Phenom II X4 955,2 X MSI 465GTS SLI
    Asrock 970 extream 4 Motherboard / Antec 500 case,8 gigs gskill DDR3 F3-12800CL9D Dual Kit
    500gig WD Caviar Blue HDD,1200w Antec power supply
    Logitech x540 5.1 Speakers,G5 Laser Gaming mouse / G15 Keyboard

  29. i know both nvidia and ati video cards have there share of problems however it always seems like ati cards have a significantly larger amount of problems. maybe more people should start usign nvidia cards. With nvidia cards you can use phys-x and nvidia 3d vision. what is it about ati cards that attract people when they seem to always have so many problems. to anyone who want to say phys-x and nvidia 3d vision is a gimmick or bs please save it , i don’t care.

    the update makes rage run perfectly with my gtx 465 in sli (the textures still look like ps2 graphics, however there is no more pop up graphics. )

    • I prefer the visual style of AMD/ATI cards more then NVIDIA. I used to use NVIDIA a few years back then by mere chance i brought a Radeon and i found myself amazed at the amount of colour and detail. I was feeling the same thrill i felt when i first got into computers in the 1990s. NVIDIA is nice but theres a visual crispness for me i prefer with Radeon.

      Just finished another session. This time for two hours with absolutely no crashes. I even left the game idle for ten minutes and when i started playing again everything was still stable.

      I did get a texture popup after returning to town when doing the supply run for the Sheriff. After exiting and restarting everything was back to normal. This may have been due to leaving the game idle for ten minutes as i mentioned above.

      Starting to get immersed into the world of RAGE and loving the car battles on the wasteland and during races. Enjoying all the little gadgets to build and weapon upgrades.


      • “I prefer the visual style of AMD/ATI cards more then NVIDIA. I used to use NVIDIA a few years back then by mere chance i brought a Radeon and i found myself amazed at the amount of colour and detail. I was feeling the same thrill i felt when i first got into computers in the 1990s. NVIDIA is nice but theres a visual crispness for me i prefer with Radeon.”

        ok so if you were playing something like witcher 2 or metro 2033 and you played the game for one hour with a high end nvidia card and you then played another hour with a high end ati card , would you actually notice a difference ? what is it about ati that has better color and crispness? do you have link from ati/ amd that proves ati has better color and crispness? i have played witcher 2 , metro 2033 , and crysis maxed out with nvidia cards and if you have proof that ati/ amd could make those amazing games look even more amazing than i would buy ati cards from now on.

        • No i do not have proof i am just stating my opinion and tastes. As i said NVIDIA looks great but i just prefer the look of Radeon. That doesnt mean its better or not. Its like looking at the work of two different artists and liking one more perhaps due to being exposed first to something similar in the past in my case the old Voodoo cards of the 1990s.

          And yes Witcher 2 and Metro 2033 look great on my Radeon 5770. Its also about what the game companies do with the resources available to them which in the case of those two title is true art.

          • I see your point. I noticed some Dirt racing games and Deus Ex Human Revolution had ATI logos in the intro and Deus Ex even had a HUGE amount of ATI advertising in the game. Besides added ati/amd 3d features and screwing over nvidia 3d users did ati actually add anything beneficial to those games?

      • Sorry, there is no difference in visual crispness (whatever that means) and color between nvidia and ati.

        There is a difference in that games work on nvidia immediately, while with ati you have to wait for drivers, sure.

  30. Since this is on and off the same topic, I hope Bethesda soft-works reads this and if you talented guys can implement a High resolution texture option for PS3(blu-ray) optional installation RAGE and SONY partnered up or allowed the allocated HDD for the game.

    • The problem is not downloading large texture file or a bluray version. Is to put more information in memory, with higher resolution.. apparently, we are seeing the “high” texture in pc, xbox360 and ps3. I believe the “tech” will not allow. Perhaps using the id software PC (development).

  31. I hate that stuff … just bought Rage , should run under Windows 7 / 64 bit … the intro works well , after that my pc stucks like a very very slow motion film … i changed drivers for my video card … i installed an fix driver for it … it does not works for me …. can´t believe that i spent so much money and you bring out such a shitty running game … my video card is an ATI HD 5800 …