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  1. Lois Einhorn: I need some refreshments, Dan. Would you like some refreshments, Dan? I’ll be right back, Dan.

    Yeeeah for the Ace Ventura reference!

  2. I got this trophy. I love all of the easter eggs in this game, So far i’ve seen the Vault boy bobblehead, the Developer room, the wolfenstien room, The quake room, and tuco’s gold grill.

  3. Yea its like a easter egg overflow of RAGE!!! Havent seen so many in my face shout outs to everything under the sun including ones Grandma since..who knows when? 😀

    They look great though and full of humour. The iD logo on one of the MUTANT BASH monitors seemed a bit egotistical though then again this is RAGE a game of extremes!

  4. I know why dont you add a platform game to this multiplayer experience, infact do everything apart from what the people bought it for, the FPS content. Unbelievable, the guys that created Mutiplayer Deathmatch and now wanna do some crazy crap with cars. If i wanna do this crap, ill buy a car game, not what i expect from the creators of doom and quake.

    You will see anyway, when there is a severe decline in online activity after the first few months.

  5. bad textures
    bad light… no dymanic light!
    bad enviroments.. water, no objects fallen.. horrible dead game.

    WORST GAME OF 2011 and a GIANT STEP BACK in terms of engine.

    id, you finish!

  6. Smooth action shooter. Loved the mini games. Needs an add on. Kept my attention but, left me feeling like it ended too soon. Needs a little more, Maybe, more jobs on the Job board. Good Multiplayer legends, gave me time to tease army buddy about saving his B. Will be watching for add on or longer next games.

  7. Much frustration, but some comments show serious points about the legacy of them.
    The textures are also very bad in the console versions.. are the same crap on the pc, with the color and ugly shadows around. After all the painting of scenery, a huge download (PC), my ps3 heating up so much to process in memory with this “MegaTexture”. I finished the game on normal, hard and did not notice a difference! so linear, little fun and repetitive.
    I think that id software has promoted his “legacy” for no reason. They continue making games linear without much to do, with little effect during the huge “painted shell” that is wasteland.
    Seems that id suffers from the evil eye of John Romero and Tom Hall.. who live to suck credits of doom, I hate those guys.. postmorten of Doom 20 years later? OK! OK!
    John Carmack made ​​a serious mistake in keeping the company small, he said to keep the code… Epic grew understand how to make a great engine and markets it globally. Doom3 was frustrating so dark, and Rage, shows that Carmack actually need to think about making things functional for today, or do like Tim Sweeney (Unreal) designing for tomorrow. The problem is.. id software engine´s does not sell good a decade, and has no good multiplayer structure too.
    Have much luck with ZeniMax.