Catch last night’s GTTV Skyrim special PLUS more!

If you couldn’t stay awake for all the Skyrim excitement on last night’s episode of GTTV, fear not. The entire episode — featuring new Dragon Shouts, interviews with Todd Howard and Matt Carafano, and a special chicken cameo — can all be watch in full HD at!

And for more Skyrim coverage, read new previews at OXM (part 1, part 2, part 3, interview with Matt Carafano), GamesRadar, UGO, The Mercury News, and IGN.

Reader Comments

  1. It’s getting so close now! …and unless I’ve missed this, PC system specs still haven’t been posted? Please someone tell me it’s just that I’ve missed it… surely you guys have finalized the minimum / recommended specs by now, since it would get printed on the packaging, and I’m sure that should have all been off at the printers and pressing plants in the last few weeks if not earlier for the limited editions… yup, I’m kind of crossing my fingers that my machine will still run Skyrim without having to turn down ALL the detail settings 😛

  2. Bethesda and ZeniMax. already spent $ 60 with Rage. was not made by you, but you sold without assessing the actual facts! liars!
    Skyrim also bought. I hope its not another pile of shit!