RAGE PC Update released

This evening on Steam, a new update for RAGE has been released. Below is the changelog to the update:

  • Implemented workaround for AMD driver crash right after intro cinematic on Win 7 32-bit systems.
  • Disabled UBOs because they are causing animation issues with AMD drivers. Don’t allow swap-tear to be enabled on AMD while the extension is not exposed because it may crash.
  • Support for new video settings: “texture cache”, “vsync”, and “anisotropic filter”
  • Automatically adjust vt_maxPPF based on the number of available cores.
  • Improved performance for SLI cards when GPU transcode is enabled.
  • Fix for GPU Transcoding option being disabled after exiting gameplay.
  • Added safe mode to restore video settings to default values.
  • Allow g_fov to be changed from the RAGE launch options in Steam.
  • Server now forwards text chat from clients to all other clients while in-game.

Head to our RAGE forums for more details.

Reader Comments

    • Sorry to hear about not being able to enjoy the game giuseppe. I just started getting crashes again last night after a few hours of some very stable gameplay. So it wouldnt surprise me if theres much more patching to be done in different areas of the game to remove crash triggering bugs.

      Best wishes on getting that joy back.

  1. id h thanks to the PC has made ​​its way in recent years, and now Carmack says that the PC is the platform of choice, is a contradiction, I bought the game on October 7, which has not yet managed to play even for half an hour, you tell me what should I do? going to sell it and buy another game? RAGE only bothers me, any other game goes well, pretend to have an answer and a solution to the problem as the game has cost me € 50.00

    • you got your info wrong, Cormack said the consoles are the preferred choice and thats why Rage was a Port TO the PC not the other way around..

  2. Just purchased the game and it’s not working. How do we get our money back. If it doesn’t work it’s not worth anything.

  3. Well I played and finished with going back and replaying a bit. Good game, not long enough. Looks great. shame it was messy to get going. Will uninstall now from my SSD and await BF3 which will stay for ages.. and Batman: Arkham City.

  4. This is really lame, I have bought many bethesda and ID games in the past but this is the LAST. Even after the patch the games runs like a piece of sh!t on Radeon 6870, have more than adequate system requirements, the game is unplayable.. get your head out your ass and forget making anymore games.
    Not happy.

  5. The patch fixed stuff for me the only thing that sucks is everything in the background looks like crap but things about 50 feet ahead look fine. but now i do have some stupid line in the middle of the screen but only if i max the resolution to 1920×1280. PC=5770, phenom x6, 8 gig of ram and latest amd rage drivers. you know if skyrim turns out like this, i doubt it will, but if it does there is going to be he11 to pay

  6. Patch downloaded, created the *.cfg file in the steamapps folder, and I can see no noticable change; the screen tearing still consistently occurs @ 1920×1080 resolution. With my system capabilities, I refuse to settle for a lower screen resolution, didn’t have to in Witcher 2. The game is playable for me( no freezing or loading errors. ) Even though it does have a few neat ideas, I find it mostly to be a mind-numbingly boring cross between Fallout 3 and Borderlands. Does this game even have a storyline aside from the opening cgi movie? Had really been looking forward to this game being a great start to an otherwise boring summer of games; aside from The Witcher 2 which was very well done. Will probably go right to playing Ace Combat: Assault Horizon when it is delivered today. I sincerely hope that Skyrim will make the memory of this goofy title a distant memory.
    My system : Liquid cooled Intel I-7 960 oc’d to 5Gb, 6Gb SDDR ram @ 1800 MHz, oc’d Nvidia EVGA GTX 570

  7. Rage is not only a huge disappointment but so was Brink on the pc. As I recall none of Ids games these days scale or run for shit on pc! Im done with you Bethesda!!!

  8. This how this game looks like, using a 2.2 GHz quad-cor i7 processor, a AMD Radeon HD 6750M, 1 GB GDDR5 card, 8 GB Memory..

    looks like crap. ><

  9. Thank you ID and Bethesda.

    After the patch the game runs now. The only bug I encounter every now and then is that the audio gives out then the world stops loading textures. If I try to save or hit Esc it will freeze, then maybe in 30 seconds or more it will unfreeze.

    Sadly, my first experience was tainted by the release issues. I’m about 85-90 percent done my first play through. I will be wary of any future ID releases.

    I’m actually relieved that ID won’t be licensing out their new ID tech 5 engine.

  10. Best post on Steam forum.
    by amcculley

    Critical look at MegaTexture technology
    Unlike most people here, I’ve actually had a pretty lucky experience with Rage. No install problems, crashes, missing/faulty textures, etc.

    Despite all of that – I have some pretty big gripes with the tech.

