Dress like a Nord!

Countdown the days to Skyrim in style on Xbox LIVE! Today, LIVE users can download the first round up Skyrim Avatar items (that’s right, more are coming)::

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Reader Comments

  1. Wow, that female avatar is way too thin.

    It looks disgusting, like some horrid pro-ana thing who doesnโ€™t get enough sun. NORD WOMEN ARE STRONG AND THICK TO SURVIVE THE COLD!

  2. Or it would be amazing if they could allow us to unlock other peices of armour as avatar awards, such as the iron armour the dragonborn is wearing in all the publicity. Also will we be able to see dragons from miles away like the scripted dragon visable on the demo vid or was that just because it was pearched ontop of bleakfalls barrow for the world to see.

    Bethesda you rock!

  3. I would really love to have that background as an wallpaper on to my xbox dashboard! ๐Ÿ˜€ (Also gonna pick up the helm next month)

  4. Is there anyway i’ll ne able to buy an actual hardcopy of the shirt? I’ve wanted one since I saw Todd Howard wearing one in all the E3 videos!

  5. They blew the budget making skyrim, now they have a launch party to pay for, matters not to me, once I get my hands on skyrim, i’ll not need things like money… XBL avatars.. A job… Friends or even a life.

    • i agree mate once i have skyrim in my possesion there is no world know to me but that of tamriel ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ™‚ :O i so want it now 11 11 11 HURRY UP

  6. I just can’t believe how expensive these damn things are. You people understand you’re LITERALLY paying for clothing on a digital representation of yourself. 1: Get a life. 2: Bethesda/Microsoft, lower the prices. For articles of clothing I can’t believe anyone would pay anything, but three dollars for a Dragonborn Helm? Ridiculous. Talk to me when it costs 80 and the shirts are 40.

    • This isn’t the only project from bethesda. They need the dough for the coming up dlc for this game and for, from what I’ve heard, a new fallout.

  7. I agree, i don’t understand why these items cannot be given away as achievements. It would be like, taking the net step in the achievement process. We pay enough for the Xbox Live Service as it is and the games are well over priced for the most part, start giving something back to the customers!!

    • Better idea, why not use our Gamerscore as currency for the online avatar marketplace? The more we play the better our avatars can look, would be friggen awesome.

  8. It is really unfortunate for players to have to pay more for something that should be free, or as an unlock-able item. It’s on the same level as BOA charging $5 for a debit card each month. Aren’t you guys making enough money off of us already?

    • A agree that Bethesda is to blame too, but don’t forget that those who make this work are the people who buy it no matter what.

  9. Just curious as to why you think anyone would pay to advertise for you… After all, isn’t it YOUR job to pay for advertising?

  10. Yea I’m waiting for a bad ass theme haha n somethin like elven armour n elven longsword for avatar if they ever put tht on thr lol.

  11. I hope you guys do an event on PlayStation Home as well. Get together with the PSBlog to put together a huge get-together. Home has TONS of avatar clothing people would wear to fit in with a Skyrim theme. Or you guys at Bethesda should have a couple designers get together with the Sony Home team to put together an actual Home space for Skyrim’s launch. Maybe even make some Home costumes. You can make a ton of profit on Home items because they cost next to nothing to make and just rake in the dollars.

    • Elder Scrolls came to the original X-Box and then the X-Box 360 and then to the PS3 from the PC. Playstation people have to wait to spend their moneys ๐Ÿ˜›

  12. You can make your own beth, or skyrim shirt from zazzle.com its awsome . And since you cant buy them from the store this would be your only option . . . As for the dragon born helm im definatley buying it lol .

    • Pretty awesome site. But where can I find a clean image of the logo? I have a few friends that would love a T-shirt for x-mas.

  13. I would like the armor from the trailer/artwork. It’d go nice with the hammer from Bastion.

    BTW, could you guys put swords in the avatar shop if you wanted, now that GOW3 broke the weapon-barrier? Or is that some first-party-only BS?

    • Technically Star Wars broke it first by adding in light-sabers… but w/e, it’d be tight to have my avi wielding swords… or for that matter, add spells to for those who want their avi to be a mage!

  14. Those Xbox live items are tight, however after dropping $150.00 for the collectors addition i may be tight on cash for a little while LMAO!

  15. To all those complaining that they don’t include it for ‘free’ as achievements- wise up. Nothing you get is free. It all has production cost and all those costs are part of the cost of making the game. That means you get charged for it piecemeal, you get charged for it as part of the whole game price, or the company loses the production cost making the game less profitable and less likely to attract investment for the company (so you pay in fewer future game options).

    Since this stuff is wanted by a sizable group, but not at all essential (or even useful) for game play, letting those who want it pay for it separately keeps the cost out of the game for those of us who could not care less about it. As one of those people, I’m glad to see it optional.

  16. I saw the title of this article and I thought they were selling the iron armor that Dovahkiin wore in the demos, but oh well, a guy can hope, can’t he?

  17. ya know… the xbox avatars would be a lot cooler if the guys pose didnt look so gay… its okay that the avatar is gay… but id like an option for a non-gay male pose…