New screenshots and previews

We’re back with the latest batch of screenshots for Skyrim + new more hands-on impressions!

Giant Bomb – “That’s the biggest takeaway from three hours with Skyrim: the little details. Bethesda has spent decades building these games, and no one does it better.”

Totally Rad Show – Video feature with hands-on impressions.

Gamespot – Interview with Pete Hines

GamePro – “I live in San Francisco now, but I have no less of an appreciation for actual snow, probably because I don’t have to deal with it anymore. Skyrim pushes all the right buttons in that regard–it’s a big, open, snowy world with fortresses, bandits and quaint little villages. If not for the mountains, it would be just like being home in Minnesota.”

IGN – “Bethesda has never failed to create believable worlds that draw us in with their majesty and beauty. Skyrim comes five years after the extraordinary Oblivion, it arrives in the wake of the very different Fallout 3. It’s been made during a golden age of this console generation’s declining years, a time when artists and programmers have become intimately involved with the technology at their disposal.”

Tor – “Skyrim has honed Elder Scrolls into the best high fantasy video game there is.”

GameSpy – “My three hours with Skyrim flew by almost instantly; the game is a complete time-sink in the best possible way. The world itself is so fully realized there’s no “correct” way to really play through the game unless you just want to critical path it, but I would highly recommend against such behaviors.”

Digital Trends – “Solitude is a city that sits midway up a mountain. It’s a port of call apparently, overlooking a large body of water. The city itself isn’t nestled into the mountain so much as it is laid out across a giant, flat bed of rock that extends at least a mile out over the water, creating a natural outdoor cavern undearneath. It’s a beautiful sight, and one that I hope will soon be awash with the blood of the innocent.”

Games Radar – Hands-on preview + 63 amazing things they saw

Reader Comments

  1. More screenshots were just what I’ve been waiting for – but now, with less than a month to go, the anticipation is REALLY killing me! Destructoid’s quote from the previous blog entry is exactly it – Skyrim will truly be EPIC.

  2. Beth, you never fail to amaze us at each new turn. Really, it’s coming to justify the price you set for the CE. It’s going to be a long winter…

  3. Total immersion Into a world never seen before where the only thing that limits you is your own imagination. Skyrim will be game of the year and one of the greatest games of my life. Cheers to Bethesda for once again showing the world YES WE CAN!!!

  4. Wow, you guys are really killing me. It looks great, but I really wish that some day this game will not use steamworks. I really hate steam.

  5. SKYRIM really has THERE quality to it. Everything looks very complete with plenty of brutal imagery i havent seen the likes of since DAGGERFALL. Some of the building shots also have a DAGGERFALL look to them as if they were an extension of the game we never saw before.

    Glad i preordered my copy so i dont have to trek all over New York City to buy it like with OBLIVION. At least i came across a strangely familiar face upon my journeys.

  6. I…I need a new pair of pants. This game is groundbreaking. Love that bow, and the orc with a mace blocking. Especially love all the new faces! I just hope there aren’t as many bugs as oblivion, like the water through the roof thing. And that the AI isn’t screwed up because of the radiant story. Or any of the people having some boring and confusing conversations.
    I.E. 1: “I ran into some mudcrabs recently.”
    2: “(name here) can teach you some restoration spells
    in case you ever get yourself into a tight situation.”
    3: “Goodbye”

  7. I have yet to play the new game, but was wondering if the format was similar to fallout 3. as far as the role playing/shooter type. I have been trying to find another game with that format forever that is based in this time.