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  1. Good stuff. People are taking Skyrim way to seriously, though. Remember Bethesda’s reputation for making games with orgies of bugs?! It didn’t go anywhere!

      • I have to agree with Duberry; it’s pretty pathetic. They’ve got a decent camera and have made an effort with the costumes, but the actual cinematography and scene direction is awful. To name but a few cringeworthy moments: random smiling blonde woman, running past each other with swords held high, standing still screaming…

  2. A bit too much with the quick scene changes – it gets tiring and frustrating after a while to not be able to see anything properly. Other than that – cool!

  3. And there I was expecting the action to stop in the middle for someone hit accidentally to say, “Stop, you violated the law!”. Cool video.

  4. Cool vid, but I would just like to point out my favorite parts…

    12 sec in – is that Xena Warror Princess?!? or her Nerdy Breton Cousin?

    34 / 35 sec in – Hot Chick + BeDazzling = Elf. **Thumbs up**

  5. dragonborn!
    screams! laundry! vomiting! blood! flowers! rocks! water! more blood! the real surprise is not due to the open world and detailed. but the chance of a second release filled with real screams!

  6. i have played the first skyrim game and believe me it wasn’t all that.just because it was the worst game ever played. so i’m just warning people before they go out and buy it cause i don’t think that they would enjoy playing it. when i first got the game and started playing it. i didn’t think it would be one of the best games out there so just stopped playing it and got rid of it.

    • I don’t know if you’re just a stupid person in general or you are trolling but let me make something clear. First, there was no first Skyrim game it was called Oblivion. Second, maybe RPG’s just aren’t your style of gaming and you should stick to your linear gayboy COD games. Third, Bethesda rewrites everything for every new game they release so don’t expect Skyrim to be “just like” Oblivion. And finally, you should give games like Oblivion and Skyrim a few chances to really infiltrate your gaming pallet before saying “Okay I’m selling this”.

    • First Skyrim game? Do you mean first Elder Scrolls game? Yea probably would be bad playing the first Elder Scrolls game now if you had super high expectations for it since it was made in 1994. You should get some facts before posting.

    • Uhh what bro? The first skyrim game? The first game in the elder scrolls series was made ages ago so yeah it wouldn’t be up to par with modern games. Also you stopped playing it and got rid of it because you didn’t think it would be good? Your comment made no sense.

    • I find it hard to believe that you have played Skyrim or anything whatsoever. First off, Its called the Elder Scrolls Series. The 1st game was called The arena in which Skyrim and this are entirely different from each other when it comes to generations and gameplay. So unless you are completey waisted or being rather a moron, Do your homework first on Video games, and quite bein a hater.

    • The first Skyrim game?

      You mean Arena? From 1992? I’m gonna call troll-bait in this one…

      Trailer was pretty cool, but some fakey stuff and fast-cutting made it a little amateur. All-in-all good effort.

    • what do you mean with the first skyrim game ?
      dont talk something like “hey i’m a retarded person here”
      go away and sit back to your CoD or other crap game 🙂

    • You know the series is called Elder Scrolls, right? It’s Elder Scroll V that’s called Skyrim. So, when you say “i have played the first skyrim game”, you’re wrong. Skyrim hasn’t even come out yet.
      Besides, Elder Scrolls has gotten better since the first one, so why don’t you just give it a shot? Rent it if you don’t want to buy, or borrow from a friend. You might actually enjoy it.

  7. @Dave the man 22: The first Skyrim game? lolno, the entire series as a whole is known as the Elder Scrolls. Skyrim hasn’t been released yet (fail). True the older games don’t hold up as well because they are old. Morrowind is an exception, that game is praised even to this day. Daggerfall and Arena? Not so much but they were great during it’s time. Oblivion is pretty great too, got for the console and PC (same with Morrowind).

    Educate you’re self before you start typing again.

  8. Seriously dave the “man” 22 there hasn’t been a “skyrim” game before this and further more GTFO of this web site your in the wrong place sir we don’t like your kind around here boy!

  9. So happy to see how this turned out. For those that complain about the spear, I was the one who was using it and I own it. I have never played the Elder Scroll games so I had no idea. I was told to bring all my weapons and armor to use in the shoot. Although, I may get the game now since I did the commercial ;).

  10. um…what first skyrim game? I’m still playing Oblivion, now loaded with about 100 fan mods and it looks and plays better than any other game i own.

  11. @dave the man 22
    The first skyrim game?! Dude, the name of the series is “the elder scrolls” and skyrim is just one game in the series… If you mean arena, the first in the series, i agree, its too oldschool for me… BUT, if you meant skyrim itself… You should be thrown to jail for that insult :D. But you propably didnt mean either one because you most likely tried to troll us 😀

  12. What would really help fans get ready is not PR puffery, but rather releasing the system requirements, which Bethesda surely knows by now but apparently has forgotten to tell anyone. Guys, just type it in and post it here. It’s even easier than linking to YouTube stuff.

  13. Gracious me! Crazed SKYRIM fans in the woods! Run for your lives they’re making movies!

    Nice production values with plenty of blood running realism. Thanks for the adranaline hype as release is finally under a month away! Yay and scary how this year has flown by.

  14. Bethesda, and console gamers especially, could benefit more directly from fan-made content, especially bug fixes, if Bethesda was able to incorporate those fan-made bug fixes into updates to Skyrim. The only reason Bethesda can’t use fan-made fixes, like the “Unofficial Oblivion Patch,” is copyright.

    There’s a simple fix available to Bethesda: when the game ships, and when modding tools ship, include a license that requires modders to give Bethesda a non-exclusive right to use any script modifications they publish. When gamers fix bugs, Bethesda would be able to take those bug fixes and put them into future versions of the game, and console gamers would eventually get the fixes.

    Adopting this policy would be a recognition that (1) big games shipped by Bethesda often have lots of bugs, and Bethesda chooses not to fix all of them before and after the release date; but (2) the modding community loves to fix bugs; (3) Bethesda would mostly be taking bug fixes rather than borrowing scripts that add new content (like new encounters or “no backwards running”) and (4) modders generally would not be offended if Bethesda took a non-exclusive right to their bug-fix scripts, and distributed those scripts in official updates to the game (whereas modders who add new content, like scripting new encounters, or new spells, or those who create art assets, generally would be offended to have their work taken by Bethesda without permission, so Bethesda should only take bug fixes from the community)

    With a little legal innovation, Bethesda could provide a big benefit to console gamers. It would deepen the relationship between Bethesda and the modding community. The future of big games like Skyrim definitely involves fan-made content.

    • @Michael
      That’s a very good point. I played Morrowind on the PC when I was about 12 and loved it. I got loads of mods to fix those tiny little problems with it, and it became so much better (remembering the game was amazing anyway).

      My computer couldn’t handle Oblivion so I had to get the game for my Xbox. Since then I’ve really enjoyed the game (into triple figures game time) but there are still those tiny little problems that could be fixed by a tiny mod, but you can’t mod the Xbox. I know that Skyrim will have these things that can be made much better by a mod, as all games do, and it would be wonderful if they allowed some kind of system to allow these mods on the console version. It could be in the form of a special disk that comes with the game or if Bethesda creates a section of the marketplace where modders can upload. I really do hope they do eventually allow this.

      I definitely agree with your point that game developers are going to have to create some kind of system allowing console modding. After all, the developers are getting their game made better for free!