New hands-on impressions for Skyrim!

Last week Skyrim took a world tour — with the game being shown to press in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, and across Europe. Read press impressions at the following sites:

Destructoid – “‘Epic’ is a word that has been thrown around to the point of irrelevance, but it’s absolutely the right word for Skyrim. Skyrim is huge, majestic, and genuinely awe-insipring. I have no doubt that hardcore Elder Scrolls fans will play this game for the next half a decade.”

DualShockers – “Playing three hours of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was the best tease I’ve ever had”

The Sixth Axis – ” Skyrim isn’t just 2011’s biggest RPG, it could just be the best ever. You should be very, very excited.”

Shacknews – “Very few games get such a charge of excitement out of me, but Skyrim is probably my most anticipated game of the year.”

New York Post – “From the limited time I had with Skyrim, I can say with confidence that this will be one of the biggest and most engrossing titles ever. The massive world, numerous side quests and the seemingly endless paths will certainly make Skyrim a game worthy of the Elder Scrolls name.”

CVG – “But what we can’t do is present our readership with a full picture. We can’t put them in the mind-set of being swallowed by the incredible world that Skyrim contains, or becoming immersed in its truly epic storyline.”

Joystiq – “Ever since Skyrim was announced, I’ve had one thing on my mind: dragons. You see, I need to kill them. I need to kill an infinite number of dragons. I don’t know what it is that is fueling this need within me, but there it is: I’m a genocidal maniac and every last dragon must die.”

Videogamer – “The franchise has always prided itself on its open world tendencies, but this is easily working up to have the most vivid depiction of a fantasy setting in an RPG.”

G4TV – “The weather mechanics implemented into Skyrim are the best I’ve ever seen. The blizzard I walked through looked like snow, milky white diamonds plummeting to the ground.”

Kotaku – “Skyrim is so immersive and deep an experience that a person could play for a third of a work day and never even brush by the main storyline.”

Wired – “Though the three-hour demo didn’t answer those heavy questions, it did get me pumped to spend hundreds more hours immersed in Skyrim’s ridiculously detailed world next month. And the first thing I’m going to do when I pick up the game again is collect better loot, max out my skills and slay that freaking dragon. I can’t wait.”

IncGamers – “And what a world. After exiting a small, claustrophobic, dimly-lit cave we emerge into a landscape composed of a lush green grass and trees, vividly-coloured wild flowers, galloping deer, stalking foxes and singing birds. In the distance we see blue-grey ice capped mountains sheltered by imposing dark clouds. Separating the distinct hues of blue and green is a river, at some points flowing gently, at others rushing over rocks to form small whirlpools and dramatic waterfalls.”

IGN – “Skyrim feels like a real place, from the way the wind kicks up snow from the edges of rocky cliffs to the way the surface of ponds ripples under a light rain. It’s packed with structured content, but also filled with plenty more reasons to explore.”

VG247 – “Bleak Falls Barrow is a dungeon immediately more memorable than any from Oblivion: vegetation fighting to gain a hold amongst the cold rock, low tunnels giving way to exposed chambers through which the bleak sky can be glimpsed and a narrow bridge hewn from the rock spanning an abyss into which an underground waterfall cascades.”

Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Part 1, Part 2 

Married with Videogames – “Bethesda took a lot of elements from Fallout 3 and Oblivion to create what is going to be a fantastic game that will keep you quite busy throughout this holiday season and for quite sometime after that.”

Tech Digest TV – “A game that may well not just meet the hype, but best it”

Inside Gaming (Machinima) – “While your character will no doubt be at the center of your Skyrim experience, it’s the game worlds of The Elder Scrolls series that are always the stars of the show. It’s tough to say just how big Skyrim’s world is compared to the other games, but even in our short play session it’s obvious this is quite an expansive slab of land.”

Coin-Op.TV – “Skyrim looks great and we already know that Bethesda is going to bring us a fantastic story and exploration of the world.  I played about two hours of the game mostly in third person perspective and can say that Bethesda has really opened up the world and nailed this point of view – makes me wonder how I made it through those earlier games in first person view!”

Gaming Truth – Rookie Playthrough, Veteran Playthrough

Eurogamer – “Skyrim’s landmass is comparable to its predecessor Oblivion’s, but it has the benefit of ruddy great mountains adding a whole lot of vertical space to the world.”

Reader Comments

  1. Bethesda staff not involved in the production of RAGE!
    Skyrim textures will not blurry, bad colors, static shadows or lack of life on the environment!
    Their games have bugs, yes, many have. But do not confuse their usual problems with the mess of 20 gigs of id software! Bethesda’s games run very well, since Morrowind, always showing great visuals on the PC and console.
    Please separate the ID of Bethesda in all comparisons! The class of DOOM has recently entered ZeniMax, and has no connection with the production of Bethesda, is a separate situation!
    Bethesda FTW!

  2. Developing a game with consoles as the main system is just bad for PC gamers as seen with ID’s RAGE.
    I don’t think thats where Skyrim is going obviously but I still have that fear like Karl said.

  3. If i was to die in the next two years, i would go knowing that i’ve seen the best RPG ever made. As drastic as that statement maybe, my obsession with this game has gone to new levels of Geekness. Except for eating and breathing to keep my body alive, Skyrim is my new home. Thank you Bethesda for creating realms to escape to !.

  4. man i watched the preview by that was amazing the dragon that u can control yay! man it amazing how cool this game will be. even my wife wants to get the logo tattoo’s for us. fellow skyrim nerds 21 more days