Skyrim, New Vegas win Golden Joystick Awards

The world’s oldest award ceremony for gaming, the Golden Joystick Awards, took place today in London — with both The Elder Scrolls V: Skryim and Fallout: New Vegas taking home trophies. As voted by fans like you, Skyrim won the One to Watch award, while Fallout: New Vegas claimed “Best RPG” honors.

Congrats to the teams at Bethesda Game Studios and Obsidian on winning these awards, and thanks to everyone that voted!

Reader Comments

  1. Congratulations Bethesda Game Studios on all your hard work. Great Job to Obsidian for making Fallout: New Vegas such a success!

    • I couldn’t care less what Dead Island wins or does, or any other game for that matter.
      What amazes me is that Fallout NV won an award in the first place given it’s defectiveness and complete lack of support from Bethesda.

      I guess sarcasm is a lost language with you my angry neanderthal friend, right?

      “By a nord from skyrim?” Really?

      • Hey We’re Suckers

        You said set your sarcasm meters to 11, and then he goes and responds to you, possibly in sarcasm, and you take it seriously?! Wow, you can’t take sarcasm, but you can sure dish it, apparently!

        …Now am I being sarcastic too, or being honest? That’s the question.

  2. Skyrim yes. New Vegas, hell no. I’m guessing that none of you have played new vegas from your comments. Obsidian certainly didn’t before they released it. Almost unplayable at release, the game crashed endlessly, even after numerous patches. Ok, for a game the size of New Vegas some glitches are allowable but Fallout 3 and Oblivion, both developed by Bethesda, were at least playable. I for one will be glad when Bethesda reclaim the series. At least they play the main story through at least twice, all be it at an incredible pace (Speedrun).

    • Andy C you are an idiot. Join the modding community and the all your problems are solved. Like for every other great game in existence.

  3. @ We’re Suckers
    You took the words right out of my mouth. “Best RPG”? Really?? Think some folks need to broaden their horizons. Personally, I think Witcher 2 was a FAR better game.

  4. Im so excited for skyrim. But i wonder, will there be another fallout in succesion to New vegas? And if so, how many? I wonder the same thing for The Elder Scrolls series. Until we figure it out, i will be on skyrim.

  5. Well I think Fallout NV deserved this award and coming a year after release, nobody can accuse the GJ of falling for the hype either.

    But it was bugged out heavily for 9 months and has been unbalanced since then because of bad changes in patches.

    My own site give it the game of the year award too after a long debate about whether we should give such a buggy game anything at all. The solution was to give the game our game of the year award and give Beth and Obsidian our Bugzilla award as a sign of our displeasure over the problems in the game that we have all suffered with for so long.

    I thought that was a good compromise and it recognizes that Beth do actually make some of the best games right now, even with the bugs.

    Trouble is, because Rage also is bug ridden, Beth may win the Bugzilla award next year too at this rate.

  6. skyrim is going to be so epic i cant wait!!!
    but fallout new vegas. eh it was okay. hard to get into. i think fallout 3 was way better. fallout new vegas kinda suck compaired to fallout 3.

  7. i cant wait its only 15 days away i just wander why the skyrim pre-ordered only comes with a map. I personally think it should come with some new armor and a weapon or something

  8. I do not understand how you can win an award for something that no one had seen the whole game?

    Exempel: I have made a film that no one has seen but I promise it’s the best. Can I get an Oscar then please?

    • It’s obviously not the same. We’ve seen parts of Skyrim that are insanely awesome, therefor it gets the “one to watch” award. And you’re comparing 300+ hours of high quality entertainment to a low-budget 90 minute film. I detect several errors in your logic.

      • Still do not understand that you can win a price on a product that is not shown completely.
        Furthermore, I do not understand what a 90-minute movie you’re talking about and finally I want to ask if 88 is your year of birth?

        • ”One to watch” is an award to games that are not yet released (correct me if I remember wrong, I’m too lazy to check it) and skyrim hasn’t been released yet. So skyrim couldn’t be part of the real thing, because it was to be released later, and it was placed to ”one to watch” with other games yet to be released, and had the exactly same changes to win as any other game out there 😀

  9. You wait, that award will be followed by the 2011 Game of the Year award, and then Best Seller of 2011 – I’m going to use this little book I found in Todd’s office (hopefully he doesn’t realise it’s gone) and use my newfound psychic ability to finally make my fortune. Genius.

    Unless I get the same treatment as those awards do, which will probably happen the moment this comment is spotted.

  10. Not even gonna comment on Skyrim cause we all know itll be amazing on fallout it deserves best rpg once they took care of the big glitches its great yeah the story is weaker than 3 and there are many things i like aboot 3 more but everybody must concede that the gameplay is better many more guns to play with ammo creation upgrading ammo old world blues. the companions suck compared to 3 but the game as a whole post major glitches is great