    First – this is a 25gb install for a roughly 10 hour game. On one hand, when you see all the uniqueness to the details in the world, you can see why. On the other, when all the uniqueness is covered in blurry textures, it really detracts from the detail. In this regard, I’d wager that MegaTexture tech is not helping iD. It seems to me that gamers would rather have repeating high quality textures than unique low quality ones.

    Secondly – Rage seems to take a step backwards in two departments : environment interaction and lighting/shadows. Correct me if I’m wrong, but 3 hours into Rage, I can’t recall a single dynamic light/shadow. All the shadows are from static light sources “baked” into the world. Really? As far as interactions, there aren’t any. If MegaTexture means no destructible or interactive environments, I’ll pass.

    In closing – it seems that the pro (yes, single) from MegaTexture technology don’t outweigh the cons (yes, multiple). You get unique stuff, but all that stuff takes up a ton of space for low quality and it looks so “baked” – no dynamic lighting/shadows and no interactions…. very static and dead-feeling.

    I hope I’m wrong but if this is what the tradeoffs are for MegaTexture technology, I honestly can’t see any good reasons to use it.

    For me… id software is better working for zenimax, as beta testers now.

  11. great game! arcade-style racing with physics fun and good competition. many shots, amazing animations. characters with personality and original design.

    ATI sux monkey balls! always cause problems..

  12. Crap, truly and utterly crap. Sorry carmack, you crap still stinks. Even after the update, the latest drivers (11.10 beta) and the custom configs. The game still crashes as I exit Bash TV. It is unplayable. But hey, at least you got my money. 🙁

  13. For me, even after the patch was installed, the game ran just as before…HUDGE time lags in the begining of the game. I tried everything, but nothing works.
    Untill now it seems I payed good money for NOTHING. Hopefully you will do a goog job with Skirm and not like with this one.

  14. Dear moderators,

    Please answer me to may email: why are my 2 comments still awaiting moderation? Today is already October 13, 3 days have passed since my attempt to post my comment.

    • As an earlier posted had commented on, I disabled SLI and it now runs 60 FPS at 1920×1080 resolution. Thats just weird, runs better on one GPU than two ?

  15. I dont understand why i cant find the new patch for PC anywhere? I have look everywhere for it, no link WHY HIDE IT!! ID Software was so much better in the old days !!

    • If you got the original bought game , the patch is avaliable on steam to download 😉 if you have downloaded the game , you probs cant find it D:

  16. Ok thats great that this patch fixes the crash after the cinematic but im running on a great machine and cant for the life of me even get the game to start….at all. I just get a classic “windows has detected a proble…will now close application” window…literally 10 secs after i try to start it. anyone know wtf is going on?

  17. I can run Deus Ex with high settings at 1920×1080 at 127 fps.
    I had to drop the res way down just to make this playable at 40 to 50 fps. I’m running two 460s in SLI. I have the latest drivers installed but when I launch the game I’m told they are out of date. I’m afraid if I patch it it might not even run 🙁 The game is fun but I’m not impressed with the delivery.

  18. Because ID sux! Tim Willits and the level dumbs.. is the new Romero “always to play”. Epic chief tech Sweeney, is the new GOD of 3d graphics!

    no more ID!!!

  19. Even if we close our eyes to technical problems, the game was not interesting. At the beginning of the game more interesting, but then get bored playing.
    After half a game, have to go to the same location where we were, it’s boring.
    ID must try to do first gameplay, and then everything else. Because it is important to shooters. If the gameplay is good, then it is bad, it is necessary to make it just perfect.
    Example: DooM 1-2. This is an example of excellent gameplay. Why? Because from the very beginning of the game, and until the very end, almost no change. As we started the game with a shotgun and finish, and the game we would still like very much, and we want to continue playing. I still play DooM 1-2 in their game of MS. This game is eternal.
    Offered think Carmack and ID – as in DooM 4 to make the gameplay at least the same as in DooM1- 2, or better…

  20. hi all

    I cant play this game befor and after the patch.I have in game constant freezing,its like 2sec running and 2sec freezing.I have a high-end sys with latest drivers.I dont care about the game I just want to try it and see how it is.

  21. Still i cant start the game~ when I launched it on steam, it looks like to starting up, but after a few sec… just not thing happen.

    im useing Core i5, Win7 64bit, AMD Radeon HD 64000M, 8GB Memory…

  22. Hi…I just buy the Rage PC game!!…but before install it i want to know if i will have some of graphic problems with my own PC…

    I got Windows 7 (64bits),intel i7 2600,GeForce GTX 560 1G Vcard and 8Gb Ram…

    Thanks to let me know!!