Prove that you’re Dragonborn & Win!

You put all that effort into your Khajiit costume for Halloween this year… why not wear it twice??

In celebration of Skyrim, and in the cosplay spirt of the 2011 New York Comic-Con and Halloween, the Greybeards at UGO/IGN are on a search to find a fan that is truly Dragonborn. Visit their site to upload a picture of yourself dressed as your favorite race from The Elder Scrolls for a chance to win some great prizes.

The Grand Prize winner will win the following:

  • A trip for two to QuakeCon 2012
  • A limited edition Skyrim map signed by the team at Bethesda Game Studios
  • A limited edition Skyrim Xbox 360
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Collector’s Edition
For full contest rules, visit here.

Reader Comments

    • Unfortunately the rules are NOT put together by us… that’s up to IGN. Keep your eyes people for other competitions being held globally and in Europe (and we’ll do the same).

      • It’s not fair that this is only in the US. I’m from Sri Lanka and I spend hours everyday looking up on skyrim, it’s videos and articles on it. I wake up each morning and I cross out the days left till 11.11.11 and I’m not even given the CHANCE to win a skyrim xbox360 and a collector’s edition skyrim and A FREAKING SIGNED MAP!!! (a map which I have set out to HAND DRAW now!!!)

    • I like that all the Europeans (and other nationalities) are coming complaining to Bethesda about IGN’s contest. While I agree it’s unfair (non US) I’m not blaming Beth when they explicitly state it’s not their contest.

  1. lets see, everytime i see a contest i enter it and never win.
    i type my heart out and get nothing in return, do all the surveys, questionaires , etc.
    so hopefully this time its different.
    i would like to win this because i have put in countless hours on elder scrolls oblivion, my social life was put on the pedestal when i first bought it. i played day and night when i could working around my work schedule. i would get bare minimum sleep until i basically beat the game and became familiar with all the free roam. at that time i was basically a zombie. i never got bored of the game. all the self customization , the thieves guild cowl is what i loved the most. just the look of it..anyways if i were to win, it would be great because i am a true elderscrolls fan, ask anyone i know! i am dedicated and loyal to it. i love it and would love to have all this. thank you!

  2. So, this is for America only… well thats nice. Thanks.. thanks. So when is EU going to get a chance at something like this? Because so far, all contests like this in the last.. I dont know, maybe 3 years or so have been NA related.

    Even if its signed copies of the game or a goodybag, when is EU going to get a chance to enter a competition? Yes, I know we can enter, but it will be disregarded due to the fact it only applies to those in NA.

  3. this game is awesome i would love to get this is the best game in the world i know its gonna be a hit i would love to win more than anyone else best game ever i would freak if i got it oblivion was also the best game ever but i think this one will be better if you make another one you should keep sheogorath he is totally awesome but change up his realm a bit like say he died in a great war and someone took his place but like you had to kill him and adn take his place and you like get to meet the other demon gods that would be awesome but still i would love to win awezome

  4. Been a fan of the ES series for years, would’ve loved to enter this contest, but sadly everyone outside the US aren’t eligible 🙁

  5. Keep the contest open for a couple more months and I should be able to eat enough Big Macs to make my Yagrum Bagarn costume authentic.

  6. I dont think Its Fair i have to be 18… Im 13 and i Give all my Support to Skyrim, Buying all there Games , Preording, Keeping Up to date with any New news, Bragging To my Friends and talking Non Stop to them About the Game. Thats Free Advertising Bro… And i dont have a Chance to win Some thing ive always Wanted…. THE SKYRIM OFFICAL COLLECTERS EDITION D: I used all my Birth Day Money for the Normal Skyrim.. Now Im going to Miss An Epic Offer Because People are Always Telling me dont Grow to Fast >.> If only i was 18 Right now… And Yes this was a Bloody Long Thingy ParaGraph.

  7. PC players might want to put their money into their actual gaming system instead… and you might want to release the system requirements so people know if they should… Just on that crazy chance that you want to inform customers, not merely pump them up. It’s pretty lame that we know more about the statue you’re selling in the collector’s box than we do about the pull on the system the game itself will have. Those are some pretty disrespectful priorities you have.

    • Very well placed. After the QuakeCon 2011, videos and many exaggerations of id software (ZeniMax family group) and in the end, the great fiasco of release, and high value for a product so weak in the PC and consoles (have console). For Skyrim, i really hope that the product has quality assured the three platforms. Because the madness of release and mass media to Rage, that’s enough. -60$

  8. Well competion or not you have a massive fan base here in Europe, ) yea even in Ireland where rubbing two patatoes is considered gaming hahaha) . It would be great to see you guys over here an we could do a much better impression o a Nord drinking game. We can call it quaffling ( it’s a drinking but with more spillage) what do you think gstaff

  9. It’s wierd how things change. In days of old it was China whos people believed that no one outwith their borders were real people. Now USA adopts the same way of thinking, if your not American they don’t care. Word to the wise though, all empires crumble then you need your friends. So get with the goodies… :))

  10. Can I just take a picture of myself with what I’m wearing, crossing my arms, with a smug smile and subtext that says “I’m a Breton/Imperial in modern times” would they accept it?

  11. Will be a pretty boring routine, Bethesda have linked with the id in the news … now any bug in Skyrim, will be maximized through the fault of Rage.

  12. I really have to know. Are there birds in Skyrim? A lot of drawings and concept art I’ve seen have birds in them. I remember that was something I recommended on the forums. Only I said something like, “creatures that can fly and land around the map”.

  13. HI Bethesda i was just wondering if you will be making a new fallout please let us know i hope so and thanks for letting us know

  14. Every single Xbox would sell if the Skyrim Xbox was released at retail. Should have been packaged in a bundle with Skyrim, like other games have had like Gears of War 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

  15. Err, the rules in the link have white text on black background and _black_ text on the same _black_ background, which you can’t see! For example, #4 of the rules is not visible unless the text is selected. Do you think this is okay?