Reader Comments

  1. I hope the PS3/ PC versions will be good. You guys planing on showing any gameplay of those versions? Or are you only allowed to show 360 footage?

  2. I am suspicious of ZeniMax. lots of money, lots of promotion and already lost 60$ with Rage.
    I pre-ordered Skyrim too, but for the PC.
    Rage bought for the console, because I do not want to copy more than 20gb in steam. luck. is a mediocre game for size.
    But now I have fear and doubt to ZeniMax 🙁

  3. I wish 11-11 could be considered ‘early’ for snow to be hitting my home town. We usually get our first snow in mid-Oct. Of course, if it snows outside after 11-11, I won’t notice for a month or more… to busy playing the game.