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  1. The anticipation is becoming unbearable! A few more weeks… Skyrim is going to be so epic.

    Oh and btw, this looked way to good not to be made into a movie.

    Bethesda, you are awesome.

  2. Beautiful work. I´m so glad i pre-ordered my CE. I´m gonna enjoy this game like there´s no tomorrow 😀 !!!!

  3. Awesome trailer 🙂

    At least it is clear here that it isn’t ingame footage – some dev houses permanently lost loads of customers and trust due to their cinematic trailers wich weren’t met by the well-dusted game graphics quality (looks northwards over the border) – even more so hence those were cgi…

    • Well if they did that then the intire video would only be of a guy walking in the middle of no where with nothing in site…

    • Nope, definitely a mix of real actors and cgi, not ingame graphics.
      Really awesome nonetheless and classes better than the plain cgi trailers for other games by other dev houses – last not least I don’t feel cheated here 🙂

    • There is no game with such realism, on any platform today. The type of “realism” in many films (the big ones) is CGI + real. The dragon for exemple, with depressive color of the village, a perfect mix.

      Tim Sweeney, the great programmer of Unreal Engine, commented, maybe 15 years for such realism in-game. A good shot.

  4. I heard there might be a live-action trailer a couple of days ago. I didn’t think it’d be that good. I’m glad to say i’ve been proven totally wrong.

  5. that all started from one spark hitting hay.. assuming the dragon caused it, we can assume two things. 1: he had wimpy breath, 2: he has really really good aim..

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  6. Even though its a nice clip I have to say it would have been better, in my opinion, to divert all those resources invested here into making a better game instead.

  7. Whats the kid worried for? He can’t die!

    Regardless, this is just what I needed to help pass through the third to last week until release.

  8. Would be appreciated if we could get a 1080p download link for the video. Yes it can be downloaded for youtube, but youtube compression makes it look eh blurry when viewed on a big screen.

    Still really epic though.